The Wealth Watchman is back! The fraud and deception just passed the tipping point with this one event. A brand new Clarion Call exposes this very egregious act of desperation to control and manipulate…

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Of Mints and of Mines
This week’s Clarion Call takes a closer look under the hood at the U.S. Mint, at both the number of coins being released soon, and what it means for silver retail supply going forward.  
We also scour over the charred wasteland that is the silver mining industry.
Plus a surprising figure that silver stackers must be aware of
It’s all here, in the “Clarion Call”!

The “Saddle Ridge Hoard”  of 1,400 US gold coins was recently discovered by a couple in California, buried in several old, rusty cans.  The cans were happened upon by the couple who were walking their dog, and when it was all dug up, over 1,400 U.S. gold coins were recovered from them.  Why would someone bury these coins during a time of the classical gold standard?  Ponder this, from the throughout that timeline, up until about World War I, both gold and silver coins could be obtained from any bank by simply redeeming your certificates(your dollars) in exchange for them.
Paper dollars were originally a receipt, a claim, on the real goods: gold and silver. The person who owned those coins, simply could have left them in their local bank’s safe, and just returned the receipts in exchange for the coins anytime they wished.  So, why didn’t they just do that? 
Unless…unless there was a more disturbing reason they didn’t wish to do that.
The shocking answer to what the original owners of the Saddle Ridge Hoard were seeking safety from still has implications for you and your wealth here in 2014….