The LAST 2 Official Coins in the SBSS Series Available Now at SDBullion!

The year’s most popular Silver Bullet Silver Shield releases the Warbird & Sic Semper Tyrannis are back in an extremely limited edition copper version- the LAST 2 OFFICIAL SBSS coins as Chris Duane re-brands the series on Dec 31st!


Copper Warbird Copper SST

Only $1.99/coin- ANY QTY!!

1 Day Only: Buy a sleeve (20) of the SST & Warbird Copper coins, get the Silver BU Warbird for $2.99 over spot, ANY QTY!

Click or call 614.300.1094 to complete your collection today!


  1. Anyone in the US interested to help a bro out? I could really use a couple of tubes of each copper. I have good experience with shipping, from US to Europe. Could help you out with collectibles or whatever from this side of the pont.

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