Official Coin Sales vs Total Silver Mine SupplyThere is one factor in the silver market that the Fiat Monetary Authorities and Banking Institutions are deeply concerned about. It has to do with controlling the public’s understanding of what is “Real Value” versus “Perceived Value.”
The reason the fiat monetary regime is worried about silver investment demand is that it could throw a monkey-wrench into their plan of controlling the price of silver.  If the price of silver gets out of hand, so does the ability to keep confidence in the U.S. Dollar and all the worthless paper assets that are tied to it — such as the U.S. Retirement Market.
While the Fed and its cohorts in the banking industry continue to print money as well as offer plenty of digital liquidity to give the illusion of solvency in the financial system, cracks are beginning to appear as more investors become reacquainted to the 2,000+ year history of silver money.



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From the SRSRocco Report:

Things are starting to get out of hand as Central Bank monetary printing goes exponential.  This is clearly seen by the huge expansion of Canadian base currency explained by Mike Maloney in the video below:

Mike describes the increase of Canadian base currency in the last decade as “Outrageous.”

The only way the Central Banks can continue their insane policy of monetary debasement, is by controlling the public’s confidence in the currency.  Because gold and silver are competing currencies, they pose a threat to this current great transfer of wealth to the rich.

Which is the very reason the value of gold and silver are manipulated.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a NITWIT, or has a vested interest in bending over for one’s fiat monetary masters.

Silver Investment Demand Is The Factor The Fiat Monetary Authorities Are Worried About

The world supplies enough silver a year to meet its industrial, jewelry, silverware and photography needs, however, rising investment demand is the factor that could seriously throw the whole balance out-of-whack.

Many of the typical run-of-the-mill analysts which you can find taking up space at one of the fine banking and brokerage institutions, continue to focus on industrial demand as a key driver for the silver price in the future.  I totally disagree.

Silver consumption by industrial applications remains relatively flat at an average 475 million ounces over the past six years.

Silver Price vs Industrial Consumption 2

Even though these same analysts provide forecasts of increased silver demand by industrial applications within the coming decade, peak oil will put a cap on growth in this sector.  We may see a small increase of silver consumption by industrial applications, but nowhere near analysts’ forecasts.

GFMS produced a report for the Silver Institute on silver consumption in the Industrial sector.  This report released in March of 2011, had the following chart:

GFMS Industrial Applications

This chart showing approximately 485 million oz for 2010 was produced before revisions were made in their 2011 World Silver Survey.

As you can see from my chart above, the world consumed 501 million oz of silver for industrial applications in 2010, the highest amount ever.  According to this chart, GFMS forecasted industrial silver consumption to reach 600 million oz by 2013.

Thomson Reuters GFMS will put out their 2014 World Silver Survey later this month with data and figures for 2013.  However, in their Silver Update provided November last year, they forecasted industrial silver consumption to increase five million ounces over 2012…. which puts the total at a whopping 477 million.

As we can see, it didn’t even come close to their 600 million oz forecast.

While industrial silver consumption remained virtually flat since 2007, demand in another sector grew substantially.  In just six years, the demand for Official Silver coins increased from 39.7 million oz in 2007 to 136 million oz in 2013.  The 136 million oz figure was provided by the CPM Group in a press release of their 2014 Silver Yearbook.

Silver Price vs Official Coin Sales

Here we can see that demand for Official Coins (Silver Eagles, Maples, Philharmonics, Pandas and etc) is in an upward trend, increasing nearly 100 million oz (240%) since 2007, while growth in the industrial sector is dead as a doorknob.

If we combine the total amount from the other sectors that consume silver, jewelery-silverware-photography fell from 363 million oz in 2007 to a forecasted 298 million oz in 2013 (according to data from the GFMS Nov 2013 Silver Update).

While industrial silver demand remained flat since 2007, the net gain of 31 million oz came from increased Official Coin Sales:

Estimated Change from 2007-2013

Official Coin Sales =  +96 million oz

Jewelry-Silverware-Photography = -65 million oz

Net change = +31 million oz

Furthermore, Official Coin sales now represent 17% of total mine supply compared to 6% in 2003:

Official Coin Sales vs Total Silver Mine Supply



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So, the real winner in silver demand… goes to “Official Coin Sales.”  Of course this is only part of the story, but I believe it will become more of an important factor in the future.

