Here’s something I’ve been learning. If something innocuous comes out of nowhere and all-of-a-sudden is covered by the mainstream Fake News media as though it is the apocalypse… it’s all planned and done for a reason.

Central banking, which is a tenet of communism and a scheme to impoverish the many to benefit a few, is one of the evilest, most pernicious and rapacious entities on Earth.
So, when a member of the German central bank, Bundesbank, warned against buying bitcoin I almost choked on my wiener schnitzel…

What would happen if the US federal government shut down for good?
In other words, what if the United State(s) actually was the United States… and not the United State…

Whether Trump is “good” or “bad” doesn’t make all that much difference.  The die has already been cast.  The US is bankrupt. And maybe that is one valuable skill Trump has, dealing with bankruptcy situations. Because that is exactly what he will be dealing with.

fuelMexico has been in the news lately in regards to protests and riots over an increase in the price of gasoline.
As is always the case, the mainstream media, a.k.a. Fake News, doesn’t give a realistic perspective on what is happening…

goldWhat is interesting about gold and silver’s rise so far in 2017 is how it correlates to their rise in 2016.
From the very first day of 2016 gold and silver rocketed higher.
And gold didn’t stop rising until it hit nearly $1,400 in July.