The Fed is Waging a Nuclear Currency War on the Physical Gold Market

nuclear-bomb-KoreaMake no mistake about it.  In the face of China’s moves to move away from the U.S. dollar and bolster their own currency with an historically epochal program of systemic physical gold accumulation,  the U.S Government and the Fed are waging a nuclear currency war with a war on the physical gold market at its nexus
Anyone who asserts that it is any less than that is a complete coward.


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By PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler, Truth in Gold

Anyone who calls what is happening a “flash crash” or hedges on their assertion of “possible” direct intervention is either completely ignorant of the facts or they write their commentary in fear of public ridicule and doubt from other intellectual hedgers.  It is what it is:  a nuclear currency war rooted in the historical intervention of the gold market by the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury.

Forget the “flash crash” story being widely promoted.   The “flash crash” story says that technical and algo trading caused the plunge.  Really?  In the absence of a big dose of intervention, the flash crash never happens.  Therefore, the only attributable cause by anyone who is being intellectually honest – not just with their readers but with themselves – is that INTERVENTION was culprit

In the last two days, 26+ tonnes was delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.  The enormous physical off-take in China is a freight train w/out brakes.  From Standard Bank:

“In the physical market we are witnessing strong demand. Since the start of 2014, the SGE premium has jumped higher, reaching $18/oz this morning. The buying frenzy in especially China comes on the back of the seasonal demand pick-up ahead of the country’s New Year, which starts on 31 January…More broadly we have also noted an improvement in Asia demand for gold since mid-December. This is evident in the pickup of our Standard Bank Gold Physical Flow Index”

The manipulation in the gold market is getting worse by the day as the demand for physical gold from the eastern hemisphere begins to accelerate. It looks like the western Central Banks and their bullion bank market agents are going to work on silver with more focus.  SLV is starting to see physical drawdowns, as is the Comex.  The capping in silver is beyond blatant.   Turkey imported a record amount of silver last year, as did India..  India’s demand for silver is the substitution of the gold that was cut off by the U.S. Government-induced Indian import controls.

Make no mistake about it.  In the face of China’s moves to move away from the U.S. dollar and bolster their own currency with an historically epochal program of systemic physical gold accumulation,  the U.S Government and the Fed are waging a nuclear currency war with a war on the physical gold market at its nexus.  Anyone who asserts that it is any less than that is a complete coward.

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  1. A complete coward (Doug Casey?), or a complete idiot (Liesman?), or a complete shill (Bart Chilton?)

  2. They are not waging a war against gold to hurt the Chinese, that’s for sure! They do it to HELP the Chinese!
    Call me a tin foil hat wearing clueless buffoon but that’s my take on it. Once this west to east transfer of wealth is complete, then we will witness the economic power behind gold and silver……….the only true money.

    • On the FOFOA site there was indication or belief that in order to satisfy the Chinese dollar holdings there was agreement to hold down the price of gold.  This allows the Chinese to buy gold at fire sale pricing since their country wants to accumulate a large hoard of the metal. 
      It keeps the Chinese relatively happy about their dollar holdings since they get to pillage the worlds gold supply.  You’ll notice there have been no restrictions regarding gold transfer to the Chinese.  However, India seems to have all types of problems and regulations. 
      Why does India have all of these regulations while China does not?  It couldn’t be that India doesn’t hold much if any U.S. debt compared to the Chinese?  Just a thought but it seems to make a good conspiracy theory when you put the pieces together. 

    • Take a gander at who’s bought all that new Treasury supply…not just the Fed, it’s foreigners who love our liberty and low yielding bonds…(based on TIC reports)
      Global “foreign” holdings of US Treasury….Fed……total outstanding public debt
      Dec ’00 – ………….$1 T  ……………….$200B*…………………………..$3.3 T
      Dec ’07 – …………$2.35 T ……………..$400B*…………………………$5.1 T
      Oct ’13 – …………$5.65 T  ……………..$2.3 T**…………………………$12 T
      * mostly short end bills
      ** almost entirely long end bonds
      Now look @ individual country increases, Jan ’07 to ’13???:
      China $400 B —> $1.3 T (15% of GDP)
      Japan $600 B —> $1.2 T (18% of GDP)
      UK $100 B —> $158 B (5% of GDP)
      Brazil $54 B —> $246 B (10% of GDP)
      Taiwan $38 B —> $185 B (40% of GDP)
      Russia $9 B —> $150 B (5% of GDP)
      Ireland $19 B —> $111 B (55% of GDP)
      Belgium $13 B —> $180 B (40% of GDP)
      “carribean banking centers” $68 B —> $291 B
      “oil exporters”  $112 B —> $237 B
      Luxembourg $60 B —> $133 B (220% of GDP)
      Norway $20 B —> $78 B (15% of GDP)
      France $10 B —> $60 B
      Singapore $30 B —> $86 B (35% of GDP)
      Switzerland $34 B —> $174 B (35% of GDP)
      India $15 B —> $60 B (3% of GDP)
      Thailand $16 B —> $45 B
      Canada $28 B —> $58 B
      Minor movers…???
      Germany $50 B —> $60 B (2% of GDP)
      Italy $14 B —> $29 B (1% of GDP)
      Netherlands $15 B —> $30 B
      Turkey $25 B —> $50 B
      None appear to be leaving the treasury table…not sure if they are given money via swaps or promised “something” (gold???) to keep buying or if they are simply so weak they’ll do anything to prop up the system.  But nothing data wise sez this is bout to come unhinged.
      Point is all these nations and many more are actively supporting the dollar system (regardless their yapping) and seems in all their interest to maintain dollar and help keep a lid on rates, lid on PM’s, lid on commodities, and print ad nauseum.  Not surprising gold is going nowhere when every country has it in their best interest to smack it down.
      Probably also notable that the PIIGS have been so busy running their own LTRO that they are full to the gills of their own nations debt and do not appear on the list (except the curious exception of Ireland??? wonder where they got all those $’s while also going through their own bailouts???)…
      BTW – trend of Foreigner purchases of Treasury debt since ’08…

      Jan ’08 $2.4 T

      ’09 $3 T

      ’10 $3.7 T

      ’11 $4.4 T

      ’12 $5.1 T

      ’13 $5.6 T

      Oct ’13 $5.65 T

      seems main reason for slowdown in ’13 was debt ceiling freeze (only issued $650 B in ’13) while QE was buying up $540 B…but since debt ceiling raised, Treasury has issued over $600 B since Oct 17 to catch up. Don’t really see any trend changes or anybody selling off.

      here’s the source data…

      Then again, the Treasury TIC data could be completely fraudulent as all the Treasury’s are held in US financial institutions and “assigned” to the foreign entities – could be they are bought via the Fed or ESF or straight up digital counterfeiting / accounting fraud. I have heard of one or two other .gov reports not exactly adding up…would make as much sense as “foreigners” buying all this ridiculous paper.

    • @Hambone
      Good post, I guess the theory that foreigners are rejecting the US dollar is just plain wrong, they strongly support it based on your data. It’s a eye opener for many around here.

    • Zman, you used “a eye opener” instead of “an eye opener”. I don’t know if i can take your post seriously.

    • I guess i b sloppy with the grammEr and stuff! LOL!    Paper vs metal, it’s all so confusing sometimes.

    • Metal all the way!

    • @silverslicker
      “…They are not waging a war against gold to hurt the Chinese, that’s for sure! They do it to HELP the Chinese!
        Call me a tin foil hat wearing clueless buffoon but that’s my take on it. ”
      Nope!  You have it PRECISELY CORRECT!  Only we’re helping China (and Russia) with EVERYTHING.  Not just gold, but all our technology, civilian AND military…  The globalists have been building up China (and Russia) to, one day, be strong enough to go to war with the US and beat us too.  All part of the master plan to subsume the US into the NWO Globalist World Government.  But they need WWIII first, and the only way they can make that happen is keep building up our enemies.  China today.  Russia more soon.  The real WWIII won’t really get going for another 6-10 years.

    • I agree.

  3. This guy doesn’t sound satisfied with buying the dip anymore.  I wonder what’s up with that.  Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.  Or don’t get in over your head bucko. 

  4. This centralized crap needs to end.

  5. It would be nice if people started buying silver like this.
    Recreational pot sales in Colorado surpass $5 million in first week

    • Yea but the problem with that stuff is: it goes up in smoke easily and there will be an unlimited supply whereas Physical Silver will be more rarer and hard to get and the lines will bemuch, much longer. LMAO Keep Stacking

    • You got it, Charlie, but will those dreamy-eyed pot puffers know their arse from their elbow about how to protect their wealth when the SHTF?  Probably not.  Probably also a part of the PLAN.
      This all makes me think of those futuristic novels where the Gov and Corps own and run everything, 15% of the population is employed, and the other 85% sit on their ass, watch TV, and suck on “trank”, a tranquilizer drug that is sufficiently addictive that those who raise any fuss are cut off for a bit until they see reason and settle down. I used to think that was sci-fi stuff but it does seem to be getting closer as the mooch class expands and the working class (anyone who has a paying job) shrinks.

  6. And this is how they crash the price (blatant manipulation). Zero Hedge hits another home run on HFT and algo’s gone wild.

  7. Hambone you are right but there money is toilet paper its a all new one world government. There just buying our debt with there own version of QE. An we buy there,s an at the end it all equals out an the dollar endex stays relatively the same 79=80 area. I love to really see the world wallstreet that does the whole world. The one in America is a joke. I actually have no problem with this way they do business but when they start raising taxes an making moronic laws that they don’t even have to follow. An to acting like there broke really pisses me off. All this QE money injected into the banks time the fractional reserve factor there setting on over $15 to$ 20 trillion in loan value. An all there doing is loaning it to the government to buy treasury bills for them an other countries.

    • Swaps

    • Exactly @SE.

    • They used to say that, “We can’t all make a living by doing each others’ laundry”.  The meaning is that SOMEONE has to actually make or build things that have enough value added that wealth is actually created.  For too long now, governments have been so concerned with how wealth is distributed than many of them have forgotten how it is created in the first place.  The lesson of the USSR is illustrative.  When EVERYONE sat around waiting for someone to create something they could all share, EVERYONE who could create those things just stopped doing it and the country collapsed.  Apparently, that lesson has been lost by those in charge.  They just can’t seem to get past the distribution aspect to understand and encourage the creation aspect. 

  8. Instead of bitching about something we can’t change without a civil war keep stacking!

    • We don’t want a Civil War… a Revolution would be more useful

    • If we put it to a vote of the people, the people would vote the ‘bums’ out.  All we need to do is replace 546 politicians and justices and we could fix this.  That’s 535 in Congress, 9 Supremes, VP, and Pres.  Then draw names out of the Boston phonebook for replacements.

  9. What are governments everywhere not waging war on. There is a war on everyone and every thing by these elite a..holes.

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