CBC Documentary to Break JPM Whistle-Blower Testimony on Gold & Silver Manipulation!

gold manipulation

*Update: Whistle-blower testimony completely removed from the final cut…while Jeffrey Christian insisting Fort Knox contains all the gold advertised is included. 
Guess we’ll have to do this the hard way and drain every last physical ounce…

The CFTC is sitting on information that implicates JPMorgan as manipulating the futures market in Silver and Gold.  The reason this is so damning is that the CFTC has evidence that incriminates JPM as having malicious short positions designed to influence the price action of Silver and Gold towards JPM’s favor; akin to the LIBOR scandal in which rates were manipulated down towards the banks favor.  -JPM Whistle-blower

The PM community has been waiting over a decade to see the gold and silver manipulation story go mainstream, as the LIBOR scandal did last summer.
As of 9pm EST tonight, the wait is over…

At 9pm EST tonight, Thursday 4/18, the CBC is set to broadcast The Secret World of Gold, a detailed documentary exploring the co-ordinated manipulation of precious metals:

The Secret World of Gold is a documentary exploring the power and politics of gold, a precious metal with more allure and fascination than any other.  Valued for its permanence, beauty and scarcity, people will lie, cheat, steal and kill in the name of gold.

To finance the Third Reich, the Nazis went after the gold of Europe. Allied countries stored their gold offshore to keep it safe. In the first months of the Second World War, the gold of England and France was secretly shipped to vaults in Montreal, Ottawa and New York.

Those ships made it safely to port, but throughout history, many were not so lucky. It is estimated that worldwide, 3 million shipwrecks loaded with treasure lie at the bottom of the ocean. Odyssey Marine, an American company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, spends huge amounts of money to search for that gold. But there’s always the risk they will have to hand it over to countries claiming ownership.

In recent years, economic uncertainty is giving gold a new lustre in the world of high finance. Whether it’s a few gold coins or gold bars stored in one of the many vaults around the world, many investors are taking a shine to gold. But there’s not a lot of it. It is said that, even melted down, there would not be enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

Some claim that much of the gold held by the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox is gone — that for every 100 ounces of gold traded, there exists only one ounce of real, physical gold. So, where is the gold — and who really owns it?

Directed by Brian McKenna for Galafilm with CBC-TV.


As the Montreal Gazette reports, the program was originally developed as a historical documentary, until the director discovered a whistle-blower :

Brian McKenna didn’t predict the recent nosedive in gold prices, but he knows someone who did.

“Andy sent me an email early Friday morning,” recounted the Montreal director. “He said, ‘There’s a big event happening. Someone’s dumping 500 tons of gold into the market.’ That ended up driving the price down by $78 an ounce. And 500 tons is 16 million ounces — we’re talking about a serious intervention here. Who’s got that kind of money?”

“Andy” is Andrew Maguire, a key source in McKenna’s fascinating new film The Secret World of Gold, which premières Thursday at 9 p.m. on CBC-TV. The hour-long documentary plunges into the dramatically rich narrative of gold, unveiling some shocking facts along the way.

“I was just going to do a history piece, until I stumbled over a whistle-blower,” McKenna said.



Those who would like a preview of the documentary can listen to this interview provided by the CBC of Director Brian McKennaPortion on gold & silver manipulation begins at the 10:00 mark.


The explosive CBC documentary has been in the works for over a year, since a JPM whistle-blower on March 15th, 2012 alleged that JPMorgan was manipulating the price of gold and silver in a note posted on the CFTC’s website, and taken viral after it was posted by SD.

The whistle-blower was placed in contact with Andrew Maguire shortly after, who upon reviewing the information and documents the JPM employee had obtained documenting the alleged manipulation of gold and silver, assisted in making an official filing to the CFTC.  At the time, Maguire believed the evidence of malicious price manipulation in the gold & silver market was so compelling that the CFTC would be forced to act on the information.

To no surprise however, the CFTC reportedly sat on the information, making no public announcements or actions over the past 9 months, while the whistle-blower left JPM & fled to China for safety.

As a result, the whistle-blower has been left no other recourse than to pursue public exposure, resulting in the CBC’s The Secret World of Gold documentary.

The story was partially leaked through the PM blogosphere last August, with both GATA’s Bill Murphy and TFMetalsReport’s Turd Ferguson predicting an explosive and historic move in silver last August out of expectations that the information would be released and acted upon by the CFTC, as in the words of Andrew Maguire, the documentation provided by the JPM whistle-blower was damning evidence, & everything we could want to prove gold & silver are in fact manipulated.

