has released a MUST LISTEN interview with Greg Mannarino discussing what Mannarino describes as the END GAME.

Greg warns that “we are literally at the financial, global, economic end game.” And the result will likely be world government and the permanent end of our Liberty. Our situation could not be more dire, although you’ve heard others sound the alarm about the “end of America” – listen to this gripping interview and consider it very carefully.

This is a red alert warning.

Part 2: Bank Runs, Price Controls & Martial Law in America

  1. There is no doubt that any of this will happen and fighting will go down to the last man. It’s called population control.
    I am not a Markist, Communist, but a natural born true blue American 71 years of age. My generation and generations before mine enjoyed the fruits of real liberty. Today, the moral decay of civilization and corrupt individuals in governments
    have slowly taken it away. I will never forget what my homeroom teacher when a sophmore in high school told us at 16 years old. His name was Glenn Strange. Mr. Strange reminded our homeroom class on many occassions, “Never legislate your freedoms away”. This is exactly what we have done and at a great individual cost. Yes a new world order is on the way and as Darwin stated, “Survival of the fittest, will prevail. 7.3 Billion in the world population and growing. Like my Dad once said, “There’s too damned many people in the world!” Governments today are collaborating to find the answer to control their populations as individualism will soon be halted and or executed. You can see that happening right now. You disagree with the government or protest and they will jail you or kill you.

    All that can be said is to prepare for the worst and try to improve on that.

    Ranger from Texas

    • Agreed, Ranger.  I’m a little younger than you but not much.  At age 63, I look at the young people of today and marvel at the low quality of their education.  I know that many of them are really good people but they have been short-changed in life via a 3rd rate education system.  It is this “dumbing down” process that has allowed us to come to where we are today.  2000 years ago, the Roman government figured out that with bread and circuses, control of the population was assured.  Today, we have food stamps and reality TV (utter tripe, IMHO).  This is the modern version of bread and circuses.  So far, it seems to be working, as many people know ALL about the Kardashians (sp?) but not a damned thing about what is happening to our country.  I fear for my children and grand children and because of that am converting a substantial part of my wealth into physical silver… and food, ammo, meds, manufactured goods, etc.


    • That’s why I think that in the future when the government makes the gun ownership illegal, there won’t be a “Second American Revolution”. Because the mainstream medias are going to make guns ownership look bad just like Marijuana.

  2. Somewhat OT, but I am thinking about buying some PSLV and/or PHYS, as well as miners. I’m not in a secure enough location (rental house) to feel good about holding phyzz, so my stack is at home and in the meantime I want to go to the next best thing, which is physically held metal by a trustworthy custodian. Say I had 100 bucks’ worth of PSLV. Does this mean I can, instead of cashing out, get (roughly) 3 oz. of actual silver? I want to know how the redemption works. And what are some of the safe mining plays? SLW? Thanks in advance.

    • I guess PSLV is the next-best-thing to physical possession but it is a far, far second place.  If you are thinking about paper silver of any sort you may not know what you’re buying and probably don’t know why you’re buying.  The whole idea of PHYSICAL ownership of PHYSICAL metals is to eliminate the counter-party risk associated with paper investments.  So buying paper metals defeats the whole point.  I believe Sprott is an honourable man but at the end of the day he has no say in whether government tries to confiscate people’s metals including the metals he is custodian of.

      The way I see it.. chances of my house being broken into if I live in an average neighborhood?  Maybe >5% or so?  Chances of the US Dollar becoming worthless?  Guaranteed 100%.

    • To understand the redemption rules, download a copy of the prospectus for any gold or silver fund you intend to buy and read it carefully… especially the parts that deal with redemptions.  Note that only a few of them are actual *physical* metals funds.  This usually means that they are audited on a routine schedule by an independent auditing firm such that your metals holdings are guaranteed to actually exist… unlike some other ETFs and funds.  SIVR and PPLT are two physical metals funds that I have used in the past.  My goal was not to take physical delivery but to profit from the price increases of both silver and platinum, which I have.  I have also used some of those profits to buy more physical silver, so this is far from the useless exercise that some may claim that it is.

      Make sure that any metals held for you by others is in a segregated account.  While this is not all the protection one needs these days it is FAR better than having your holdings in a pooled account, where your metals are mixed together with all of their other pooled account clients.

      You might also consider a Gold Money account with metals storage vaults in various parts of the world.  Check out their web site to see if it looks like something that you can use.

      As with ALL other monetary investments, diversify your holdings so that a disaster in one area does not cost you all you have.  If you are buying physical metals, for example, do not hold it all in one place, no matter how secure it may seem to you.  Spread it out in multiple locations.  Don’t do this to the extent that you lose track of what’s where, however.

  3.  I’m with you on that. I believe there very much is a musical chairs aspect to the metals, and when this thing deteriorates, one can only say they own it if they it’s physically at one’s home and/or on them in a backpack or something. 

    I really don’t feel all that great holding phyzz at this place I’m at during the college year. For someone my age, I’ve got a pretty darn good stack of Ag. as well as some 1/10 Au eagles, so that is the only thing that I count on as far as ‘locked-in’ wealth.  
    With silver somehow still in the low 30s, I would think  that there is still some time to go before the paper/physical disconnect. If silver goes above, say 50, then that probably would be the big hint to cash out and then convert to phyzz. With silver this low, too, I also have a position in USLV, which is a 3x leveraged ETN. I know this is ultra risky, but so far it hasn’t really decayed or anything. It pretty much does what it says it will do. And that way I can get more fiat profits for silver going up, whereas those who hold SLV and then cash out their profits and want to convert them into phyzz. will see they aren’t making any real money because when they buy real money, the cost has gone up, too, along with SLV, so in terms of real money, they made nothing and should have just held phyzz. 

    PSLV does have some worries besides being a distant second place, too. Someone said it is way underperforming compared to SLV this year. I will not play the fox-guarding-the-henhouse- SLV because of principles and also because I don’t trust it. SLW and miners may be a good play, if they are sound institutions. 

    I’ll be looking to make a move on Monday and BTD if silver drops as the broader market does on Mondays in general, lately. Still waiting for the new regime where silver goes up on its own irregardless of the broader market and is not limited to being merely a ‘risk-on’ asset that only goes up on its own like 5% of the time. 

    I’m at a rental house in a Chicago suburb, so those odds you estimated probably go up a bit! 

    • In Theory, We don’t want the Price to “go up.” Silver’s value does not fluctuate. Scarcity and demand can change that yes, but the Real Problem here is that our United States Currency is being printed and will inflate away. The Keynsian/debt based idea is that it is wonderful for a fiat currency to inflate which would be fine if wages rose. When I was a child an ounce of Silver was worth a buck. No, –a Dollar was worth an ounce of Silver. We called it a “Silver Dollar.” Had the “leaders” left that paradigm alone we would have a Constant. If all my pretty coins went “down” to a Dollar I would be happy. Then I could fold the money or use the Digital. A Phat candy bar would cost a dime and Gasoline would be had for 25.9. Silver only goes “up” when the dollar goes “down.” Our profit is zero as you relate it to the price of goods.

      Now the True American way is to a) find something nobody wants. b) use a brainy process to create something everyone wants. There is where Value comes from. Look at the computer industry: Sand becomes a microchip. Gucky petroleum becomes Plastic. Trees become literature. Ore becomes wiring. Apples becomes brain food. 

    • “With silver this low, too, I also have a position in USLV, which is a 3x leveraged ETN. I know this is ultra risky, but so far it hasn’t really decayed or anything. It pretty much does what it says it will do.”

      I can’t agree with this at all.  Avoid any and all ETNs!  An ETN is just a promissory note that the company will share part of any profits with their ETN holders.  Unlike an ETF, which conveys ownership and puts the holder of ETF shares in line for a share of the company if bad things happen, ETNs do no such things.  An ETN holder will be totally uncovered in the event that the company issuing the ETN goes bankrupt.  Please avoid these instruments, as they can be extremely hazardous to your wealth.  It may not have blown up in your face yet, but it very well could.  If it does, you will have zero recourse in terms of recovering any of your investment.  Yes, you could still see some gains but if it blows up, you are facing the strong possibility of a 100% loss.

  4. Perhaps with these funds there’s one more reason to be wary. Imagine the USD collapsing overnight, or more realistically : on a long bank weekend. And various commodities being FIXED against the USD, for “market health stability” or “national security” reasons.
    Yeah cool, so we don’t got the phyzz here, we gonna hafta give you your “money back”. You deposited like 3 ounce worth. The FED has established silver as a nice $20 fix rate for domestic trading. You are investing in the US in a US-based asset traded in USD. He’s $60 back for you. Yes, I know that abroad silver is doing the equivalent of $1000/oz. Aren’t we lucky that we can get it (theoretically) for $20? Bummer we actually don’t have any.

    Worse than forbidden possession might be a fixed price and some international trade restrictions… 

  5. SGT Bull puts out great reports.  However, whenever he starts one (like this one) with reference to picking up info from a Lyndon LaRouche site, he undermines his whole program.  LaRouche was a committed communist in the 70s and his current org is no different.  The purpose of whatever ‘info’ they have or give is only to further their founder’s cause — the overthrown of the United States Government and the creation of a dictatorial state.

    So, SGT Bull, please look a little more closely into the LaRouche agenda before you accept any information from them or give them any kind of credibility.  

    As far as Mannarino is concerned, he has three mantras: the end is coming, buy gold and silver — and buy his book.   But I agree, the end game IS coming, and one ought to buy gold, silver, guns, ammo, water, food, medical supplies and all that.

    • That’s because doing that would benefit us and not them, Mary.  Remember, they are ALL about them.  In fact, this could easily be part of the plan to make us all sufficiently desperate that we accept a full-blown dictatorship, as a temporary measure, of course, in order to provide “order and stability”.  Like various taxes, these things almost never end.

  6. I wonder how Big Brother will fund its Police State when the US Dollar loses its sole Reserve Currency Status.  

    The US is a big place.  The US military can’t even conquer little Afghanistan, I highly doubt they have the ability to lock down an entire continent.  Though to the credit of the Afghanis, they do have a long and distinguished history of repelling foreign invaders.  In addition, the average Afghani has a lot more will and intelligence than the average big-fat-North-American who only knows how to watch TV. 😛

    • “I wonder how Big Brother will fund its Police State when the US Dollar loses its sole Reserve Currency Status. ”

      In the same way as any other thugocracy.  The enforcers get to keep part of what they steal, I mean confiscate, from the people. 

    • Forget the money, whether it is good or not.  They will move to seize the food supply and will keep the military well fed.  That should provide all of the control necessary.

    • I heard somewhere that after the US dollar collapse, the Amero currency will replace it. It’s a currency that will be used by the North American Union. Canada, USA and Mexico will be part of the union and then after its creation, all unions around the world like the European Union will join together to form the New World Order!

  7. Doc and all SDer’s….Remember, this Mannirarino guy has absolutely no credentials or even an original thought.  Temper his pontifications with knowledgable sources with track records like Jim Sinclair, Eric Sprott, Ben Davis, John Embry, Gerald Celente, and Jim Puplava just to name a few well known credentialed commentators.

  8. Some things to keep in mind when viewing such info:

    1.   Yes, there really are false flags and various governments have used them at times for a long time now.  But this does not mean that everything that happens is a false flag event.  That would be no more reasonable than saying that nothing is ever a false flag event.

    2.  Yes, the US military IS obligated to defend ME oil fields.  First, because we have treaties in place for that in exchange for the use of US dollars as THE medium of exchange for oil.  China has been sniffing around this, trying to insert themselves into this deal to replace the US.  This will not be accepted by the US government.  Second, oil is THE life-blood of a modern industrial economy.  If any resource is worth fighting for, this one is.  A cut-off from foreign oil would collapse the US economy in very short order.  This is not a secret from anyone who wants in on the action, such as Russia and China.

    3.  Yes, free market forces are immensely powerful and they will enforce themselves on markets and even governments at some point.  The commissars in the  USSR thought that they could order economic law via bureaucratic fiat successfully.  They were right for a time but eventually economic law triumphed over bureaucracy and the USSR collapsed, in no small part due to their economic errors.


  9. In my opinion, the day that American citizens are not allowed to hold guns and weapons anymore shall be the official day that they have lost their liberties. After that day, you cannot say that the USA is a free country unless the government legalize the ownership of it again.

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