The CURRENT Monetary System WILL CRASH — Got Gold?

fiscal cliffClaudio Grass the managing director of joins the SGTReport to discuss the fact that our current monetary system WILL collapse, it’s just a matter of time.
The question Claudio asks is when it happens “will the crash lead us to more Totalitarian structures, or will the people start thinking about their individual liberty?

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  1. What’s going to catch most by surprise is the rapidity of the collapse when it comes.  It is the nature of complex systems to suffer sudden and catastrophic collapse.  Like a game of Jenga.  My time frame…the economic collapse will literally happen over a long weekend.  Things will dicey on a Thursday and by Monday markets will not open. 

  2. We are Free*** Please educate yourself as we educate others!!!  In Debt? In Jail?  The Court Monitoring Program Will Have Weekly webinar.  Put It In Their Face Peacefully…July 25, 2013: via @youtube

  3. It has been evolving for years.  When the SHTF there will be no going back, nothing you can do.  A very bitter pill to swallow.  Bought 500 feet of solid copper wire for portable (solar, crank) radio antenna today.  Alligator clips, lock pick set and rescue tape on my list this week.
    PS (PrepStack) 

  4. Silver will be more useable in a barter situation unless you are buying land or a large item like a boat etc

    • Both have their uses.  I like and have both.  Silver for everyday purchases and gold for portability and large item purchases.  Funny thing about silver is that lots of people do not recognize it when they see it.  EVERYONE recognizes gold.

  5. The Ten Commandments? Really?  Sounds like dribble Jason Hommel would spout.

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