David Morgan on Hyperinflation, the Dollar, & How Syria Will Affect Gold & Silver

gold morgan oilIn this interview David Morgan and Ellis Martin discuss the geopolitical implications of a new war in the Middle East with regard to Syria and the players both behind the scenes and in full view. Who really is calling the shots? And what effect does any of this have on the price of gold and silver?  David also responds to a listener’s questions: How can a strong dollar co-exist with stronger precious metal prices? Is hyper-inflation going to be a reality anytime soon? When will the market really heat up and when will the best gains be had?

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  1. Well this certainly will not help with lowering the cost of goods and services.

    California is poised to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour.  The bill has passed both the assembly and the state senate and is expected to be signed by the Governor as early as today.  The new minimum wage is an increase of 25 percent.

    • I am neutral on raising the minimum wage, $10 is barely enough to live on these days.

    • There are any number of entry level jobs that really aren’t worth $10 an hour, so it will be interesting to see how many people get laid off and get $0 an hour.  The State of Calif. could have a lot more people applying for public assistance benefits than they imagine.  This is one of those unintended but obvious consequences that occur when government starts thinking that it knows more about business than business or the markets.  They don’t and proof is usually not long in coming.  They have gotten better at ignoring the results of their high-minded but simplistic actions, though.
      Several years ago, it was decided by the US Congress that they would put a substantial luxury tax on large boats and yachts, airplanes, jewelry, and expensive cars.  The result back-fired in their faces, as usual.  Boat makers saw a large drop in sales and had to lay off thousands of people who had been busy building boats.  The same happened in the aircraft and high end car markets.  Wealthy people simply either put off buying these things or owned them outside the US, avoiding the tax altogether.  In the end, it cost the government much more to implement this luxury goods tax than it ever delivered in additional revenue to the US Treasury.  After several months of failure, the lesson was learned and the luxury goods tax was repealed… and with a lot less fanfare than it got when it came in.

  2. Do you really think that Syria has anything to do with the price of metals? Yada, Yada, Yada! It’s the Petro Dollar!

    • I love exchanging petro dollars for hard assets. All the cool kids are doing it (Asia). As Charlie the stacking Scot would say………….
      Keep Stacking

  3. smoke and mirrors

  4. I hear competition!  COMPETITION! 


    There are winners & losers in any transaction &

    people on the internet has provided us with the winners on 9/11 attack.

    Were you a winner?

    DAHBOO77 with links to download and save http://youtu.be/b_hi5reZFLE

    This has everything to do with the Petro-Dolla & how war is profit motivator

    Or why the US INC. is losing its super-power status.

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