Global Silver Mine Supply Continues To Grow, But Government Sales Fall Off A Cliff

Total world mine supply increased from nearly 600 million oz in 2003 to an estimated 783 million oz in 2013.  I estimated total mine supply by averaging CPM Group’s 763 million oz figure with GFMS estimated 804 million oz for 2013.

As mine supply increased over 180 million oz since 2003, net government silver sales…. dropped like a rock.

Net Government Silver Sales

According to the Silver Institute (figures provided by GFMS), net government silver sales fell from 88.7 million oz in 2003 to an estimated 7 million oz in 2013.  We can no longer depend on additional supplies of silver from either Chinese, Indian or Russian governments.

Matter-of-fact, I would imagine these BRIC countries will now hold onto and possibly increase their government silver stocks for strategic industrial and economic purposes in the future.

Even though world silver mine production is likely to increase for the next several years, peak oil will push the extremely fragile global financial system over the edge, putting a real Kibosh on future silver supply by the end of the decade.

“Real” versus “Perceived” Wealth-Value

Americans continue to invest in the biggest Ponzi Scheme in history… many are completely clueless.  Due to the Fed’s QE – Quantitative Easing policy, a great deal of perceived wealth made its way into the stock and bond markets.

In a just five quarters, the U.S. Retirement Market increased from $19.5 trillion (Q3 2012) to $23 trillion (Q4 2013).  This was an amazing 18% increase in 16 months time.  Why on earth would the typical American give much thought to investing in gold or silver when their retirement plans are making them rich?

Gold & Silver Investment vs U.S. Retirement Market Q4 2013

In comparison, if we add up all the Gold & Silver Eagles sold to date and then multiply them at the current spot plus a fair premium, total value of these coins represents $36 billion.  Moreover, the current value of the GLD & SLV ETF’s is $40 billion.  These two investments don’t even register on the chart… they are nothing more than a flat smudge on the graphic.

I gave a conservative 1% ownership of U.S. gold and silver assets ($230 billion) compared to the U.S. Retirement market.  The precious metal market is still supported by a small fraction of U.S. citizens.

The reason the fiat monetary regime is worried about silver investment demand is that it could throw a monkey-wrench into their plan of controlling the price of silver.  So.. if the price of silver gets out of hand, so does the ability to keep confidence in the U.S. Dollar and all the worthless paper assets that are tied to it — such as the U.S. Retirement Market.


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During the latter part of the 1970′s decade when the price of silver skyrocketed towards $50 an ounce, investors were increasingly buying silver.  According to the Silver Institute’s 1979-80 price history:

World economic and political events also were coming to bear on the silver market, most notably in the form of a major cyclical upward surge in inflation throughout the industrialized world. Sensing that silver prices should be adjusting upward to compensate for these inflationary trends, many investors decided that silver prices between $4.00 and $5.50, which had prevailed during most of the late 1970s, were too low. Investors ceased selling their old silver holdings, and instead began adding to their holdings. This added further upward pressure to the price of silver. Simplistic retrospectives of the silver market in late 1979 tend to focus on the high-profile purchases of large amounts of silver and silver futures by various wealthy individuals; in reality, there was a tremendously broad-based rush to buy silver by investors worldwide at the time.

As silver prices rose above $15.00 in September 1979, fabrication demand began to be affected. On an annual average basis, industrial silver use fell a relatively mild 0.9% to 445.1 million ounces in 1979. Demand had held up reasonably well during the first three quarters of the year. However, a sharp cut-back in demand in the fourth quarter led to overall annual decreases in silver use. By some estimates, industrial use of silver was 40% lower in the last quarter of 1979 than it had been in the first quarter of that year.

Investors worried about inflation stampeded into silver during 1979.  This also caused the price to continue to rise.  However, a high price impacted industrial usage which fell 40% during the last quarter of 1979.  On the other hand, the higher price of silver in 2011 (average $35.12) had a much less impact on industrial consumption than it did in 1979.

Industrial silver consumption only declined 13 million oz from 501 million oz in 2010 to 488 million oz in 2011.  Again, as my chart above shows, industrial consumption remained flat regardless of the movement in price.

