Since the United States became a nation there has never been a total eclipse that was only visible here and nowhere else.
On August 21st, that will change…

Today, the feds control approximately 640 million acres of land, and after decades of very poor management, many are calling on the states to take a larger role.
This is particularly true in the 11 western states where the federal government collectively owns 47 percent of all land. 

The endgame of the radical left is a nation filled with hatred, anger and violence.  Is this really a message that the American people are going to embrace?

Decades of following the “progressive agenda”, and I am talking about both Democrats and Republicans, has been absolutely disastrous for our society.
We desperately need a complete and total cultural revolution, and that means returning to the values and the principles that this nation was founded upon.

It is time to defund Planned Parenthood, and it is time to end abortion in America.

“It’s going to be the biggest in my lifetime…You’re going to see governments fail. You’re going to see countries fail, this time around.”

If Jim Rogers is right, the worst stock market crash that any of us has EVER SEEN is right around the corner:

What goes up must come down, and this irrational stock bubble has been living on borrowed time for quite a while now.
It isn’t going to take much to push things over the edge, and there are all sorts of candidates for what the next “trigger event” will be.