Mr. Greenspan’s testimony overrides anything and everything people have to say about gold, gold manipulation and the corrupt system that enslaves us all:
Central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise


The Elite Have Just “GONE NUCLEAR” On Donald Trump:

chinaChina Has Run Into A Bit Of A Problem According to London Expert Alasdair Macleod, And The Only Thing That Will Likely Alleviate The Stress Is Price…


dollar-burn-fire“It’s no secret the dollar is on its way out” as China is accumulating MASSIVE amounts of gold…for one very specific reason.
How will a competing gold-backed currency impact the value of the dollar?

docI sat down with Doc to get an inside look at what is happening with one of the fasting growing bullion companies around.
The conversation is short as SD Bullion is experiencing their single biggest day in history.
Lend the Doc an ear and find out what’s happening today with physical silver!

Indian goldThe all too crucial monsoon season in India is on pace for a record year.  The crops that need the rain will now be overflowing in the coming months.
Translation – higher yielding crops for Indian farmers means higher physical gold demand in the market…

gold“Representations” and “illusions” of money will always keep us away from gold.  Gold is money and gold allows a person to be as close to free as possible.
People that posses gold are typically happier and live with a sense of calm not found in people who only posses representations and illusions as a shield for their personal sovereignty. Get physical gold and banish the illusion…

silverWhat goods or services would you offer and be willing to accept gold or silver as payment?  How much gold and silver would you be willing to use as currency?  
If you are serious about breaking the system, operating outside of the system and leaving a murderous, criminal, liberty and life stealing system behind, these are the questions that should be in the fore-front of every waking moment…

dollarThe BIS, IMF and central banks around the world, all do one thing right – they give us warning and tell us, usually in language we can understand, they will now be stealing a portion of our wealth.
It is our responsibility to do the research and respond accordingly, prior to the next move that is planned and announced.  It has now been announced…

If the Government or the Fed or Hillary Clinton decides they don’t like reality, they just make it up. The BLS fabricates employment numbers, Hillary Clinton fabricates the truth and the Fed invents everything.
In this week’s latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we cover these issues plus detail some facts that show Friday’s job report released by the Obama Government was 100% Just Made Up…