With the price of silver reaching nearly $50 in 2011, 5 margin hikes guaranteed the end of that short-term bull market.  In the past three years the silver market has been in a slow grinding decline.  However, retail investment demand for silver has picked up considerably as prices continue to fall.

This is quite different from what took place in the silver market between 1982-83.  Again, according to the Silver Institute’s 1981-90 decade:

In late 1982 investor interest in silver was rekindled by several forces, all of which emerged at roughly the same time. The international financial market panic led some investors to turn to silver. Others were attracted by what they saw as unsustainably low prices. Investment demand also was encouraged by a rapid easing of credit market conditions by monetary authorities in most industrialized nations; this easing led to an immediate revival of inflation fears. As a result of all of these forces coming to bear at once, investment demand picked up during the second half of 1982 and the first quarter of 1983. This influx of investor buying helped take silver prices from the June 1982 low of $4.98 to a peak of $14.72 in March 1983.

It was the increase of silver investment demand that pushed the price of silver from a low of $4.98 in June 1982 to a high of $14.72 in March 1983.  Interestingly, quite the opposite took place in 2013.  As investors purchased 35-40 million oz more Official Silver Coins than 2012, the price of silver fell from $32 in Jan 2013 to a low of $19 by year end.

Now, we don’t know how much additional physical silver demand came in the form of wholesale bars, smaller bars and standard rounds in 2013.  I would imagine this figure increased as well.   Some of this data will be released in the 2014 World Silver Survey.

The big difference between 1982-83 and 2013, is that the Fed and Central Banks were not funneling $trillions of monetary liquidity into the Stock, Real Estate and Bond Markets during the 1980′s.  To keep the price of silver in check after its peak in 2011, the fiat monetary authorities thought a severely depressed silver price would distract investment demand.

Unfortunately for them, retail investors are buying more silver in the form of official coins than ever.  Even though official coin demand may seem insignificant compared to the entire global financial market… it is a crack that is beginning to appear in the Fiat Monetary system.

Peak oil, the falling EROI (Energy Returned On Invested) and the decline of net oil exports are putting severe stress on the already weakened global financial system.  The $23 trillion U.S. Retirement Market is nothing more than a huge Ponzi scheme which needs to be fed by a growing energy supply.

Because the world plateaued in global conventional oil production since 2005, the Fed and Central Banks embarked on the greatest monetary printing policy to give the ILLUSION OF GROWTH… when little or none existed.

Silver investment demand will be one of the key factors that will push the value of silver to new highs.  As more Americans realize they have invested in increasingly worthless paper assets, more will be motivated to move into physical assets such as silver to protect their wealth.

The huge increase of official silver coin demand over several years is just one clue that this trend is gaining speed.

  1. And even that ‘coinage’ (official government mint) figure is misleadingly low-balled by the fact that the reports it’s based on categorize private coin production as ‘Fabrication’, like jewelry and tableware.

  2. Q to all can they melt down eagles or is it a form of money and that will stop them from doing it hence they become more valuable I hold them for the tax exempt reason but is there any laws that would stop them on the books ? 

    • rulerman … “can they melt down eagles or is it a form of money”
      ASEs are not dollars under the original ordinary jurisdiction of the federated States. By Public Law, that’s ‘coin silver’ of 10/90 copper-silver alloy 371.25 grains fine. These ASEs are ‘dollars’ under jurisdiction of the D.C. city-state, where literally anything can be a ‘dollar’ as it’s merely a word. On or off ‘the books’, Congress can do any damned thing it wants … concerning matters and subject persons … under its particular jurisdiction. (See: Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2)

    • rulerman
      As I understand the Constitutions, true dollars are intra-governmental money and that imposed on government for dealings with The People … in order to (conceptually) prevent it from cheating them with mere promises, which is what various Colonial, State and Confederation Legislatures had done prior to Federation.

      Any sort of prohibition against melting coin can only lawfully be enforceable against an internal member or agent of government, since The People are this Land’s Sovereign Power.

