The charade that the Fed and US bankers/Financiers have been playing CAN NOT CONTINUE MUCH LONGER. The only way for them to make it out of this mess is an economic collapse. This way they can default on their debts and in the ensuing chaos pilfer the gold and silver with a promise to pay it back…One day.
Look for a continued suppression through the end of May for the metals, for the next time you will see Gold and Silver shoot to the moon IT WILL BE IN AN AMERICAN FINANCIAL COLLAPSE!!

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From V-

This week the hottest topic I feel and one that really ties in the Euro Zone, the metals beat down and the Ponzi scheme of the US/ Fed Reserve system is the admission in a very subtle way; that the Fed has no GOLD to pay the Germans.

This is a huge issue one that many do not know the magnitude of. You see the Germans are the least infected of the Euro Mafia Cartel Contagion. They have also realized that this La Costra Nostra is a crime family that is losing control of it’s operations, with members like Spain and Greece totally failed and the Italians following suite close behind.

The Germans know in the midst of a Euro Collapse and a population that has far grown disenchanted with the European Superstate, brimming over with nationalistic fervor; it will be suicide to go through a Euro Collapse and domestic upheaval at the same time. It would spell end to the German power brokers and as alluring as it was for them to be beneficiaries of the Euro initially, it has now become a pain and a death sentence. So the choice that they are facing is this: Go down with the Euro and lose everything or hedge yourself for a Euro Collapse and come out with the reigns of power in tact.

Merkel’s party is losing big, in fact any politician running on a pro-Euro platform is assured a swift and speedy defeat. This past week the Germans have demanded there gold back from the NY Fed vaults. To say that the Fed was stalling would be an understatement. They have used excuses such as there are “too many tourist/ visitors that security will be an issue” to I”t would take us up to 2020 to start delivery.”

So the 52 million ounce ( German Fed holdings are approximately 1500 metric tons) question is where is the gold? The short answer to any of my German readers is that it is gone. For years German central bankers and politicians went by the simple word and written assurance from the Fed that their Gold is safe and sound. This however was simply based on the 1979 bar list and audit done by the Fed. The proverbial fox guarding the hen house. Now it would seem that the fox has eaten all the chickens but the farmer is finally awoken to the fact of his mistake.

You see in order to prolong the Ponzi scheme that is the US economy. The ones who run the scheme must make some sort of payment along side promissory notes thus there has been an agreement to repatriate 150 tons of Gold back to Germany for the next three years. Breaking that down that is 50 tons a year. A mere Ponzi payment in the grand scheme of things. The main thing that readers need to be mindful of is the fact there are not only countries that are crying for the repatriation of their gold but states within the US are demanding the same. The first one that come to my mind is Texas. This demand is going only to increase, so what is a group of criminal mad men to do ? Simple. Destroy the value of the very thing that the sovereigns are clamoring for: gold and silver spot prices. I was the only one to predict the gold and silver suppression to the exact numbers that they are now today. Here is what is going to happen next: the suppression looks like that it will continue at least till the end of May. There is a major reason why JPM has divested itself of it’s bullion holdings. All over the western banking world certain central banks in conjunction with multinational banks and elements within the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) are moving PM’s into the hands of select individuals/ organizations. Some nations are not on this list and Germany being the envy of Europe is not on this list. This is a move that the German power brokers/ elites are aware of and are fuming mad over it. This is also the primary driver of the warming of relationships to Russian and Chinese elites. The Germans are a strong and resourceful people they can only tolerate being fleeced for so long, it did not work after WWI with the treaty of Versailles and it will not work today. Look for a major nationalistic fervor when the German public wake up to the fact that their elites already know…That the Fed does NOT have their GOLD!!!

The few gold shelves that was shown to German bureaucrats to assuage their fears of missing bullion are gold covered TUNGSTEN bars!!! That is the truth and the Germans are suspect of it. It will be interesting what and how things will transpire in Deutschland but one thing is very clear. The charade that the Fed and US bankers/Financiers have been playing CAN NOT CONTINUE MUCH LONGER. The only way for them to make it out of this mess is an economic collapse. This way they can default on their debts and in the ensuing chaos pilfer the gold and silver with a promise to pay it back…One day. Again look for a continued suppression, for the next time you will see Gold and Silver shoot to the moon IT WILL BE IN AN AMERICAN FINANCIAL COLLAPSE, the domino of which will be Japan. There is a reason why the Japanese are heating up the rhetoric with China over the disputed islands in the South China Sea. It is a play of Keynesian desperation with the lie that war is good for business. This will be the last conflict they will have, if the Japanese decide to embark on that path.

Preventing another Weimar Republic is the mission of Germany, being the 3rd largest Gold holder in the world with a desire to grow that inventory will be the thing that will keep them afloat in the coming storm. The wheels are coming off the American Ponzi scheme, every week less and less nations believe our lies. We are running out of peoples to lie to and we are being seen for the con artists that we are. I don’t like giving time tables as it is very difficult but the next ten months are critical.



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    • Ten months IS a substantial amount of time in today’s markets.  But I do find it interesting that this amount of time will bring us to the spring of 2014.  I have felt that the 2014-2015 time period is absolutely critical in the financial scheme of things.  I see it as an inflection point.  A time when the US will have some rather severe financial problems… or not.  IF they are going to happen, this seems the time for them to occur.  Because of this, I have been getting our food and water preps built.  I have been buying gold and silver; moving money from my IRA and into PMs in hand.  No one can know when or even if the S will HTF but 2014-15 is my estimate for it.  While I am preparing for this, I am also praying that it does not happen, not only in this time frame but at all.  If we do have a monetary or economic collapse, it will be the worst event in our nation’s history and that includes both the Great Depression and the Civil War.  Stack it and prepare to defend it.


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    • @Ed_B … “If we do have a monetary or economic collapse, it will be the worst event in our nation’s history and that includes both the Great Depression and the Civil War.”
      While I can’t disagree that this event will be historically unprecedented in all human annals, I don’t presume on that basis that it will thus necessarily result in terrible social consequences. If we AT LEAST formulate a detailed plan of alternate continuity in trade amongst each other … accommodating our ‘less fortunate’ fellows … then both the causes and magnitude of strife can be circumvented.
      This is why I so very often point to the Chinese example of 1450, when they reverted to copper cash from their own paper fiasco. IT WORKED! And, not only DID it work, but it succeeded in holding the Chinese Empire together AND its paramount trading role in the Asian sphere. Although the ‘command’ came down from the ‘Eternal City’, the actual production of the cash was executed ‘hand over fist’ in little shops all across the country, which can be done across the entire planet as effectively.
      Anyone of moderate intelligence can plainly see from a chart of banknote purchase power depreciation, that those stamps have a real physical expression of somewhere between six and ten grams of copper remaining in them. So, how is it ‘inconceivable’ that such a coin can’t interchange pari passu against the stamps … resulting in numerically unchanged wages, prices and accounts … so that unbroken continuity can carry forward while true supply-demand inter-relationships re-align to re-constitute reality-based ‘prices’.
      Rather than wringing our hands in sheer fear on presumption, we might better conceptualize all the steps of … accumulation, smelting, refining, assaying, rolling and stamping … requisite to accomplish this conversion in our local communities, so we can avoid these worst-case scenarios. SCREW THE BANKS … by replacing their stupid notes with real money at genuine par, we can return their ‘intellectual property’ to them while we simultaneously free ourselves and our children from their insideous debt-slavery. Our truly poor neighbors can gainfully earn their honest livings by scouring nooks and crannys for copper scrap to exchange for coin, which would be spent into local commerce to fund wages and extinguish paper ‘debts’ of merchants and their customers … all in one fell swoop!

  1. “This past week the Germans have demanded there gold back from the NY Fed vaults.”
    Ancient article, or I must have missed some new details on this?
    With lots of gold leaving JPM’s vault across the street from the FED, we might expect the FED to expedite a part-delivery of gold to Germany in the foreseeable future? WTF are the other gold countries in the same shoes as Germany not demanding theirs? Did Germany somehow tell them mommy would be first in line?

    • Well, I can’t speak to whether on not one would get away with it, but it has been revealed that the Fed did slight the Germans on their gold in the 70′s. In their archives they said they would make them whole. I assume they did in some way over time. But they did give them gold that was not “good delivery bars”, that were short, and didn’t tell them at the time.

    • “But they did give them gold that was not “good delivery bars”, that were short, and didn’t tell them at the time.”
      In what way were they short?  Weight?  Purity?  Seems as if either of these could be discovered pretty quickly.

    • Weight? Oh look the gold is the wrong weight.
      Density? Oh look the reading on my electronic test machine says this is wrong.
      Tungsten filled bars? Oh look, my x-ray machine says there are rods stuck in my gold bar.
      Melting? What is this crap in my gold soup! This isn’t gold!
      Get the picture? The last one was me being facetious.

      On a serious note, gold melts at much lower temperatures than tungsten. The rods would stick out like a sore thumb.

  2. I went all in 2 years ago when Silver was in the mid 40′s and all the buzz was “Silver explosion iminent” etc etc etc, 2 years later i’m down 50% on my investment, so far the greatest transfer of wealth in history has been me giving away half of my money in Silver(maybe thats what he meant lol). This is wearing me down so much i’d be happy just to get my money back, i wonder how many more years i’ll have to wait for that to happen, funny thing is if i’d left my money in my savings account i’d be up a couple of grand. So we gotta get to $46.50 an ounce just so i can break even, i cant believe i bought all the hype back then which incidently is the same hype were all reading today they just keep moving the goal posts. I hope the reasons i bought in do come true but given all the events that have occurred so far i’m really surprised i havent made money, come on Silver get your act together, its long overdue.

    • Whodares,
      I’m in the same boat, not as bad with respect to silver price, as I have cost averaged, but if you have the patience and time to wait, silver will reach your price and beyond. Well beyond. Good luck.

    • It seems the people who write the pump articles get paid for it. They get paid by clicks to their website or they sell newsletters/subscriptions. Pump sells or give the people what they want to hear. Then people link the pump articles on their websites, get the clicks and cash from Google Ad Sense while directing traffic to the authors. Free lance writers work out something for their works. Give the people what they want…Where will silver go from here? Well, accordingly, people are betting on a complete collapse of the West. Really? You can’t be serious, right? In a collapse, you would have a break down of law and order. In a collapse, you will have a breakdown in the just in time deliveries of fresh milk, produce, gasoline, clothes, tools…manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, utility companies. Yea, give us that so our silver becomes worthless? Silver retains value as long as society survives. Closer to the truth, we are probably going to face “shelter in place” orders, bail-ins, checkpoints, lawlessness, chaos if there is a collapse…right? How is that going to transfer into created wealth from a stash of noble metals? What will happen and what to do? Ask for help and only help when asked. Other than that, think of all the trust funds and foundations and endowments that will be worthless if the DOW crashes to 1000 and the system collapses. We will have much to suffer, and I Never Advocate For More Suffering For Profit! 

    • If you bought to hold you have nothing to worry about.  It’s just a game being played out by TPTB to enrich themselves at others expense, and what they do will have no lasting effect on the value of what you have. So hold tight and know you did the right thing, just maybe not the best timing.

    • This, ladies and gents, is EXACTLY why most financial advisers recommend asset diversification and NOT going “all in” on anything.  No matter how great you perceive an investment to be, you still can be wrong, particularly as to timing.  Anyone who went “all in” well under $30 an oz. is not in serious financial trouble now.  That may or may not change at some point in the future, however.  Anyone who bought into the gold and silver mining share turn-around story has probably been hit harder than those who bought bullion.

    • @Ed_B
      I have ALL my SAVINGS in PMs. I do NOT have all my FINANCES in PMs. Unless folks make a distinction between the two and treat them ENTIRELY separate from each other, they succumb to the banknote illusion. As things stand, if all my finances are evaporated by … financial … collapse, my savings will FAR offset the damage. Moreover, I’ve been accumulating ‘base’ money in copper at labor expense alone (yep, I dig in trash and have no false pride to hinder me in the process).
      In the upper twenties range, a few years ago, I was suffering similar self-doubts over silver as this ‘Whodareswins’ above, but I was standing on those two feet of ‘savings vs finances’ structuring, so after only a little more review of the global macro-fundamentals to re-confirm my ‘compass heading’, I was confidently resolute in ‘staying with the program’ and adding a whole lot more metals to my … savings … in the nine to ten range. I’ve been saying for these past two years, that anything in the thirties range (that is, 25 to 35) is perfectly fine for now and may quickly power up to the 45 level, given the increasing pace of disintegration in the banknote scheme.
      When I was a securities broker, I too preached the ‘diversification’, ‘portfolio’ mantra, but as my studies on monetary theory advanced, it radically altered my view of currently structured finances in this world. Because finance has become nothing more than hallucinatory fabrication built on willfully ‘valued’ credit, all assets have dislocated from their natural inter-related rationality. Consequently, the entire matrix has to be re-calibrated along real supply-demand parameters before a sustainable economic environment can POSSIBLY re-emerge. AFTER that transpires, THEN the ‘diversification’, ‘portfolio’ mantra will hold validity again. In the interim though ‘Cash is King’, rings in my subconscious like a kind of ‘unified theory of physics’. Knowing that PMs are the only truly ideal monetary foundation on which to solidly erect the superstructure of finance (due to the fact that it … immediately … dispenses with debt), it is, for me, the ‘Alpha-Omega’, commanding my focused attention.

    • @Thomas … “In a collapse, you will have a breakdown in the just in time deliveries of fresh milk, produce, gasoline, clothes, tools…manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, utility companies.”
      As if! You really DO think that credit-’money’ finance is the sole viable structure, don’t you? Merely because it’s been proped up during the course of your life-time, does NOT confirm it’s capacity to endure the economic realities irresistably rolling over it. The totality of history is not circumscribed by your personal experience and the influences extant during it. History predating your personal perceptions … rather … consistantly proves that paper ‘money’ implodes. That ‘other’ history ALSO proves that the inevitable collapse does NOT necessarily always cause mahem and cacophony.
      “Closer to the truth, we are probably going to face “shelter in place” orders, bail-ins, checkpoints, lawlessness, chaos if there is a collapse…right?” No, only if folks stupidly perpetuate the idiotic paradigm destroying us … BOTH … monetarily AND socially. On the other hand, people COULD take their fate BACK into their OWN hands by exercising DIRECT CONTROL over governments again in REAL-TIME, rather than waiting for rigged ‘elections’every few years.
      America was INSTITUTED for its Peoples to Rule over their governments. THAT’S what Novus Ordo Seclorum MEANS.
      This link outlines how Community Grand Juries should be organized … PLEASE read it. The core suggestion raised is crucial to restoration of our Liberties. I suggest each grouping of 5,000 adults should form one among themselves and then link them all by Counties and State to DIRECTLY ‘Nullify’ ANYTHING government ‘adopts’ that’s un-Constitutional or repugnant to our Inherent Liberties.

  3. We are already experiencing an ongoing financial collapse with record numbers of unemployment entitlements government debt etc… that part is already happening.  What’s also happening is record demand for metal worldwide.  That has yet to be priced in to the market it would seem to me.  At the very least hold on to what you have acquired so far.  

  4. What a bloody waste of time reading this article. America is heading for a financial collapse, Germany want’s their Gold, Tungsten filled Gold, The Feds don’t have their Gold. Hell this could have been written close to a year ago. What a waste of time, Keep Stacking

    • we take for granted we know all this stuff. What I hope is that new folks coming here learn about it. V and Steve Quayle are hyperbole on steroids, but they are on the right side.

    • I agree, Dirt.  People new to the PM scene definitely need to read and learn the facts of the situation and this is one of the places where they can do that.  Yes, the older hands hereabouts already know all this stuff but many others do not.  Getting more of them into the habit of swapping fiat paper for REAL money, aka gold and silver, is a worthy goal.  Everyone who does this becomes one less who will be looking to simply take what they should have been buying when it was available but no longer is.  The more who have what they need to survive terrible economic times, the fewer who will become desperate and dangerous to those of us who have prepared for a SHTF scenario.

  5. When I bought a load of Junk Silver back about five years ago, it pretty much went at the price of spot. Anywhere from twenty to thirty cents over spot! Quit They might drive the paper price to Zero, you don’t loose anything until you sell. I bought from about 16.00 to 45.00, dollar cost average! The handwriting on the wall hasn’t changed. It will collapse and it won’t be pretty!

  6. Only thing that will help gold and silver in the medium term is inflation and a large financial entity being allowed to collapse. My feeling, a large European bank. Might be a game changer. This will never happen though, too big to fail, it would bring the system down, everyone is hedging everyone else. It would fall like dominoes. And here is the predicament of central banks. They want to let banks fail, but they can’t. So they hide it all away hoping it will go away. I hope I never see this in my life time. Wars have been fought for less. Let us just be thank full for inflation, I don’t want to see the world collapse. Keep stacking, hold steady, protect your wealth.

    The FED is issuing a new $100 note, with the appearance of being “gold back” which it is not….
    BUT, this new issue may be the start of a CURRENCY DEVALUATION?
    In order to re-absorb all of the fiat printing dumped on the world market over the past 4 decades,  the FED may very well elect to open a brief REDEMPTION WINDOW… i.e  exchange your old old bills at 10 to 1 ratio OR lose all the value after a date certain.
    This move would destroy a boat load of narco traffic cash, forcing them to redeem it at 1/10th value or lose it all.
    This would become the ultimate “BAIL-IN” of the USD, a 90% haircut across the board and REVALUATION to pretend to a link to a psudo gold standard.
    It won’t work… but they have to do something to buy more time, another 2-3 years… maybe

    • Citizen – very good point.  There’s so many $100′s floating around the world it could save the U.S. upwards of billions of dollars if they can’t redeem.  Also, it allows them to TAX everything when its redeemed.  Interesting point!

  8. Our sentiment will not increase the price of our PM’s.  Unfortunately the short selling of gold and silver can and probably will take the prices down again.  Why does the (once been) greatest economy on the planet allow short selling of stocks and commodities.  Who are these people that desire to make their fortunes by creating havoc with the unrealistic notions of not only controlling prices, but driving companies out of business by betting on the companies stock price or commodity to go down.  And also at the same time have the ability to print a fiat currency, to cover their short sales, to make the bet a for sure thing to come to pass.  Oh yeah…These are the type of insider trader tips our wonderful elected officials have access to.
    The changes we are heading towards are not going to be these astronomical price increases…well, yes they are actually, aren’t they.  The prices at the grocery store for one, are probably nothing compared to what they will be.  Good thing that one isnt included in our inflation numbers, along with energy costs.
    As fast as everything is moving in todays worldwide economic decline, race to the bottom, and along with the evil desires these elites throughout the world have towards the serfs, where is the common man going to stand after all this plays out and the restart button is set.  I cant picture their final goal to include the common man possessing a precious metal that allows us to florish in a new economy. 
    I too hope I am wrong.

  9. Citizen, the Fed began currency devaluation in 1971 when the Nixon administration ‘suspended’ (cancelled) the US dollar’s convertibility to gold. In recent years, the devaluation has accelerated exponentially with QE I, II, III and the unofficial IV.
    This is beside the inflation this inflicts on the rest of the world when goods and services get paid for in inflated US dollars.
    No Sir – there is no coming currency devaluation for the US: only more of the same, in increasing amounts!

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