August, September, & October came & went however without any action by the CFTC.
In response, the (now former employee) JPMorgan whistle-blower who submitted the information to the CFTC alleged in October of 2012:

The CFTC is sitting on information that implicates JPMorgan as manipulating the futures market in Silver and Gold.  The reason this is so damning is that the CFTC has evidence that incriminates JPM as having malicious short positions designed to influence the price action of Silver and Gold towards JPM’s favor; akin to the LIBOR scandal in which rates were manipulated down towards the banks favor.

Now that the CBC documentary is scheduled to air tonight, and GATA has publicized it as well, the time has come to force exposure and bring the metals manipulation story into the mainstream- particularly in the wake of this week’s blatant & historic take-down of the gold and silver markets. 

The documentary includes testimony from GATA’s Bill Murphy, Eric Sprott, CFTC whistle-blower Andrew Maguire, as well as the JPMorgan employee whistle-blower testimony among others.

Bullion bank silver shorts have most likely been covering in mass all week into the silver massacre, and we’ll soon have the data to make the case.  Many have speculated that the bullion banks are going to switch to a net long position.

Given the fact that the bullion bankers were no doubt aware of the impending release of tonight’s documentary as well as that at $22/oz, pretty much all existing shorts taken out before this week will be in the money, we believe it is highly likely that Jim Sinclair’s recent call that the bullion bankers were flipping net long was 100% accurate and the bullion banks have exited the majority of their recent 200 million ounce net short position over the past week by covering into the epic gold and silver raid.

Along with the London Whale JPMorgan ICD9 debacle, the LIBOR scandal was one of the largest financial stories to break in all of 2012.    Metals manipulation is the London Whale & LIEBORGATE rolled into one single scandal. 

Please spread the news throughout the blogosphere to make sure as many as possibly are tuned into CBC at 9pm EST tonight!


  1. I expect some “unexpected” disastrous story to break this evening then.

  2. Yeah, we’ll wait and see.
    THE CBC is as biased , stupid and corrupt as any other MSM.
    They couldnt get 911 right, everyone who didnt believe the “official US Govt report” was marginalized and ridiculed.

    Saw it myself.

    Bet the banksters are on the phones now, trying to stop this broadcast.

    • wouldnt that just take the cake if you told everyone you know to watch it, and it summarized at the end THERE IS NO MANIPULATION. Man! The joke would be on us! after all, it is CBC, and you know they have already previewed the media and approve of it. Guess we’ll see tonight! lol

  3. I don’t have Candian TV. I hope someone will record it and upload it to Youtube! 1080P would be even better

    • If someone uploads it to bittorrent (any size, any format) It would be really usefull and would guarantee distribution.

  4. Now we know the REAL REASON this epic precious metals raid happened.  The timing with this Whistle Blower testimony on public TV seems too coincidental to ignore.

  5. This is probably the best news I’ve heard in 2 years. I reeeeally hope this is not one of those documentaries that is only aired once and never published on the web. Everyone should get their TV-recorders ready for this and rip it to online video format! (Do not leave it lying around on your TEVO because cable providers are KNOWN TO ERASE anti-establishment shows remotely once they are pressured to!).
    I’m guessing the comex/lbma is royally fucked now.
    @XC_Skater I also hope you are not right :( Another bombing?

    • Yeah i can see it now. “This just in! Our regularly scheduled show will not air due to this breaking news!” …..

    • @widget
      Come to think of it, who knows, perhaps this may be even a deliberately timed broadcast. In full conspiracy mode, what if this comes before the COT reports, and after the moment the TPTB felt they were as well positioned as they could be, vaults sufficiently emptied, to less the free market loose? We all know that the big buys are mega long. Likely have good mining stock positions in place by now, as they do physical.
      That would be good for those in the same position, all in, and unlikely to obtain more. Let the prices should up already.
      I for one am so committed to this, that I could probably endure anoither few years under $30, as long as the sick markets someone manage to get decent supply to the retail market at old fashioned low premiums. I’ll rent a smaller house, and stack some more. If THIS is THE end game, and we’re not going to get any more cheap silver ever, I am fine with that also, I secured more than I thought I would until half a year ago, the market’s been good to me these months.
      I care for justice for the perpetrators also, but care even more for my future family, and what I’ll secure for them with my stack. One day it must go up. Now is fine, but if it’to take longer, please allow me some decent bullion availability back! Mightily frustrating to not be able to shuffle my stack around anymore. 

  6. Does anybody have a link so that they can be viewed online tonight?
     I would very much appreciate that, as I live in America, the land of censorship.

    • I’m going to try to get a digital copy of this as soon as I can download it. digital viewing rights online from country to country can be a bitch. Once I do ( it may take a day or so) I’ll let people know.

    • Thanks CD.  Can’t even watch the preview in the U.S.

    • There are tools we can use to remain outside of the censorship range. Look up the TOR NETWORK. Its a really good new technology you can download on your computer for free and can make it so you are truly free to do what ever you want and read what ever.. right now I am in las vegas Nv and it shows that I am logged in from Belize.. its easy and safe. check it out guys.

    • i asked RUdy4itNEWs to bring additioanal camera tonite, since  she lives over there to report Govenoerment Behavior and Legslation.     hopes she links us up tonite.       i

  7. Lets all hope its good news and wont end in a drive by…… we all want good news and peace,

  8. If the bullion banks are net long now I expect to enjoy a ride to the moon soon. I’ll wave as all the hedge funds are getting their faces melted off.

  9. Sorry Doc, have to disagree.  Won’t be explosive to the gold market.  What do you realistically expect to happen as a result?

  10. I will be interested to see how it is edited and what the slant is. The mere fact that any information like this can even dip its toe in the MSM ( mongoloid shameful media ) is a turning point. Like the US mint suspending eagle sales, and tulving selling out, and wholesalers selling out. As singular events they are small but noteworthy, together they point in an eye opening (for most) direction. None of them are a smoking gun, but the fact that this is even coming withing a country mile of being unleashed on the public consciousness is cool.

    • Canadian Dirtlump …. You’re right in that it’s cool that it’s being put out there.   I will be curious to see whether the “whistle-blower” has any evidence that JPM worked with other institutions to influence the price action of silver and gold.  From what I remember of the Libor scandal, I thought what made that obvious manipulation was the concerted efforts of more than one “party” was proven.  If this is just actions by JPM I think there is a huge burden to show illegal activity. 

    • Based on the podcast teasing this, I believe the whistleblower is Mr Andy Maguire

    • “From what I remember of the Libor scandal, I thought what made that obvious manipulation was the concerted efforts of more than one “party” was proven.”
      Not only that but if this can be proved, they can add conspiracy charges as well for a nice full package.  :-)

    • There will be no charges. Everything that is happening has been planned. As far as dealers out of silver – dig and discover who finances these large distributers. It will shock you. The enemy owns it all. Even in China the enemy is there too. This is a worldwide orcestrated take down. Heck, they could keep it down forever if they choose. After all, they have all of the money anyway and all of the land and all of the…

    • So, Sam, your plan is… what?  Declare defeat, roll over, and stick all 4 paws up?

  11. Meanwhile, nobody has mentioned BitCoins in the MSM lately.
    I can hear the crickets chirping.
    And speaking of things being quiet – nodody is selling any Silver on the local Craigslist ads!
    Either it has all suddenly vaporized, or the people holding it are not selling any right now.
    Once prices increase, said physical silver will likely materialize again.

    • No crickets around here but we do have a s***-load of frogs… and yeah, they are chirping their little heads off.  lol

  12. The price peturbations will continue until silver finally bottoms out at 15.00 an ounce..once we see a handle of 15-19 this little downdraft will be over…not before. They move things in waves…this has been a second wave…in a set of 3
    The next will be as bad as the first with prices dipping into the 19′s if 19.50 is breached look for a bottom of 15.00 in subsequent sets…thats my forecast for the next 14-21 trading days We have not seen the bottom yet so steel yourself this market is going down like a hotdog down a houndog…flash crash…coming up

  13. Maybe it will be enough to show CHILTON is complicit in the manipulation, and earn him some JAIL TIME.
    One can hope…

  14. Here is a link to the website where the show will air but will only be available within Canada.  Could someone in Canada please record this and post it on youtube? or somewhere else? If anyone knows a link thaht will work in the US please post the link.
    Here is the link: http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/episode/the-secret-world-of-gold.html

  15. Bet it will turn into one of those highly glossy stylized programmes with pixel/blacked out face and voda coded voice.

  16. They will summarize at the end of the show, “Could the markets truly be rigged? And could we be descendants of aliens?  Some believe it.”  LOL  Demonize the truth like usual.


    Brand new. Must see. From SGTreport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGZ5f1G1Ep0

    • Amen, expecting cnbc or any lamestream media source to shed a lite of truth, bite the hand that feeds them. No way, the great pumpkin will not be there. No regulation, no contract limits, No LIBOR results… If this were serious, they would interupt the show to tell you an arrest has been made at a seal team look alike contest!

  17. The director says he is using Andrew Maguire’s thoughts and testimony to broadcast this story on CBC.  I don’t care if its not broadcast in the US, once this is broadcast, there will be enough copies around for an avalanche of new lawsuits to hit the courts.  We are not talking Ma and Pa.  We are talking Sprott, Sinclair, GATA, Hedgefunds, the Miners, and anyone who has been screwed by these thieving Bankers.

  18. QUI BONO? Mainly at BRIC like NWO representative. Becouse JPM, Goldman, BIS and all have primarily interest about new markets and elimination of power from USA into OSN and new puppets. Honkong, Singapure and many others is under their patronage. And they know that manipulation will end. Everything securities have moved to mentioned countries. Americans will remain only shell (skeleton). Only investors who were prepared have chance, unfortunately. F.cking banskters knew it all time and it was their plan for western economics.  People want more excitement than the truth, throughout all of history.

  19. I remember Jim Willie saying something about the Canadian dollar being a good thing to be in.
    Good things happen in Canada. The Bible says that God blesses those that bless Israel.
    Prime Minister Harper is the only World leader to consistently and unconditionally stand with Israel, and the only reason Obama and the Europeans weren’t able to emasculate Israel and force it to give up land is because Harper went in to the G8 and G20 and said “listen, boys, we’re going to support Israel and there is no way the G8 is isolating Israel… not going to happen, too bad if you don’t like it boys, end of discussion”.
    Canada’s current Foreign Minister recently met with Livni in East Jerusalem, which made the Muslims threaten legal action for supporting apartheid and genocide (haha, the world doens’t understand Arab culture, Arab culture is uber-exagertaingly over-poetic in all its aspects… and this cultural phenomenon gets laced into their propaganda… they’re over-emotional exagerators of everything… you should hear what kind of a tragedy they make burnt taosts sound like).
    Foreign Minister Baird said “get over it, I’ll have coffee with whom I want where I want”.
    :) And now this lovely story gets exposed in Canada. Nice :)
    By the way, I agree the CBC is uber-liberal and biased… I met a CBC journalist in Paris who, though she was friendly (Canadians are nice), we politely argued about the Israeli-Muslim situation. Very biased against Israel… which guess what, makes its way into news reports.
    And btw, CBC is part-owned by the Government of Canada… you think the government doesn’t know about this story?

    • Israel may have power and lobby, but they don’t look very well. Stealing land, killing home owners with uzi’s when greeted with thrown rocks. Bit silly if you look at that in biblical perspective. They castided Christ, and when castided by home owners in Palestina, they just shoot them, men women and children. If the home owners get humanitarian help from outside, ship mates are massacred without questions to prevent the help reaching those in need.
      Need I start about the USS Liberty incident and the nuke that was already on its way to Cairo as retaliation of IL’s false flag attack on the US vessel? The infiltration of US government? The way there is a word for anti-semite, but no other ethnic or religious group? Unsuspectingly tell an Israeli on the streets that he’s rude in his manners towards a street seller, and guess what he’ll call you?
      Are there Israeli refugees anymore on this earth? There are lot of Palestinians. I grew up with them. They were so afraid of being chased into death around the world that they presented themselves as Jordans. That even ironic if you see it in a WWII perspective. All the civilian killings/executions by USA and “allies” of Muslims via drones and outright tank gunfire (shooting gallery style, as video’s leaked through wiki leaks), also very ironic. From which date on will it be forbidden to speak of the intentional reputation-murder of all that is Muslim by the white/jewish supremicist starting with 911, with false flags and pretences?

      Muslims can be very difficult to deal with on a cultural level, but the same goes for Jews really. Difference : Muslims let Jews do their thing. Jews are basically on a mission to suppress via crimes of war, out in the open, all but to the level the Nazi’s did to them. The numbers of casualties are leveling out. However the Muslims were not agressors in recent history. When did Iran attack anyone more recently? Why should we trust USA and IL with their nukes? They’re the most agressive, short-fused countries in the history of the world. those who are not at war with the US/IL are trying to stay out of trouble, and go as far as to help them fight their illegal inhumane wars. They dare not question 911, or even show that their intellect was insulted by official account of events.

      It’s very unique to find a journalist prepared to even discuss anti-Israel sympathies, let alone how they are self-caused. Please don’t pretend the whole world is anti-IL. That’s the indoctrinated world view that Israeli kids may consider theirr own. Truth is, very few people even know the sick stuff this little nation is perpetrating onto anyone they don’t like, or doesn’t cooperate quickly enough. It’s USA throwing the bombs on villages and paying mercenaries to enact Syrian cruelties, but IL is master mind behind it.

      From my upbringing, and learning so much about WWII, I always had deep respect for Israel. I was glad they had a country to call their own, where they were safe. Until I started reading more, and was forced to make up my own mind. Reality is not what we’re taught in school.
      Google for a vid of Israeli citizen dancing of joy as the twin towers collapsed. Their van was searched, and what was found was not pretty. They as Israeli’s though were above all suspicion, and were just asked to leave the country. In IL they went on TV, the presenter asked why they were in NY. “Oh just to witness and record the events”. And you wonder why the death toll of IL citizens, estimated in Bush’ speech to 4000, came down to just a few when all the dust had settled. A large IL company moved out of their WTC offices on 910. On 99 the workers didn’t know this was going to happen, as the lease was still going for 6 more months.

      But we need to stand by IL, because the bible says so. Ever wonder whether the word of the bible ever could run out? Reality made the words expire in this respects. A succeeding religion was offered, but ignored. IL offered the Bahai faith a holy mountain in Jeruzalem (nice present huh) under the sole condition that they would not advertise their revolutionary new faith. Read up on that. But if you’re indoctrinated from birth, it’s not going to make a difference, your mind is not free. Your actions however cannot be excused even if they come from indoctrination. IL citizens will also need to deal with their make one day. And then explain to the women and kids waiting at heaven’s door why they had to be shot just for having a house in wanted land.
      The bible conveniently allowed deadly force to be used to take Kanaan, but do those words not expire within a couple thousand years? The occupation has failed, the Palestinians have refused to go the way of the American Indians or the Aborigenees. Shame on them, to not be genocided. But the holocaust, that was a singular event, that was uncalled for. 
      We are all so hypocritical. Just surviving the holocaust does not grant priviledges to enslave the rest of the world for decades or centuries to come. You don’t get a waiver for any dark acts. And those who blindy support it? They will also need to explain to their maker how they chose their side in the battle. 

    • Yes, XC Skater, I agree with you. http://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm Gerald Celente warned about this things, but he don´t see elite conspiracy, what is strange for me. All leaders are involved into this mess. But creator is behind the scenes, in my opinion. http://www.threeworldwars.com/new-world-order.htm

    • Hi XC,
      I can appreciate your concern, but have you been on the ground there? Have you seen the genocide first-hand? Have you seen the apartheid first-hand?
      As for growing up with “Palestinians”? pre-1948 or post? Because pre-1948 (67 actually) a Palestinian was a Jew living in the land, whereas Gazans were Egyptians and West Bankians were Jordanians. Over 60% of Jordan is made up of Muslim Arabs calling themselves “Palestinians”. Jordan was East Palestine, Israel was West Palestine. Palestine is a region like the Appalachians.
      As for stealing land, that’s cute but inaccurate. I won’t tell you the funds (you can find them if you’re intrepid enough… maybe), but there are funds that buy Arab land and housing at full price using sympathetic and well-paid Arab middlemen, and the land gets transfered to Jews.
      So, they get their full money, they’re happy, but they see Jewish families move into the building, and it’s apartheid 2.0 all of a sudden. Intifada time.
      Yes, “Palestinians” are the masters of propaganda. Again, Arab culture is VERY conducive to exagerations. Look up “Pallywood”. A smart Lebanese Arab Christian named Brigitte Gabrielle is a great girl… weaned on anti-semitism all her live despite being a Christian Arab, and then when the Muslims invaded her village and started the slaughter and she was injured, she was driven at a high price by Arabs to the Israeli border, where Israeli civilians picked her up and drove her to the hospital (for free, they refused her cash)… and she was shocked, these evil Jews didn’t try drinking her blood and refused her money. And they smiled and gave her really kind treatment. Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist – turned- Christian, would tell you his story and how he became pro-Israel too. Now, how many Israeli vicilians do you suppose have been rescued and treated in Lebanese/Gazan/West Bank/Syrian/Jordanian/Egyptian hospitals?
      It’s all theatrics, it’s a big show. Genocide… ha! The West Bank and Gaza have a booming population. They’re well fed (fat people is a good sign of that).
      My buddy was an Arab Muslim from Haifa btw (and btw, the Bahai thing is in Haifa, not Jerusalem) who hugged and kissed his Jewish school mates’ moms and who says he loves Israel and Kosher products. My Druze buddy from South Lebanon keeps telling me to tell my friends (what friends ?? lol he’s got a big imagination) to give him a call and he’ll go fight and die for Israel any day and tell them where all the secret Hezbollah stuff is (the Druze are smart cookies in Lebanon). He make sme laugh. I know nobody.
      Anyway, take a trip there XC. The arabs are theatrical exagerators, and even my anti-Semitic grandmother who couldn’t say the word “Jew” without a swear word tied to it, became pro-Israel after her pilgrimage there … she came back ashamed of all the years she believed the lies, and saw the truth on the ground for herself and actually defended Israel… if you knew her… you’d know that was amazing.
      So. Take a trip, quite believing Pallywood’s cinematography, and eat some Hummus and pita my friend :)

    • Definitely agree with you Proverbs…. I have said that many times. We must support Israel as God’s promise still stands for the Israelites.

      On the topic of the Jews killing Jesus and thereby the argument that we should not support Jews is a strawman argument. 

      The Roman Catholic Church for 100s of years oppressed and killed those that wanted to reform the church. That doesn’t make them right because they were the holders of power at the time just like the Pharisees and Sadducees were in Israel being the titular holders of power while Rome was the ultimate purveyor of power. 

      My point is that despite those who killed Jesus, it wasn’t just the Jews. It was everyone. Our sin killed Jesus. And the Jews at that time were corrupt and very legalistic. 
      Lest you forget Jesus and all of his apostles and of course the most famous Paul, were Jews. Our church fathers were Jews. The difference between the Jew and the 1st christians were that the first Christians recognized that their messiah had come and that the new covenant was established while the legalistic Jews at the time wanted to hold onto power and corruptive influence by denying that Jesus is the fulfillment of the OT prophecies. 

      I believe one of the few things holding God’s wrath on America is our very posterity of helping Israel. We would have been blown to the wayside a long time ago if you think about the atrocities our country commits; abortions, the indefatigable perpetuation of homosexuality, hollywood culture, and materialistic appetites.  

      I hope and pray that we can call America to Repent and ask for forgiveness of our sins…. heck we send soldiers to the Middle East to fight for so-called ‘democracy’ and yet these countries ban abortions….. things are not always so easy to digest and skim over, they are usually a mile deep.

    • Ditto that Proverbs and Ich….only thing I would add is that I have been to Israel.  The Jewish people and the Israeli government are two different entities.  Critics often lump them together as one and the same.

    • Good point ich and “uglydog”…
      The Israeli government has big itnernal power struggles… Masonic elements with Jesuit-connected elements and dark-robbed evil doers, and sincere Zionists who want the best for Israel and refuse to sell out their people to the wicked elite. Let’s just say that I’d appreciate appointing someone else than Shimon Peres as President.
      As for Israelis, they themselves call themselves “sabras”… which means “cactus”… prickly on the outside, juicy on the inside. Israelis admit that they are harsh and seeminlgy cold and loud when you don’t know them, but once you get to know them one on one (as did Brigitte Gabrielle), they’re awsome… :)

    • “The Jewish people and the Israeli government are two different entities.  Critics often lump them together as one and the same.”
      Indeed.  This is something with which Americans are intimately familiar, seeing as to how we get the same treatment.  Here’s a clue for the dumb bastards around the world who do this… We have just as much control of our government as you have of yours… which is to say not a helluva lot.  So, go ahead and hate the US Gov all you want.  Just be advised that a lot of American citizens feel the very same way.

  20. What a Bummer Canada Only.

  21. Could this be it

  22. Not that one..This one: http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/
    Even if it won’t appear on YouTube right away, anyone can watch this episode or any episode made by DocZone in a few days time as they post them on their site

  23. I saw Eric Sprott on the trailer earlier. I’m pretty sure Sprott wouldn’t put himself in a compromising position if this wasn’t important for all of us.