      Originally, the territorial jurisdiction of Congress was envisioned as confined only to the District of Columbia, so Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2, wasn’t seen as a threatening authorization. General tyranny was further insured against by equally dividing power between the Administrative, Legislative and Judicial branches. In DC, therefore, coin could be melted to bullion, but wouldn’t be advantageous, thus the statutes against it.

      As long as one is not a ‘person’ in lawful nexus with government, defensably holding himself as a man of The People, then, he’s free and of right to do any damned thing he pleases with coins in his property (that which is proper to a man, exclusive from all others).

      So, not ‘anyone’ can melt coin, but certainly any free man can.

    • Pat, would the Secret Service accept your arguments and leave you alone were you to melt some ASEs? I have wondered what would happen in the non-theoretical world of government henchmen.

    • DanDaley … “would the Secret Service accept your arguments”
      Dan, to begin with, the Secret Service doesn’t have authority over me which I fully expect a Jury of my peers would agree with. I exist outside federal jurisdiction and couldn’t care less about the slimebuckets in that branch, so I don’t bother posing a threat to them. Otherwise the ‘SS’ deals in counterfeit of ‘Securities of the United States’. See 18 USC Section 8. There are no coins (even clad stuff) listed in that category and I don’t attempt nor contemplate reproduction of any.

    • The ‘shorts’ will arguably never turn and go long, because the reason they are shorting (Silver and Gold) is not to make ‘money’, but to keep the prices of these precious metals suppressed.  The shorting banks and other entities don’t need to make ‘money’ from shorting precious metals, because they are allowed to legally create ‘money’ (fiat currencies) from thin air!  It appears this is something that is very difficult for most people to understand, since most people have no idea where ‘money’ comes from or how it is created.  Most people do not understand the true concept of money.  As soon as one understands what real money is, one will realize the ‘Dollar’ that is in use today is ‘bad’ counterfeit ‘money’, not worthy of being saved…

    • rulerman … “what will be the breaking point”
      I have to conclude failures to deliver metal … that can no longer be hidden … with ‘confidential’ bribes of big ‘cash’ premiums offered to keep a lid on the pot.

  3. We have 86 million full time workers in the US according to a recent article. If every full time worker bought one ounce of physical silver a year just think what would happen to the price. Two ounces per worker would be a game changer.

  4. The public perception lemming factor should provide that flash point.  The people in the 1970′s saw serious inflation and went to homes, land, silver and gold to help stabilize their investments and potentially enjoy an increase in value due to the tangible nature of those puchases.  The monies that chased precious metals was a fear factor and fed on itself until the Fed, Treasury and other elements of the government intervened, supressing the values nearly overnight.

    • Which is why we need to audit the fed, make everything open. And show the people of this country what kind of slimeballs the fed really is.

    • @MaryB
      Yes, that would be good but, unfortunately, these same slime balls have bought the people in charge of demanding a Fed audit.  They are unlikely to bite the hand that bribes… er, feeds them.  :-(

  5. Hopefully something does worry the parasites because they have the planet on a course which will kill millions possibly a billion or 2 Peeps to keep their inflated egos, smoke wealth and power built on their digital nothing. Truly the parasites are disgusting. Haven’t seen the facts b4 that Govt. silver sales have fallen from 88M oz pr year to 7M oz per year since 2001. Absolutely love them. Reading bout Peak Oil this and that excites me bcuz Peak oil is BS. Oil production is down bcuz Big oil with the help of US Military is taking oil off the market so the coward monopolists can keep the price of oil up. Part of the parasites attack on Ukraine, which will kill who knows how many b4 its over, will take more gas off the the market. The parasites proved they are monopolists keeping oil off the market when they flooded the market with oil dropping the price from like $65/barrel or so to $8 dollars per barrel in the 1980s to implode the Russian economy. Big oil could easily allow supply and demand drop oil again to $8 per barrel but will not bcuz they like the price fixed smoke power of a $100+. Could go into the deliberate Deepwater Horizon deal and oil supplies but will not, 2 time consuming. Since silver price has a lot to do with perception, the thought silver industrial consumption is flat makes zero sense, IMO. Did check last week on annual gold mine production and found it was 95M oz per year. So annual silver mine production is only like 8.4 times greater than gold. We get these wild spikes in silver price, like an .80 cents/day move followed by obvious price fixed down. So maybe one day the parasites will have a bad day and lose control of their priced fixed silver price. Countries could start stamping silver coins convertible into that countries currency and silver consumption would skyrocket and break the back of the parasites. Why not is the question? Countries including China terrified of the parasites? All world leaders’ parasite low? 

    • Conversely, one could say Gold is the one that is ‘fairer’-priced; so, at the historical x 15 ratio, Silver should be $85/oz (instead of $19).  Therefore, there is a HUGE upward rise coming to Silver!…
      For anyone making a fair assessment on the present price of Gold and Silver, which one of the following looks most ‘unfairly’-priced?
      * Gold in 1980 = $850/oz –> Gold in 2014 = $1,300/oz.
      * Silver in 1980 = $50/oz –> Silver in 2014 = $19/oz.
      Other than Silver, is there any other thing in the world that is cheaper today than it was in 1980?…  By no means does $85/oz for Silver appear expensive, when one considers how useful a material it is in the present high-tech world.  Of all the commodities in the world today, only oil has more industrial and commercial uses than the element Silver.

    • I love it when I read posts like this. It confirms lots of things about the internet and the bots, idiots and trolls that try to infiltrate PM sites like this, and throw ridiculous bullshit around. Look at this gem,
      “Gold is GROSELY over priced at 1290.00 ounce”.
      randy the clown is a much better fit. Not going to win any spelling bees either even though he runs a Fortune 500 company. LOL…

    • Randy the slave … “Silver is just a lil bit over priced at 19.00 dollars”
      Man, I don’t know where you folks get these idiotic ideas from. Just at minimum, on a linear silver-wage continuation from pre-1900, where the average was an ounce per day … ASEs are ‘fairly’ equatable to 160 banknotes. And, THAT’S on the LOW end, completely ignoring currency hyper-inflation since 1913.

      Ideally, the value of money in circulation should equal goods-at-market, so markets clear for new product introduction. The only way for that to occur while Price Discovery is kept optimal (a market’s paramount purpose of existing), is if the money, itself, is subject to the same supply-demand forces as the raw materials and Labor combined for production of those goods.

      So, you see … to put ANY pretense of banknote value on silver, gold or anything ELSE is delusion wholly divorced from reality. It’s ‘holographic’ fantasy.

    • If Silver was ‘fake manipulated’ to a ‘ridiculous’ $50/oz in 1980, why don’t people ever say that Gold was ‘fake manipulated’ to $850/oz as well?  Was Silver the only thing to go up in price in 1980?  Let’s assume it was not the TX Hunt Brothers who purchased so much Silver, but the US citizenry at large (because they could see the writing on the wall).  Would anyone still say Silver was ‘manipulated’ higher?  In any event, what was so wrong with Silver priced at $50/oz in 1980, that the authorities had to step in and force the price lower?  Were they not afraid that confidence in the fiat paper Dollar was being lost?  Did not Paul Volcker raise interest rates to 20%, to be able to contain inflation and thus save the fiat Dollar?
      And if ‘fiat’ is such good money, what makes it right for anyone or any entity to create ‘money’ out of nothing?  Did anyone ever hear or read of real money defined or considered as something that someone or some entity could create out of thin air?  If fiat ‘money’ can be created from nothing (only to profit the few who are able to create it, at the expense of the rest of the citizenry losing purchasing power and wealth), does that not make fiat ‘money’ immoral and counterfeit ‘money’?
      The US Constitution and various Coinage Acts refer to the Dollar as a certain weight of pure Silver.  Silver is the standard for the Dollar.  Since when did Federal Reserve Notes become real Dollars?  Why did President Nixon have to make Dollars no longer redeemable for Gold in 1971, if the Dollar was truly as good as Gold?  Have you ever heard of Gibson’s Paradox?  Have you ever read the writing by Lawrence Summers, ‘Gibson’s Paradox and the Gold Standard’?

  6. randy the slave   you and I are children of the 1960′s and 1970′s   the mania of the silver surge was feare induced as much as a percention that precious metals were something of real value.  Dutch Tulips were pretty worthless but the people thought they were worth more during the mania
    If there is a mania in precious metals I plan to unload PMs as the prices rise and invest in other things.  

    • Randy the slave … “I get a 6 figure salary at work and a 7 digit yearly bonus”
      Yeah … all in truly worthless credit … force ‘valued’ by private jurisdiction statute and armed criminals.

      “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    • Could this be Future Randy the Slave? Perhaps…BTW if you have silver for sale at 3-4 dollars an ounce please PM me I would be more than happy to unload it from you…On that same point I would also take your gold eagles off your hands for $250.00 each.

  7. randy the slave   Now that’s a decent income.  I suggest you need a body guard.  I work for silver.  Final word on the PM situation?   Anything you say boss.  Pay me my silver now
    Sorry,  I can’t help being a wiseass on Friday   But the body guard thing?  Who knows.  

    • Randy the slave … “I own boats, Many Cars, several houses, An air plane, I am a senior member of a Giant Corporation”
      Yeah, all actually paid for by theft of … everyone else’s … savings and daily purchase power around the globe. That’s the despicable aspect behind your braggadocio. So, let’s use the famous Bastiat Method of analysis to find the bloody TRUTH of your rosy picture by asking … he illustrates what can be seen, now shall we examine what is unseen? …

      “By a continuing process of inflation, governments (and its immoral sycophants) can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” –Lenin/Keynes

      Common-law cheat: “the obtaining of money or property by means of a false token, symbol, or device; this being the definition of a cheat or “cheating” at common law” [State v. Wilson, 72 Minn. 522, 75 N. W. 715; State v. Renick, 33 Or. 584, 56 Pac. 275, 44 L. R. A. 266, 72 Am. St. Rep. 758].

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    Why don’t you send us your address.  We’d like to look you up.   I could use a boat.  Maybe a plane.  Your home would be a nice bivy for some of the SD irregulars.   The best I can think in regards to  you  is that you’re a target rich  environment of stuff that would be well shared by us sheep when the crap hits the fan
    Of course, you could just some dingleberry troll.  Reading your posts reminds me of a functional illiterate. Or maybe even lower down on the language scale.  I haven’t see such poor writing since—-?? Nope, your’s is the worst to date and that is going some.
     Your punctuation, spelling,  grammar, syntax, capitalization and word flow would be a prima facia reason for me dump your resume in the round file.   I’d fire you if I got wind of your gross lack of English skills.   
    There’s a place for the likes of you.  Zero Hedge needs some dummies to opine.  I heard they have a slot all lined up for you.

    • AGXIIK … ” Heck, I’d take a bucket of warm shit over the likes of you. At least shit has a use as fertilizer.”
      Gee, I don’t know, AG … it’s very common where guys like this one are grotesque fat-asses too. Gluttony goes with unbounded avarice, hand in glove. A few hundred pounds of carbohydrates would feed a whole lot of corn or tomato plants in the garden … great for worms also … aerate the soil, ya’ know.

  9. Randy the slave   Your avatar tells me as much as I need to know about you.  
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     Randy the Slave.
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    While you were cosseted in the warm embrace of some crony capitalist company, shooting spitwads down the food chain at the sheep working their day jobs, firing them for no reason, I left my corporate job, #5 on the company org. chart and a mid 6 figure paycheck.  I left to start a completely new business in a completely new industry.  Your 6 figure salary. ti ti.  Not very impressive to me, slick.  Try 7 figure taxable and 8 figure business value.  My firm was the largest in the industry for nearly 20 years.
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      Randy the slave is so much fun to mess with.
     One thing I can tell about randy.  
    Spanking the monkey is one of the leading causes of nearsightedness, or so I’ve been told.
     He can’t tell a burqa from a shemagh.  And what’s on the table?   He’s a self professed expert in PMs and he can’t tell this is a big pile of silver?
      Randy, call your optometrist.  You need an eye exam.
    I’ll take it as a compliment being called an Israeli however.  

    • Thanks, AGXIIK …. I know we have some differences of opinion on politics, but I do respect your rights to have them. As concerning financials and prep I think we are pretty much in sync.

      As for Randy the Slave, he definitely comes across as a braggart but he too has a right to his opinions. Perhaps he thinks he is preforming a public service … so far it has worked for him. Great for him, but it hasn’t worked for many, many others whose finances get repeatably raped. As one of my teachers back in high school wrote to me: “May you have the courage to bear the weight of your convictions” (I was a bit of an outlier even then). So far I have, and I don’t regret it at all.

