sprottLegendary precious metals expert Eric Sprott sat down with The Doc for an exclusive interview to discuss the Bundesbank’s gold repatriation request last month, and the correlation with massive physical gold buying in Asia. 

Eric pointed out that the US government exported 30% of US annual gold production to Hong Kong in December alone, and stated that as there is no excess gold available in the US, all of his analysis suggests that the US gov’t may be exporting the German, Dutch, & Austrian gold reserves held at the NY Fed to China in an attempt to kick the can and forestall the inevitable financial collapse a little longer.

Eric Sprott’s Shocking interview with The Doc is below:

Inspired by SD’s report last week that the US Mint sold nearly 75 times more silver than gold in August for the 2nd consecutive month, SD reader Frank decided to plot a long term chart of the US Mint’s total silver/gold sales since 2009 as a ratio, and the graphic below portrays a STUNNING CONCLUSIONthe US Mint’s escalating silver sales volume in comparison with gold is not a short-term phenomenon, but is rather a long-term trend that is accelerating to the upside!

It appears that the silver story is being disseminated among an ever increasing audience, resulting an an exponentially increasing sales pace for PHYSICAL SILVER RELATIVE TO GOLD at the US Mint.