  24. This whole thing is no longer about whether there is manipulation or not, but a much bigger and more difficult issue.  The issue facing society is that governments the world over have decided to allow for all kinds of crimes to be committed by the purveyors of fiat ‘money’ (ie, central banks and bankers in general), with practically Zero consequences.  People already know that there is manipulation and all kinds of intervention in a myriad of markets (TBTF, LIBOR, Mortgage-backed securities, bond rates, interest rates, drug-money laundering, bribes, corruption in high places, etc, etc), but everyone feels utterly powerless to do anything about it.  That is what is facing the world right now–that the entire system of finance and economy is being revealed to be entirely corrupt at its core, but nothing can be done by the individual to correct the problem.
    Well, there is one thing that people can do, and that is to vote with their money.  Forget politics, because this is a much bigger issue.  This is a problem of unsound, corrupt, and an unjust monetary system.  The monetary system is the foundation of finance and economy for a society.  If the foundation is corrupt, everything else that comes along will be corrupt as well.  People are smart and creative–in time they will figure out the best way to vote with their money, and this will finally bring about the defeat of this present corrupt system that everyone in the world is being subjected to.

  25. That would be great if the sleeping giant awoke after we bought everything in sight.  That would be just wonderful. 

  26. @xc skater – well said sir. 
    Im hoping that as we evolve,  humans stop justifying murder because the victims picked the wrong sky daddy……yep, religion makes fools of otherwise intelligent, loving people.

    • Religion does nothing of the sort.  Foolishness and intelligence are not mutually exclusive.  Neither is Wisdom and Intelligence, but one being intelligent does not mean one is also wise.  Fools will find reasons to be fools no matter what system of beliefs they wish to ascribe to.  I think you will be hard pressed to find a wise person who ascribes to any religion who also supports murder.  IMO Wisdom > Intelligence.

    • Well said, FGM.  :-)

  27. A. M. is already known if you’ve seen Kingworldnews etc.
    Will be interesting to see it on the MSM though.

  28. luciferians on fire! hold the Devil’s food cake ..

  29. Watched the documentary, the JPM whistle blower known as “Dan” was edited out…..typical…….

  30. So how did it end? This could break things open if they would air it in the US

  31. @ freegoldmonkey – Of all the  millions and millions of people who have supported religious wars, do you not think any were/are wise? In my opinion religious indoctrination somehow allows humanity to justify despicable acts. I’m just not down with looking the other way when innocent women and children are killed Because they are Muslim. Religion CAN make otherwise intelligent/wise people fools. 

  32. The secret world of gold is so secret that we really don’t know what it is. If we did know we couldn’t tell you the secret. If we did tell you, we would have to kill you. We are killing you, the secret is out and we just didn’t know it!

  33. By the way any newcomers here, please don’t bring any garbage over from the SLV message board. Most people who post here are intelligent. Be nice and civil in your posts. 
    We all just try to get along and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • “We all just try to get along and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”
      Yes, we do and we are… but NOT our own facts!  ;-)

  34. ich1baN  What’s the situation in China regarding prices and availability of gold and silver    we are kind of dry here.  Did the spot price crash here affect the Chinese buyers?

  35. I’ll make it easy for all of you. The program sheds some light on alot of the facts and theories that we as PM ers already know. It also sheds light on some recent and not to recent facts about how gold has molded our society…..whether we know about it or not.  It WILL get sheeple talking and thinking about gold again, BUT It’s canadian TV so if you’re American your goverment has probably discouraged or blocked the broadcast in the US. The broadcast won’t reach enough of an audience to make an immediate difference in the price of PMs.
      DOC ZONE also did a great program a few years back about the pair or american reporters that broke the story about cancer causing growth hormones in American milk cows and how the reporters careers were destroyed because of the light they shed.  The US media blocked that broadcast as well. Some of you uninformed boneheads figure that the CBC is just as corrupt as the big US media conglomerates. Well, as a canadian I can tell you, while it may not be perfect, The CBC is geared towards a Canadian audience which is by virtue of it’s limited population size, laws and self effacing culture is inherently less indoctrinated and controlled than our american counterparts.
    Watch the show if you can find it, and know that only in Canada can you make a show like this and have it air to the whole country.

  36. @ Mary B
    It ends just like a good CBC documentary always does, it’s leaves you feeling you are better informed, It makes you feel more secure in the knowledge you thought you already had. It teaches you a few new dirty facts that are mostly ignored and in the end it makes you want to seek more facts.  the Doczone doesn’t do hype,opinion or myth. Just fact.