      A big pile of silver, huh? Looked to me more like a big pile of ammo for that AR-15 you were holding….. perhaps I need an eye exam as well.

  12. @randy….0…1c.1.43.serp..7.22.2891.10.F9pVo5s6Drg

    Apparently someone, (SEVERAL sites!) are using your photo as a CREEPY SANTA picture, it is all over the web! 
    You are not just a laughingstock HERE, but all over the World Wide Web!   :D

    • LOL, see? I told you he was a troll. As I’ve said many times here, they are fairly easy to spot these days. They profess to be stackers and so forth, and then you dig an inch down and find out their whole story is patently false.
      Posters like this will never bring anything positive or worthwhile to the board. It isn’t about censoring or banning them either, as that is used to divide and conquer as well. These are tactics used everywhere on the net, and especially PM sites, to confuse people, inflame the discussion and divert attention from yet another great article from SRSRocco.

    • No, now, Piggy… he has me CONVINCED! 
      He is either a perverted old Santa or the buggered up kid, just maybe a bit older now…
      C’mon, “Randy”, spill your guts, get it off your back… you want closure, Right? ;)

  13. cyberspace void  thanks for the acknowledgement  
    Hehehe! It is silver.  The ammo is elsewhere.
     I went heavy with Sunshine Mint about 2 years ago.
     Diversity of opinion is welcome because I can learn from all y’all. 
     Guarding the silver? Hell yes!
    The ammo is elsewhere.

    • It’s not worth losing time arguing with this stupid guy (Randy the Slave).
      I am 100% sure he is not F500 executive, nor earn/own what he pretend.
      He’s a poor psychotic, alcoolic crack junkie

  14. and I thought my math skills were sketchy
    12,000 divided by 2 is 6,000.  
     I  admit to enjoying a nice profit in my business.
    My predictions of silver prices have been consistently wrong for 3 years.  
    Tampons make an excellent wound dressing if you don’t have regular bandages.
     So do tampons.  
    Keep a goodly supply sealed in your medical supplies bag.  
    If you soak them in kerosene or even Crisco, they will provide a torch light or a good fire starter.

    • Here is what AGXIIK is responding too, “Randy the Slave” deleted most of the posts… 
      Comment Link: Randy the slaveComment:Silver is fair priced at 14-16 ounce. x 15 (historical average to gold) Gold should be $210.00 to $240.00 an ounce. Silver is just a lil bit over priced at 19.00 dollars but Gold is GROSSLY over priced at 1290.00 ounce. There is a HUGE downward correction coming to Gold! Please BEWARE!!Silver just went under $19.00 fiat. Somebody please hold AG666 as Her pile is now worth 1/2 what that Lady so foolishly paid for it. So sorry AG666 has to trade silver for her tampons but hey, She won’t listen to a winner like Me so She has to learn the hard way.  AG12K divided X 2  =  AG666 Beware I believe She is a false Non Christian profit. I noticed these people around here seem to ‘idolize’ AGXIIK and that is a BIG sin!! Run from this lady as she will take You down with her!I told You I know PM economics and as You can see, I am right, again! Better sell while You still have suckers left to buy!I predict We are going below 8 dollars by this Fall. Just trying to help You poor Miss guided fools is all.
      As for AGXIIK, well, she is a nice “lady” (LMAO!!!) but no one here worships anyone else. 
      We RESPECT each other, and have an interest in common things. What none of us care 
      for is disrespect from alien quarters, when they no nothing of the community here. 
      As far as Silver and Gold going DOWN, it may well do that but EVERYTHING ELSE in the WORLD
      has a larger deflationary quotient built into it than PMs. EVERYTHING, except maybe food, guns and ammo… 
      and those items will deflate after all the uproar dies down. 

  15. Avatar of
    Randy the slave says:

    Silver is fair priced at 14-16 ounce. x 15 (historical average to gold) Gold should be $210.00 to $240.00 an ounce. Silver is just a lil bit over priced at 19.00 dollars but Gold is GROSSLY over priced at 1290.00 ounce. There is a HUGE downward correction coming to Gold!

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