USMintThe US Mint updated Silver Eagle sales totals Monday evening for the first time in a week, and now report a massive 3,975,500 ASE’s sold with 1 day remaining in the month, an all-time sales record for April
The Mint shattered the previous all-time April sales record of 2.8 million set in 2011 by a whopping 41%, and is on pace to sell nearly 55 million ASE’s in 2013!
We suspect that had the US Mint been meeting demand through April rather than rationing supply, the sales total might be closer to 10 million and would have set a new monthly record.
For gold, the April sales number were even more astounding…

gold & silver sold outThe manipulated sell off on the COMEX has led to bargain hunting and a surge in physical coin and bar buying internationally. Gold bullion inventories on the COMEX are being depleted rapidly, and certain bullion products are either out of stock or production and distribution has been suspended.  The gold sell off has stoked a frenzy among coin, bar and jewelry buyers from China to India and the U.S. and Europe.
JP Morgan’s eligible gold inventories fell by more than 70% this week which suggests there may be supply issues in the larger London good delivery gold bar market also. This is important to keep an eye on next week.  The death of the gold market is greatly exaggerated and gold’s long term secular bull market is set to continue due to very large and increasing physical demand for bullion internationally.

The Doc sat down with’s Chris Duane Monday to discuss the recent explosion in gold purchases, his outlook on silver, and the launch of the 2nd coin in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series, the Trivium Medallion.

Duane states that while the big money appears to be finally waking up to the incoming tsunami of fiat devaluation, the smart money is going to silverDuane expects silver to massively outperform gold throughout the duration of the bull market, easily surpass the current in ground ratio 9-1, and potentially reach 1:1 parity with gold prior to the end of the secular bull.

Full MUST LISTEN Silver interview below: