The SBSS Sic Semper Tyrannis is Available Now at SDBullion!

sic semper tyrannis
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  1. I wonder how many residents of Virginia are aware of the meaning behind the images on their State Seal?
    Chris Duane; thank you for your continuing effort on the SBSS series with Heidi Wastweet. I continue to purchase and share these coins amongst friends and associates. They do more than any web-link or commentary we might provide when hoping to awaken curiousity amongst those we love. Your supporting video intro for each coin further provokes the audience to search further, and I believe you have done a fantastic job of exposing the banking cartel and those running the current paradigm while placing silver in the hands of many whom previously owned none and had never considered the SBSS.
    Kudos to the SilverDoctors for supporting the series as well!

  2. is that blythe masters stomping jim sinclair? lol.

  3. countless designs coming out they’ve become valueless rounds, provident metals are also coming out with a series, soon we will be able to print our own coins, nothing better than goverment issued America Eagles

  4. Available as in : 5-6 weeks from now :-)
    Man, lots of designs at the same time almost. This is sure to limit mintage. People who like to stack this are typically not the kilo coin money stackers, but more like beginning stacker/collectors. Young average people like Chris Duane and yours truly, minus CD’s well-off back ground.
    Pushing these designs out as quickly reduced his profits, but might help premiums to develop nicely as designs go out of production.

  5. These aren’t meant to be rare collectible coins.  AN OUNCE OF SILVER IS AN OUNCE OF SILVER.   It’s a very nice design btw, love the visual.   I’m sure eventually there will be a larger premium on these types of coins though.

    • Are you sure? They also come in prooflike for $12 or so extra, I forget.
      If it was all about the stacking, it would have 2 reverses and be $0.99 over spot and never changed.
      people are buying them, also from me, 1 of each from their last fiat Euro’s, and attimes cancel due to lack of funds. It doesn’t get more collectible than that. It’s a poor people’s jewelry of sorts.

    • to me the SBSS line has a quirky cache among stackers and in the limited numbers they should certainly have a chance at fetching a small premium. Worst case scenario if they don’t, the premiums aren’t bad and I don’t ever have to worry about some government clown saying his coins are his property.

      p.s. an interesting read on numbers.

      I need to get some original debt and death otherwise I have a 10 of all other 1 oz, with extra warbirds and slave queens.

  6. This new SBSS is really cool. Right now I’m after these from GoldSilver. Hope there’s time enough to get both.

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