Eric Dubin is back, discussing the new correction in gold, silver and miners, and whether Wall St money managers are buying the dips.
Eric breaks down the Fed’s attempt to talk up the possibility of an interest rate hike in June or July to keep the US Dollar Index from collapsing, and create demand to buy US Treasury bonds.  Just another Central Bankster Magic Trick???

dystopiaIn the latest episode of Welcome to Dystopia, Jason and Eric discuss:

1) Glencore, base metals collapsing and emerging markets potentially collapsing
2) China globalizing the Yuan even more with another new infrastructure system for the next global financial system
3) Deutche Bank
4) The CME permanently banning 3 small HFT traders for manipulating gold and silver markets

Welcome to Dystopia Episode 10 is Below: 

dystopiaDuring today’s episode, Jason and Eric discuss Brazil and emerging markets and how their currencies and economies are in free fall because of US Dollar denominated debt and falling oil and base metal prices.
After this, Jason and Eric discuss China dumping US Treasuries so quickly and the implications, as well as the 200+:1 paper to metal ratio on the COMEX and what that means.