jim willieSyria is about the last gasp for the Petro-Dollar, the emergence of energy pipeline geopolitics, the rise of the NatGas Co-op, the new dominance of Russian Gazprom, the eclipse of OPEC, the fall of the house of Saud, and a grand adjustment process in global commerce and banking.

The NatGas Co-op eclipses OPEC and ushers in a new era.

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Militants tell AP reporter they mishandled Saudi-supplied chemical weapons, causing accident

Respected 20 year Middle Eastern reporter and Associated Press, BBC and NPR correspondent Dale Gavrak was told by Syrian rebels that they were responsible for last week’s chemical weapons incident in Ghouta.  The rebels informed Gavarak that the chemical weapons were accidentally mishandled by their group after they received them from the Saudis!
Will the mainstream media ignore a story that could derail the march to war?
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Back in the not-so-good old days of the second Gulf War, U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair was referred to as George Dubbya’s “poodle.”  With the rejection of military action against Syria, it appears the U.K. Parliament is confining Prime Minister David Cameron to the kennel.  But it was not for want of trying.
Parliament debated the issue for eight hours.  All the while, Cameron has been barking like a true dog of war.  According to the Washington Post, Cameron lost a Parliamentary vote (285 to 272) on “a symbolic motion setting up a final vote in the days ahead authorizing force against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.”  Poor chap.  We feel for him.  Maybe he ought to be rethinking this U.S.-British “special relationship.”
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War mongers in the West want to further destabilize Syria and by all accounts from mainstream media mouthpieces, an attack is imminent.   History shows that when crisis is on the near-term horizon, so-called policy makers in the economic establishment attempt to keep gold (and now silver) under wrapsBut the physical markets are too tight to be able to orchestrate the level of short-term control seen previously. 
The latest attack on the mining shares today was a blatant attempt at damaging sector sentiment overall.
It will fail.

RogersAstute investor, Jim Rogers has warned overnight in an interview with Tara Joseph of Reuters that “oil and gold will go much, much higher” due to “market panic” regarding Syria and the coming end of free moneyWhen this artificial sea of liquidity ends we’re gonna see panic in a lot of markets, including in the US, including in West developed markets.  Have we seen panic, have we seen terror? Absolutely not. Not in any markets yet.  We haven’t seen much of anything yet.

The Syrian front has just escalated from critical to red alert.

At least 50 people have been killed in two strong explosions that ripped through the Syrian capital, Damascus, in the deadliest attack on the capital since the country’s uprising began 14 months ago. The explosions heavily damaged a military intelligence building. The blasts happened at about 7:50 am, when employees are usually arriving at work.

Images from this morning’s bombing are below: