Our friends at Sprott Asset Management have released an infographic on the platinum and palladium markets.  Sprott now offers exposure to platinum and palladium through its ETF’s SPPP & PPT.U. 

The infographic breaks down platinum and palladium sources of demand, production, ore grades, supply/demand imbalances (and the net supply deficit, as in silver), and historical prices.

Full info graphic below:

SD Bullion

From Sprott Asset Management:

  1. “palladium loadings per vehicle are in china projected to grow by 20%”
    “russian palladium stockpiles are expected to fall to 250,000 oz in 2012, a 525,000 oz decline from 2011″
    According to who?  China & Russia, lol.

  2. Platinum and Palladium are rare commodity metals, but they don’t have the monetary history and legacy of Gold and Silver.  Nevertheless, demand growing faster than supply is bound to keep prices high.  Still, if economic activity goes down, demand for these metals would likely suffer.
    Gold is valued as money, and Silver has the best of both worlds.  Silver has substantial industrial/commercial demand AND monetary demand.  And, in theory, the demand for money is INFINITE; that is, no one ever says that they have too much money.  But that does not mean the value of Silver will be infinite.  The value will still be based on relative scarcity of the actual physical supply.  For money to have value, there must be a finite supply.  For money to be a store of value, it must be a lasting element that does not degrade over time.  But money must also be ‘universally’ recognizable, and be accepted and trusted as money.  Money must also serve as good currency (used for trade and commerce).
    It is said that Silver has over 10,000 uses, and only crude oil has more uses than Silver as a commodity.

    • All true Plebian.
      Yet, I had no exposure to PGM’s in any form until a modest share purchase last week. Now I do. Paper yes, but it has already added greatly to my enjoyment of PM study are research…and I have no storage issues….

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