collapseFor several years, I produced hundreds of articles and videos (published here on SD), that effectively reached my audience. Then, last year, in the spring of 2016, God gave me the incredible opportunity to further my goal of preparing others for the Great Reset in a way I never expected.
Let me explain what happened:

hillaryIt is happening, folks: Trump is surging everywhere, and he’s now confidently campaigning in traditionally solid blue states, while Hillary’s polls are collapsing.
Unless something severe is dumped about Trump in the next several days, he will likely win this thing, and may very well win it in a landslide…

trumpPutin: “If Americans vote for Trump, they are voting for peace, but if for they vote for Hillary; it’s war.
No one can deny that Julian Assange and Donald Trump are doing the masses an incredible service right now.
The unrelenting email dumps (11 thus far) in the #PodestaEmail saga, have woken up people around the world, as to the true nature of the criminal syndicate, that is Washington, DC.

Peace is literally on the ballot, as well as a chance to drive a stake in globalism’s vile, soulless heart. 

gold feverBIG MONEY has stepped away from the gold and silver table.
The big challenge for silver now is to hold the line at roughly $18 on the way back down from $21. 

If $18 can be held, and big money sees enough value, they’ll step in, and starting buying hard…

smashA Very Bad Year for Globalism
2016 is one of the worst years for the globalist agenda in decades.  Think about it: first Trump wrecked most of their US candidates, then Brexit tore the EU plutocrats a new orifice, and there’s still over 4 months left to go!

Every time that globalism has been defeated, it has been at the hands of nationalist and populist revolts among the “peasantry”, and another such defeat is now looming for them in Europe, and they know it!
In today’s article I’ll tell you what will likely happen in their next defeat, and what’s more, I’ll give you the date on which it will occur:

return kingVictory is nigh, friends. Here I STAND! As silver prepares to cross the 18 dollar mark, I declare that the days of metal crushing/stomach churning/call option-destroying are over!
And 5 years after May 1st 2011, I say without hesitancy: SILVER STACKERS on the 5TH YEAR LOOK TO THE EAST (SGE)…. IT IS ON!!!!

nuclear dollarWhy is the Fed Chairwoman convening unprecedented and secret emergency meetings with President Obama?  
Just what exactly is in the process of detonating in the financial markets? 
You’d best have already “left the exits” of their financial systems, by the time whatever The Fed is holding Emergency Meetings about occurs.