SD Weekly Metals & Markets: Are We Seeing Early Signs of a Silver Eagle Shortage?


In this week’s Metals & Markets The Doc & Eric Dubin Discuss:

  • Employment and GDP Report:  Fishy as heck- 932k dropped from labor force, unemployment rate RISES to 7.3%!
  • Euro take-down and ECB credit easing
  • Doc’s update on physical premiums- are we seeing the early stages of a silver eagle shortage?
  • Mining shares bounce late Friday and silver stabilizes- sign of a rally next week?

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SD Weekly Metals & Markets: Finland Says Up To 50% Of Gold Leased Out!


On this week’s Metals & Markets Wrap we’ll cover:

  • US Mint halting the sale of silver eagles for 4 weeks- premiums already rising
  • Blatant gold and silver bombing this week surrounding release of FOMC minutes
  • Silver market trends:  look for premiums to continue to rise
  • Finland’s bombshell: Bank of Finland reveals 50% of gold reserves held at the Bank of England, and up to 50% have been leased out as an investment!

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US Mint Alerts Primary Dealers Silver Eagle Production to Be Halted for 4 Weeks!

gold & silver sold outSDBullion has learned from industry contacts that the US Mint alerted its Primary Dealers Thursday that The Mint is halting its weekly allocation of 2013 Silver Eagles, and will be suspending all sales of ASEs for 4 weeks!

*Updated 2:30pm EST: Silver Eagle shortage already underway as primary dealer wholesalers have taken the rare step of raising ASE prices intra-day on a Friday.
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Metals & Markets With Alasdair Macleod: “Swiss Refiners Working 24/7 Producing Kilo Bars Headed to China”

Reuters/Tamara Abdul Hadi/Files

Reuters/Tamara Abdul Hadi/Files

On this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets, gold expert Alasdair Macleod joins The Doc & Eric Dubin to discuss:

  • QEternity:  Indications of a renewed bias of global monetary easing
  • Negative GOFO rates continue, physical gold supply tightening again
  • Bond market implications of the Federal Reserve as bond “buyer of last resort”- how much longer can the Fed maintain control of interest rates?
  • China’s golden global hoover:  China’s intentions vis-à-vis the US Dollar as reserve and trade settlement currency and how gold fits into China’s strategy
  • Alasdair provides an inside look at a Swiss refiner: “They are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week turning every ounce of gold they see into 1 kilo bars headed to China“.  [Read more...]

Is A Massive Chinese Order Causing a Silver Shortage in Europe?!

silver shortageOne of my contacts with one of the largest European precious metals brokers told me this morning that they could not find any silver All the refiners they contacted could not take their orders and could not give any delay. “Call us next next month”, they said.  This is the first time that such an event has occurred.
On Wednesday, he attempted to source a ton of silver (32,000 oz), from the three main Swiss refiners. Two of them refused to take the order entirely, and the third refiner stated delivery would take 2 weeks.
The refiners claimed they had been very busy during the last month trying to fulfill an “enormous” Chinese order. [Read more...]

IMF Proposes 10% Wealth Tax/ Gov’t Bail In for EU!


IMFIn this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets The Doc & Eric Dubin discuss:

  • Thou shall NOT see gold as safe haven;  whenever there’s a crisis, TPTB attack precious metals;
  • Connecting the dots between GOFO going back into the negative, gold premiums rising in Asian markets, the debt limit “crisis” and visible paper raids in gold and silver;
  • IMF gov’t bail-in proposal:  Fix sovereign dept problems with a “one time” 10% wealth tax
  • Importance of physical assets as a hedge against escalating global financial crisis, coming capital controls [Read more...]

Chase Bank Initiates Capital Controls, Limits Cash Withdrawals & Bans International Bank Wires!

jp morgan chaseIt appears that any small American business not already shut down by Obamacare regulations will be helped along by the banksters.
In an apparent effort to front-run official government capital controls, JP Morgan Chase has issued letters to ALL Business account holders notifying them that as of Nov 17th, the bank will limit all cash transactions (including deposits, withdrawals, and ATM usage) to $50,000/month, and will ban all outgoing international bank wires!
Bank officials confirmed Wednesday that the new capital controls apply to all business account holders, the bank will stop processing any outgoing international bank wire,  and that any monthly cash transactions in excess of the new $50,000 limit will be subject to penalties and fees for each dollar over the $50k cap. [Read more...]

