The Doc: QE Reaching Afterburner Stage Globally

The Doc sat down with Rahul from again Tuesday night to discuss the latest gold and silver raid, QE4, and the outlook for the metals with quantitative easing reaching the afterburner stage globally.

Full interview below:


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  1. The concept of “the market can remain irrational for longer than you can remain solvent” has never been more apt.

  2. When all is said and done, silver and gold is all there is if one wants to insure themselves financially for the future! That’s all, that’s it!

  3. Can everyone who buys silver in the next week relay their stories about whether silver in any form and amount was easy to hard to acquire as well as any delays that were encountered?

    • Be more than happy to relay my last foray into the physical. On the 13th of Dec. I placed an order for 1 AE MB ( American Eagle Monster Box) and was told the ship date would be Dec 24th. Here I am patiently waiting while the manipulation of the Silver and Gold market continue. Please note I am not overtly concerned as i anticipate an ultimate breakout and price appreciation for PMs … one day. peace

    • Just had a non-ebay auction win take 6 weeks, dealer said he ran out of 90% dimes.

  4. Well. I have all the physical I am ever going to buy. Just waiting to hear some really exciting speculation
    of when “When” is going to happen as I have seen my trappings decline so much in the last few days.
    Where are all the Silver Gurus that post articles telling us how great it is going to be and why all of a
    suddenaew  we all starting to take a financial bath on the Silver and Gold that we have been promoted to buy and
    stack? The Fiscal Cliff is The Fiscal Cliff and there is no way in Hell there will be any solution to make folks
    feel better about what will happen next. A lot of Fear Factor in this country and I hear dogs barking, but behind
    the door there is no one there. I am getting too old for this Shit and want to hear at least Eric Sprott say. “Ranger
    everything is going to be okay really soon”!

  5. Sprott is down over 30% in his hedge funds this year so you might want to check with a different guru.

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