In this video, Luke Rudkowski Interviews Lucian Wintrich of the gateway pundit who was recently physically and verbally harassed inside the White House press briefing by Jon Decker of Fox Radio. We give you the latest details on the situation outside of the White House press briefing and how this is a sign of the changing times.

As neo cons seem to fill Trumps Administration, the rhetoric and military maneuvers are heating up from both sides as it looks the tension between Russia and the U.S is not going away anytime soon.

collapse-endLuke Rudkowski address the media’s outcry after Donald Trump met with Robert Kennedy Jr and asked him to chair a new committee on vaccine safety:

fake-newsWith Facebook announcing how it will combat fake news, we just learned that a liberal blog and main stream media companies like ABC and Washington Post will be the ones deciding what you see on facebook. In this Breaking News video Luke Rudkowski not only reacts to this news, but gives readers a solution:

indiaOnly 7 days into India’s currency reset, the nation of 1.2 billion people is rapidly descending into chaos.
Luke Rudkowski takes you along on his travels as he is broke like a joke in Goa India after the latest currency reset.
We show you the current situation on the ground and cover the latest economic, social and political changes that occured in India.

indiaIn a stunning move that shocked many people In India, the government decided without warning to make all 500 and 1000 rupee valueless.   The Indian gov’t failing to prepare for this move and print money for citizens to exchange at the banks has created a PANIC in this country.
Luke Rudkowski joins us real time with boots on the ground coverage of India’s Currency Reset:

riggedLuke Rudkowski interviews a computer programmer who’s allowing everyone to run their own election polls.
Over 800,000 people in the U.S were independently polled and the findings contradict the main stream media polls: