The Doc: Gov’t Planning CYPRUS-Style BAIL-INS!

bail-inOver the past 18 months we’ve seen nearly all of the Western nations move to prepare for bail-ins for the next financial crisis. 
They’re not doing that for no reason- they’re preparing the legislation because they know its coming and they know that bail-outs are no longer an option, so their last ditch effort now is to bail-in and steal money from the depositors to forestall the next banking system collapse.  
The Doc joins Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson for an exclusive interview discussing The Doc’s views on where gold & silver are headed for the second half of 2014 and beyond, the issue of counterfeit precious metals, and the liklihood that Western governments will bail-in depositors and retirement accounts during the next financial crisis. 


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  1. The Doc ‘on the interview circuit’. That’s exciting and encouraging for both our comfy cubby-hole here and for silver’s prospects generally. With Chris Duane having gone ‘project intensive’ and Jason Hommel having gone ‘family-centric’ (both great things in themselves for those fellows), our little genera really has needed to ‘culture up’ a high profile spokesman who fits nicely into the ‘regular kinda guy’ aura, for a couple years now. I’m one hoping The Doc can find time to fill that gap ‘on the interview circuit’

    • Hommel shut down his Grass valley and Auburn shops.  Closed.   Mom’s Silver Shop is still in business somewhere down the line in SF.
      I think Doc can be a first rate advocate of the themes we appreciate most.

    • Yeah, from what I gathered in passing, he and his wife hit a brick wall over the amount of time he was devoting to business. I have to guess she and their family proved to be the most precious of his properties and so he went into ‘early retirement’ to re-enforce the foundations of that ‘grand hall’ in the mansion of his life.

      For a while, he wasn’t even writing … thank goodness, he’s resumed a little of that from time to time. He has a special take on silver that’s important to factor into the general stream of consciousness. Charles Savoie is another voice I sorely long to hear current reflections from. Doc may want to consider seeking out these folks for ‘extra-length’, ‘in-depth’ one-on one interviews. I’m pretty sure there are many thousands of folks who’d be quite anxious to view or hear content from these only recently past luminaries who’d seemingly ‘burnt themselves from both ends’ into exhaustion.

  2. The Law of Unintended Consequences.

    • @UglyDog , I laughed so hard at that picture that I spit coffee on my computer monitor.
      (And no – it wasn’t Starbucks!)

    • @UglyDog
      LOL!!!  I laughed so hard that I barely made it to the bathroom in time… and it is all of 12 feet away!  OMG, what an image!  Starbucks competitors should print, frame, and hang a copy of this in every one of their stores.  ;-)

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