  37. Oh yeh…Admiral Sprott, John Embrey and a few others pull no punches about what they know and how they feel. Christianson sold out by saying he figures all the gold is still in fort knox

  38. The one thing that dissapointed me was that even though Andrew maguire did a fantastic job of detailing his attempt to expose the silver manipulation and bart chilton contributed a sound bite admitting that there was very large concentrated positions at LPM and UBS, Still, the documentary fell short of saying that the 4 year investigation was concluded without  any criminal wrongdoing proven.

  39. The final line in the documentary is ” In the 21st century, gold still manages to keep it’s secrets. perhaps the biggest one of all is, where’s the gold and who owns it?

  40. God Blessed those who have Blessed Israel,the real Jews/Hebrews are the Palestine people,not the Khazarian jew, Palestine people  are being oppressed ,and murdered So the Blessing are for those supporting them ,is there is a God..we will see

    • I’ve read about the Khazarian theory before .. I don’t buy it.
      Jews have the world’s most detailed genealogic record keeping history, and while there has been a lot of intermixing, it doesn’t mean ?the Jews are not the Jews. If you know you Bible, you’ll know that Jesus is the King of the Jews, yet there are two gentiles in his genealogy: Ruth the Moabitess (Moabites were Israel’s enemy!) and Rahab the Gentile harlot (modern-day call girl, escort, hooker, call it what you want).
      Moses married a black African after Ziporah got all upset, and Moses’ sister Myriam got leprosy for her racist hatred of Moses’ black wife. Joseph’s two children, Ephraim and Manasseh, were half-Jew half-Egyptian, yet God gave them specific tracks of land in the land of Israel (Canaan).
      Anywho, I could go on and on, the the Khazarian theory is nonsense. God promised over and over that the dispersed Jews would be brought back in the end days and that Russia and Persia and what are now Islamic countries would attempt to crush Israel, but that God would crush them instead (please see Ezekiel 36-37… where God says that Israel has defiled His name throughout the years, but that He forgives them).
      As for “Palestinians”… ok, apart from being Ethnic Arabs (Arabs originally come from Arabia, not Canaan), and being Muslim (Islam coming from Arabia, not the Pagan land of Canaan and Philistines), please name me just ONE historic “Palestinian” King.
      Please name me one historic “Palestinian” currency. One historic “Palestinian” archeological find (many of canaanites, Philistines, Perizites, Moabites exist). Please name me the name of the historic “Palestinian” language (Assyrians speak Assyrian, Arabs speak Arabic, Jews speak Hebrew….). Please give me the historical years where the “Palestinian Nation” existed autonomously, and please give me its capital during those years.
      You won’t be able to do it. Try if you’re bored, but you will have zero results for all my questions (unless you consider Arafat the Egyptian’s grave to be an archeological discovery).
      As for Jews, I’ll answer: King David and Solomon, Shekel, Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran, Hebrew, 13th Century BC to 586 BC, Jerusalem.

  41. They didnt get JPM with the “Life endangered, fled to China” whistleblower, but given time they wlll.  its a digital world, there EXISTS the Evidence………somewhere…….
    The main broadcast is as stated, Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. on CBC-TV. It will repeat on CBC NN Saturday at 11 pm ET/PT.

  42. To everyone outside Canada: You are able to watch access the documentary on CBC only by using a Canadian VPN service. Here’s a 5 free VPNs http://freenuts.com/free-canada-pptp-vpn/ The 2nd worked for me, but speed was low ~0.5 Mbit/s. The video halted and had to be restarted a few times (not very ideal for ripping) and video quality was medium (but I’m not sure it was due to speed problems). Perhaps some of the other work better.
    Still if someone would please do a rip of the web stream or TV-recording that would be great, because it will not spread outside Canada otherwise. I don’t know how to myself.
    As for the documentary itself I loved it because it is a great introduction to gold for anyone who don’t already know what we know. Andrew Maguire was in it, but not the JPM whistle blower, anything about him or what info he/CFTC is sitting on :( Jeffrey Christian was in it too but it sounded to me like his junk was discredited by the editing/info :D
    “@ me” in any replies please

  43. Youtube links for the documentary below:

  44. May 1st. BUY SILVER day,thanks to the luciferians we NOW  get it ,phyzz Silver cheaper,

  45. Link to “The Secret World of Gold”

  46. Here you go all. Enjoy and Keep Stacking.
    Part 1:

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    Part 2:

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    Part 3:

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  47. @Doc here’s the video’s. I really enjoyed the videos, finally got to view them.

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