CFTC Files and Settles Charges Against JPMorgan Chase For Manipulative Conduct In Connection with “London Whale” Swaps Trades

Jamie DimonThe CFTC has announced Wednesday evening that it has settled with JP Morgan for $100 charges that the bank violated prohibition on manipulative conduct in connection with the London Whale swaps trades which saw the firm lose nearly $9 billion.
In the settlement, JP Morgan admitted that its traders (no mention of Mr. Dimon, who assuredly approved his traders actions removing IG9 swaps delta hedging interest rates) acted recklessly, and agreed to the $100 million penalty. [Read more...]

SD Weekly Metals & Markets: 2 Million Oz of Paper Gold Break COMEX Gold Market


On this week’s Metals & Markets Wrap The Doc & Eric Dubin cover:

  • Ongoing metals manipulation visible across the board; we’ll document this week’s gold and silver lunacy- & cartel signaling minutes prior to dumping 17,000 paper gold contracts on the market between 8:43 and 8:45am: triggering a stop of Comex gold trading as the market went dark for 20 seconds!
  • Signs that physical market demand is tightening up again in Asia, which should limit cartel maneuverability;
  • Shut-down, Obama Care and debt ceiling debate analysis and its relationship to precious metals trading

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Metals & Markets: Cartel Desperate to Slow the Bleed of Physical Gold!


no deliveriesOn this week’s Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin discuss:

  • Government Shutdown shenanigans & bickering- is a default possible on Oct 17th?
  • Gensler out as CFTC Chairman, while Bart Chilton says if you want safe, secure, efficient, and effective markets, you’ve got to keep the CFTC on the job!
  • Gold smashed again on a large delivery month- banksters desperate to to slow the bleeding of physical gold?
  • Outlook for the metals in light of looming debt ceiling hard deadline

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Q&A With The Doc: Is Martin Armstrong Right on Sub-$1000 Gold?

I want to start by saying thanks for all of your hard work. And I also want to thank you for responding to my notes on occassion.
Unlike many people we have everything in silver. The bad news is that we need to sell it to live of off. Due to health concerns we moved to Ecuador and have had a tough time trying to decide when to sell a batch of silver so we can live.
I don’t know if you read Martin Armstrong but he appears to be correct on gold quite a bit. He is still calling for lower lows in his latest article.

Again, the bad news is trying to decide when to sell a little silver so we can live. Do you see any truth in this Armstrong article? And do you beleive that these thugs can/will take silver to the low teens before it gets better? Just curious about your thoughts because most people do not want to throw water on the smoldering fire. [Read more...]

Bank of Panama Reopens Without Incident

Last Friday the Bank of Panama (BancoNacional) announced a 5-day bank holiday, shutting down all banking systems ahead of the end of the month Panamanian payday, completely shuttering all wire transactions as well as ATM cards.
Thankfully, it appears that Cyprus Redeux is not in progress, as BancoNacional reportedly re-opened Tuesday without further incident. [Read more...]

Another Day, More Algo Silver Manipulation: SD Dissects Today’s PM Smash

This morning’s trade in silver demonstrates a pattern regular observers of this market will instantly recognize. 
This pattern happens so frequently that any claim by the CFTC that they couldn’t get to the bottom of this sort of crap is just nonsense.
But we have a pretty good idea why the CFTC closed it’s investigation.  How can you bust the government that your agency is a part of?
We see the firm control of manipulation algo patterns operating in the early morning hours both yesterday and today.  Then, we have a flash crash running of the stops going into the COMEX open, which has been a one-two punch set-up we’ve seen countless times.    The only thing different today is that there was more low hanging fruit to harvest on account of gold and silver speculators fearful of what a government shutdown could mean such that these speculators were operating with tighter stops.
This was furthered by the fact that support levels informing the views of these technical analysis dependent speculators were targeted and blown out of the water by the fast crash algo manipulation.
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Firsthand Update on Panama Bank Holiday

In the wake of yesterday’s breaking news that the Bank of Panama  has closed for 5 days for a Bank Holiday, we reached out to SD reader PK, an ex-pat living in Panama for a boots-on-the-ground report on the Bank Holiday.
PK reports that with BancoNational shut down for a 5 day bank holiday, Panamanians “are talking about nothing else except this bank holiday“, and states that while there is no massive panic yet in Panama, it is NOT NORMAL for the national bank to shut down for 5 days without warning on an end-of-the-month payday weekend.
PK’s full report on the BancoNational bank holiday is below: [Read more...]

SD Weekly Metals & Markets: A Discussion on The End Game With GATA’s Bill Murphy


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On this week’s show, GATA’s Bill Murphy joins The Doc & Eric Dubin to discuss:

  • Manipulation in a big-picture context:  What’s the end game?
  • Panama bank holidaystory developing, but some things are fishy- Panama is an off-shore tax haven like Cyprus

This week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets breaks down the metals, markets, and official manipulation with GATA’s Bill Murphy below! [Read more...]