London Expert Alasdair Macleod analyzes the geopolitics and economics behind America’s war strategy from China’s perspective, concluding that it is entering its final phase. China’s exit plan appears to be to tie the pricing of energy and then other major commodities to GOLD:

The march to war is deafening.
Now that we are seeing a plan long in action playing out, there’s a good chance that our time is up:

A little more than 30 years ago, God showed Henry Gruver that someday Russian submarines lurking very close to our coastlines would launch an absolutely devastating nuclear first strike on the United States. 

A few hundred thousands troops on the North Korean border, a U.S. Naval Strike Fleet awaiting orders from President Trump and constant threats of missile and nuclear tests from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un… What could possibly go wrong?

With about 22% of the world’s gas and oil reserves under the Arctic sea ice, what was once Santa’s Winter play land may soon turn into another internationally contested geo-political hot spot.

It was already headed toward collapse, and the costs associated with another major war are going to expedite that process. When it happens, only the folks with real assets will be above water.

I did not expect that we would be on the verge of World War III less than three months into the Trump administration, but here we are.
If we get into a direct military conflict with Russia and Iran in Syria, global financial markets will crash and gold and silver will soar into the stratosphere.

nuclear-collapse-endHours Ago Donald Trump Ordered the Launch of What Could Rapidly Devolve into a Nuclear WW3.
Is THIS How It Ends?

Out of literally nowhere, Trump just launched an attack on Assad’s forces in Syria.  Russian troops were wounded in the attack.
Is THIS The Reason Trump Just Triggered the Opening Salvo of What Could Easily Turn into A Nuclear WW3?

Aftermath of the US missile attack on a Syrian military airbase, 7 April, 2017. © Mikhail Voskresenskiy / Sputnik

Russian Prime Minister has informed the world that this morning’s attack on Syria puts the US on the verge of a military clash with Russia”, and Russia has initiated an emergency meeting of ceasefire task force of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) to discuss overnight US strikes on an airfield in Shayrat: