The MSM may be pushing the “Hate In America” agenda, but North Korea is far from over. Here’s the latest analysis from across the pond, including risks of hot war and global shift away from the US dollar…


The Golden Jackass says the United States has run out of Arab gold to steal, and now the petro-dollar collapse is moving at full speed. Here’s what comes next as the world ditches the West…

Nixon in 1971, the 2015 precedence in Greece, and now the Charlottesville, VA violence and chaos. Tomorrow is one of those days we could again see a Sunday Address by President Trump. That would signal the start of SOMETHING BIG.

gun forcedIn this interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Greg Mannarino makes the incredible claims that the DOW may be about to collapse to 4,000, gold & silver are set to EXPLODE, & states that the US dollar is about to die, and be replaced by the Yuan as the global reserve currency. 
Mannarino’s full interview on the coming complete collapse of the dollar & US market is below:

silver crashFormer World Bank Senior Counsel and whistleblower Karen Hudes has an amazing revelation about secret U.S. gold.
Hudes says, “We’ve been offered, the United States, 170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash. The Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional, and we don’t have to pay interest on our debt, and we don’t have to have debt for that matter.
What does Hudes say to her skeptics that doubt her story of 170,500 tons of gold in Hawaii? Hudes says, “I say you are totally kept in the dark and that the mainstream media is controlled by this network of control that is totally documented by the Federal Institute of Technology. You really ought to chide yourself that you are deliberately kept in the dark. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s wealth is hidden from you when so much else is hidden from you.”

hyperinflationLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent subscribers a shocking and MUST READ email alert last night regarding the possibility that the dollar as reserve currency will enter the initial stages of hyperinflation by mid-year, and the effects the debasement of the dollar will have on gold.
Sinclair states that by midyear of 2013 the US Federal Reserve will have to make a decision in order to keep the US bond market which is US interest rates at the low levels that have been promised until employment has made a sustained recovery and that The Fed’s defense of the US bond market is demanded by the huge pile of original and old OTC derivatives that still haunt the monetary system as specific performance contracts with any financing floating in cyber space. This could drop the US dollar below .7200 to .5600 on the USDX in a short period of time.

Sinclair states that the effects of the Fed’s increased pace of quantitative easing will lead to severe cost push inflation, a derivative of hyperinflation running from mid 2013 through 2017, and that This will be the entrance to the second phase of the gold market ascendancy. Gold got to $1900 on threatened systemic failure. Gold will go to $3500 and above on pure monetary fiat currency concerns.

Jim Sinclair’s full MUST READ alert on the imminent cost-push inflation/hyperinflation of the US dollar due to QE∞ is below: