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Financial crisis fears are spiking this afternoon as one of Russia’s largest 200 banks by assets, ‘My Bank’ has reportedly halted all cash withdrawals for one week.
Officials of My Bank have refused to comment after news of the bank halting all withdrawals was leaked early Monday by a call center employee.

Germany BundesbankThe Bundesbank has dropped a DIESELBOOM on the European markets Monday morning, calling on Eurozone nations about to go bankrupt (ie Greece, Italy, Portugal, & Spain) to initiate a one-off capital levy bail-in on their wealthiest citizens prior to asking other nations (read Germany) for bail-out help.
Yes, you read that correctly, the most powerful Central Bank in the Eurozone has just openly called for Eurozone wide bail-ins. 

dollar collapse panic*Update: China Compass is denying Forbes’ Gordon Chang’s report, stating: The PBOC has not—repeat not—asked Citibank to stop customers from wiring funds... Chang’s understanding of Chinese culture evidently does not extend to the timing of bank holidays.

It appears that China’s credit crunch liquidity crisis ahead of this week’s impending default of Credit Equals Gold wealth product is intensifying, as the Chinese Central Bank has just ordered commercial banks to halt all domestic renminbi bank transfers for 3 days, and renminbi foreign currency conversions for 9 days!


China credit crisisOn the latest SD Weekly Metals & Markets Wrap we cover:

  • China’s credit crunch and contagion fears- is the Chinese version of the Lehman Brothers collapse imminent?
  • US 30 day T-bills auction at zero interest – Raw fear!
  • Gold demonstrating classic safety trade Friday
  • Doc’s retail market report
  • SD Lead Bullion™ flies off the shelf

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc & Eric Dubin is below:

beach ballGold & silver have gone vertical to the upside this morning on reports out of India that the gold hungry nation may ease gold import taxes and restrictions which have crushed official imports of gold.
Gold is up $30 on the news and through crucial support/resistance at $1250 to $1264, and silver has popped back up through the critical $20 level, and is up over $.50 on the day to $20.30!

paper goldCurrency historian Andrew Gause has informed me that one of his sources thinks the ratio of 100 pieces of paper to every real contract of (1) Gold is being expanded and could be up to as much as a 400 to 1 ratio.
With 80% plus of the products gone from the Comex warehouses since April of last year, the CMEGroup no longer guaranteeing the Comex inventory count, the constant buying from Asia,  their (Singapore and Hong Kong) opening up of the warehouses that promise open disclosure,   and the total lack of trust of the USA’s government both within and without, why not?
The real answers will come in time and most likely when the bank vaults are completely empty.   What can we do as individuals?   Take delivery of Silver and Gold and get it out of the system before China and India take it all with the approval of the western banking system! 

Lead bullionWhen we launched the new website with Lead Bullion™ ammunition, we knew ammo demand would be strong, but even we didn’t anticipate the buying frenzy that would result. 
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banker treasonIn this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin discuss:

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc & Eric Dubin is below:

hyperinflationSince I woke up in 2008, I’ve found quite a few sources for my information like Max Keiser, Jim Rickards, Gerald Celente, Silverdoctors, King world news, Zerohedge and various Dutch authors.  They all predict some form of financial Armageddon and a serious rise in the price of metals.
At the same time silver and gold have been going down in euro for two years straight. That’s two years of me buying something and then seeing the value of it decline.
That is no fun at all but I am determined to buy the bottom for as long as I have my steady income.
This is my 2 cents worth of rationale:


Quilter Cheviot Investment Director & precious metals expert Ned Naylor-Leyland joins The Doc & Eric Dubin on this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets for an in-depth discussion on gold & silver.
Ned discusses the German investigation into precious metals market manipulation- and why unlike the CFTC, the German’s have the motivation to conduct a real investigation.
We cover the Bundesbank’s attempts to repatriate its gold reserves: why NNL is “da*n sure” the Germans knew their gold was gone, and that after only receiving 37 tons in year 1, Ned almost wonders whether the Germans will get ANY more, and states that we are likely seeing the last little trickle of the repatriation game kicked off by the Venezuelans.
Naylor-Leyland believes it is difficult to say the price of gold has really fallen when you see such a complete divergence between demand for the underlying and the price on the screen and that redemption for precious metals investors may not be far off:
We’ve all been long and wrong for awhile, but with the kind of premiums in India- the same kinds of premiums that broke the London Gold Pool last time around- the same 20% ish arbitrage opportunities.  The physical is swirling around madly, and I see a change taking place very soon.

The MUST LISTEN SD Weekly Metals & Markets with Ned Naylor-Leyland is below:


On this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets the Doc and Eric Dubin cover:
– New Year’s upside reversal: PMs rise for a change- a sign of things to come in 2014?
– Chinese buying remains strong- over 2,000 metric tons of gold withdrawn from Shanghai vaults in 2013!
Did Jon Nadler turn up at Yahoo Finance?:  18 more years of gold & silver declines?
– The Doc & Eric’s thoughts on bonds, the metals, & stocks for the year ahead

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc & Eric Dubin is below:

gold MSM MopeFor those wondering whether Tuesday’s outside reversal off of gold’s June lows will mark the bottom of the 2+ year decline in gold and silver, Yahoo Finance has news propaganda for you: gold is going down for another 18 years!
Gold is pretty ugly- down over 30% year to date.  Do you look at gold here or just stay the heck away from it?
David Nelson: “I can’t find alot of reasons to like gold, you should avoid it.  The whole inflation argument that QE was going to cause inflation and hyper-inflation has been blown out of the water…If you go back and and look at the last bear market in gold, it took 20 years for it to bottom! Even if you think this might be a bottom, we’re only a couple of years into this.  You could be 5-6-7, even a decade early! Finally, the advent of virtual currencies like Bitcoin are a negative for gold buyers.
Can you smell the MSM desperation in the air?

best2013 saw Cyprus and the West’s first depositor bail-in (and SD uncovering Canada, The FDIC, and the Bank of England’s plans to also bail-in depositors during the next banking crisis), gold and silver hammered to start the summer and again to close out the year, the collapse of the US’ 2nd largest silver mine, QE tapering finally begun, and China consuming nearly every gram of gold mined globally.
It was quite a year for the markets and the metals, and once again, we recap the year that was 2013 with the Top SilverDoctors’ Posts of 2013: