Rickards says uncertainty will hover over the markets for many months. This is directly related to the Fed because of what Jim refers to as the most momentous period for the Fed, EVER. Trump will “own” the Fed, but there is a catch…


“The Fed is loaded up and frightened”, but that’s a given.

Alasdair talks with Silver Doctors today about problems that are out of the Fed’s league.

The Fed-induced money-printing has spawned the biggest stock market bubble in history. The is not going to end well – for anyone.   I asserted back in 2003 that I hoped Alan Greenspan lived long enough to see his name live in ignominy.   But he’s been given a chance to cover up his crimes.
It looks to me like Grandma Yellen – that witless idiot who looks like she’d be more comfortable with a set of knitting needles in her lap than fielding softball questions from a captive media – will be the one of who bears the burden of wearing  the collapse the is coming.