1. saw that interview live…
    what a bought and paid for propagandist bitch…..
    he should have told her to screw herself and walked off the set… 

    I am always amazed at how well bankers keep their horns hidden.

  3. I watched part of the interview on Capital Account. She never asked, follow up questions like a intelligent or bought off journalist would do. The ones that do tell the truth and ask the hard questions get terminated or leave these owned and paid for news stations. 

  4. WTF… I know they’re all bought and paid for, but Lauren has really shown her true colors there. She was downright rude with the guy.

  5. LMAO @SB the guy Lauren is talking with his her boss.Lol

  6. Goldman Sachs is thief, bad, corrupted, etc, just like all other banks around the world. They all steal our wealth with bailouts funded with taxpayers’ dollars and with stolen purchasing power by printing dollars.

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