The Vampire Squid: Power and Peril – CNBC Documentary

vampire squid goldmanCNBC Original takes a revealing look at Wall Street’s most powerful and profitable bank fighting to restore its reputation through a one-hour documentary reported by CNBC is David Faber.
CNBC  takes viewers inside the firm is tightly knit corporate culture of extraordinarily driven professionals to help explain both its success and the reasons why it is come under such widespread criticism.  The program looks at how Goldman Sachs’ aggressive trading culture has come under scrutiny both in Washington, D.C. and on Main Street, amid accusations that the investment bank misled investors.   Faber reveals how Goldman Sachs benefited from controversial deals before, during and after the global economic crisis.   The one-hour documentary also considers Goldman Sachs’ unparalleled presence in Washington. Numerous executives from Henry Paulson to Robert Rubin and Jon Corzine have left Goldman Sachs over the years to take on influential roles in government. Faber speaks to critics who question whether the firm’s presence in Washington gave it an unfair advantage in surviving the global financial crisis.

Full Vampire Squid documentary is below:

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  1. Regardless of The Guru’s who post here. This is more the truth of what is happening than all that is said.

    This is Wall Street in a nutshell!!Libor, Drug & Money Laundering, Bank & Mail Fraud etc..

    This was Feb 16th. 2013 and Greenspan knew it was coming. One because he was informed. He basically is telling everyone we are in very serious trouble. Hello Bernanke!! Stop fucking printing..

  4. Wall street execs were surveyed, over half said they would break the law to get ahead. With that attitude you wonder why they have the reputation?

    • The question for those without ethics is, “Why not break the law?”.  The rewards can be astronomical and the penalties minuscule.

      As for the Vampire Squid… does anyone here think that David Faber is revealing ANYTHING about them that GS does not want revealed?

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