The Winner’s List: Great Panther Silver

Doc gave away lots of sexy silver Panthers this week.
Here are the lucky SD Winners:

Monday’s Contest- Guess The Closing Price Of Silver For 5/4

5/4 Access close silver ask price : $30.44

Winner- JetKing6 with a guess of $30.43


Wednesday’s Contest- Comment on  Every Doc’s Post

Winner- AGXIIK

Thursday’s Contest- Comment on  Every Doc’s Post

Winner- 427

Friday’s Contest- Comment on  Every Doc’s Post

Winner- Chicks Dig It

Phyzz Stack Leaderboard Weekly Lottery Drawing

Winner- 4 oz

Winners, please provide The Doc your mailing address for your Great Panther round @

Special thanks to Great Panther Silver Limited for sponsoring this week’s contests!


  1. Congratulations guys! The panthers are down. :-)

  2. nice work all

    Keep stackin

  3. Better luck next time…Congratulations to all that won!

  4. what do I get ? not even a banana.

  5. lol Ben

  6. Awwwwww! Ya’ll are just lucky I wasn’t here to take your Panthers. LOL Congratulations to five Silver Panther Team. And thanks to Great Silver Panther for Pproviding.

  7. Congrats everyone on winning, you’re going to love your OZ great looking round. So if you don’t want it send it to me I COIN FOR SILVER   LMAO

  8. Congrats to all the winners

  9. Thanks Doc & BullRun, I know these contest create a grate deal of work for you two. Thanks for producing such a nice site to communicate with others, to share knowledge, to inform.

    Thanks to Grate Panther Silver for there generous donations to Silver Doctor. And for bring a top noch product to market.
    Thanks to all Silver Doctor’s Members for there participation with making the site fun to visit. Your congrats are appreciated.
    Congratulations to all the above winners in this weeks contest
    Welcome Back 2oz, Glad you got away and had fun. It’s good to go clear the mind of the negative things in life.
  10. Congrats fellow winners!! Go team Panther!!! Hahaha…. Great work by all…
    Remember this… If your Stackin your still a winner!!! The Panthers and all the other Phyz provided by sponsors are awesome and I am very grateful, but as long as we are Stackin and not in the paper market your a CHAMP!!! Great week all… And glad to have ya back 2oz!!! 

  11. Hey Doc—
    Few weeks back told silverbullion that if by chance I won something in a
    drawing that I would gladly donate it to him. Fortune seems to have smiled on
    me….and there by him. Please let silverbullion have the Panther and thanks
    for a site that ROCKS!
    4 oz
  12. Nice win, everyone!

    Damn, I was close on the silver closing price.

  13. Hi All, I trust you had a great day so far. We just got back from a family outing. lol I think I’ve converted one family member today. :-)

    4 oz Silver is rare, but you’re the rarest of them all Brother. Thank you for keeping your word. I sure hope that I will be able to return the favor one day. With your blessing, I will keep the Panther as a token of friendship. :-)
  14. OK, I hope someone here has an answer to my question:  Why does
           (    )
    show the price of silver as fluctuating while the markets are closed?  This has happened
    before – check the 1 month chart – but usually the price is flat every weekend.  Usually…
    I asked the people at, but I only learned that they receive inputs real-time from
    many sources, the exact composition of which is a trade secret…so…which computers are
    moving silver’s price up and down in a range of 8.5 cents when everything is “closed”…
    I’m not ready to offer a silver round for the answer yet, but it’s tempting…
    Especially as a month ago many currencies were doing the same thing, and so was silver…
    but not gold. 

  15. It’s raining silver!!!!
    Congrats to all those who got wet this go round and best of luck to all of us who wanna get wet.
  16. You know the panther image in the company’s logo?  Bob Archer, the CEO, has a big silver panther that looks a lot like that sitting on his desk.  It’s really cool looking.  Doc, ask him if you can get one of those … LOL  :-)

    Congrats to the winners!

  17. Congratulations

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