red-light-camera-man-stephen-ruth“This is ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  All it took was a Pair of Balls, and a Painter’s extension rod!  I just saved people about $10,000 a day with this camera.” 
Luke Rudkowski interviews the man who single-handedly just demolished one of New York City’s biggest illegal profit generators in an EPIC night of civil disobedience…

omar-mateenLuke Rudkowski gives a full breakdown of what happened in Orlando with the latest developments and breaking news. We go over the shooter’s past, the details of how the events unfolded and how many unanswered questions to this critically important tragic event. 

Putin ammo shortageIn this video Luke Rudkowski gives you a full updated geo political breakdown of the latest tensions between Vladimir Putin of Russia and Barack Obama of the U.S. We go over the latest aggressions from both sides, new troop deployments and development of Russian hypersonic nuclear weapons: