DimonAs we reported, JPMorgan’s PR team Wednesday made the epically bad decision to host a public twitter Q&A with Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee While the entire #AskJPM thread would make for excellent entertainment this weekend, award-winning actor Stacy Keach…the voice from American Greed picked out a few of the best, and read them verbatim.
The Best #AskJPM tweets (including The Doc’s personal favorites) are below:

sic semper tyrannis

Doc’s favorites:

I have mortgage fraud, market manipulation, credit card abuse, LIBOR rate rigging, and predatory lending.  Am I diversified? #AskJPM

Does the sleaze wash off with a regular shower, or do you have to use something special like babies tears?

What’s your favorite type of whale? #AskJPM

JPMorgan forecloses on their own Twitter Q&A after receiving questions like this – http://bit.ly/17qSShw  pic.twitter.com/LMt1A9rZqL

Quick! You’re in a room with no key, a chair, two paper clips, and a lightbulb. How do you defraud investors? #AskJPM

More of the best, read by Stacy Keach:


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  1. One has to wonder whether any of our elected officials or other TPTB folks are tuned into this, and fully understand just how much this JPM debacle shows the public disappointment, frustration and anger that is justifiably out there.

    • Yes, indeed.  That WILL assuage the pain.  If not, then perhaps some 30 year old single malt and a few young lovelies with whom to share it will. I’m sure that they will think of something.

    • Ye, though, believe it will resemble the death of Marc Anthony… killed by a third party (i.e. the markets) to satisfy the wrath of Caesar (i.e. the principle holder of debt China et al.)

      so dead, yes absolutely, but not forgotten.

  2. Listen up all Newbies on The Doc!
    When Silver hits $50.00 all of us older posters have been challenged to contribute $50 bucks to The Doc for all the work and information provided by him and others on this website. So save back $50 and remember “DOC”
    Ranger from Texas

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