Dubai, Not China or India Will Soon Be the King of the Global Gold Market!

goldDubai is known as “offshore India”.   The city’s gold business is run mainly by Indian precious metal industry experts, and Indians dominate the buy-side of the trade.
As the gold jewellery era unfolds, Dubai should completely dominate all gold markets.
It will be the undisputed king of global gold price discovery very soon.
The battle for control of gold price discovery is probably best summed up like this: Singapore and Shanghai may talk a good talk, but only Dubai walks the walk.
In the supposed battle to overtake London and New York as the prime market of gold price discovery, there is everyone else, and then there is Dubai.
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Stewart Thomson: Gold Price Rubber Meets Indian Budget Road?

goldWhile the short and intermediate trends for gold are greatly influenced by Fed policy, events in China and India are now the key drivers of gold’s primary trend.
As important as today’s FOMC minutes are, on Thursday the Modi government releases its first budget. The most powerful gold dealers in the world are intensely focused on this budget.
Gold’s next primary trend move could be determined by what happens in India on July 10.

The government itself is extremely tight-lipped about what will happen, and that’s creating the potential for a violent gold price move to the upside or downside, as the budget is released.
It’s possible that the FOMC minutes create strong selling, but a gold-bullish budget from India quickly reverses that, and sends gold surging towards my target of $1432. [Read more...]

Stewart Thomson: Gold Has Staged An Upside Breakout!

gold bullHas gold topped out, or is it beginning a new leg higher?
Take a look at the hourly bars gold chart below.   A persuasive argument can be made that gold staged an upside breakout last night.
The range of $1305 – $1326 was decisively penetrated to the upside, and gold traded as high as $1335.
Monday’s close was critical, because it was not just the end of the month, but the end of the quarter.
Junior gold stocks staged a spectacular ending to the first half of the year, on massive volume.
The chart suggests the second half of 2014 will be even better!
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Stewart Thomson: Gold Stock ETFs: Outrageously Bullish!

In 2009, I suggested that a huge inverse H&S bull continuation pattern was forming on the gold chart. It had “outrageously bullish” implications.   I believe  a much bigger inverse H&S bull continuation pattern is forming now on the monthly gold chart.
If I’m correct, the “bare minimum” arithmetic target is: $2663.
I think my target price is absolutely justified by the global fundamental and geopolitical price drivers.

Global fundamentals for gold are outrageously bullish!
Let’s do a quick review of the facts.

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Stewart Thomson: Central Bank Gamblers Versus Gold Stocks

poker big lossesRather than invest in failing infrastructure, central banks and governments are acting like hedge funds, betting on the stock market and OTC derivatives, using fiat credits that are borrowed or printed.
The bottom line: While global citizens are told to “grin and bear” austerity, their leaders are having a “good ‘ole time” spending trillions of dollars, at the stock market casino. [Read more...]

Gold Charts Eye Candy

stare bastards in the eye SinclairTechnically, all sectors of the gold market look bullish.
Regardless of whether a daily chart, weekly chart, or a monthly chart is used, all technical lights are green.
The weekly charts suggest that investors who are waiting for gold to bottom in July are at risk of missing an enormous rally that appears to already be underway.
The technical price patterns that tend to be the most reliable, tend to be what I call “eye candy”.
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Gold: Summer Rally Time?

summerIs it possible that a substantial 2014 summer rally begins after the release of this Friday’s key jobs report? I think so.
I’ve outlined a rough scenario for summer rally enthusiasts on the daily silver chart below. I’ve suggested silver could move up to about $22.
Much higher prices are possible if Western world inflation and Indian buying increase significantly, and I think that’s exactly what’s going to occur. 

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Shanghai Gold Exchange Gets Shark Teeth

shanghai gold exchangeThe Chinese central bank has granted approval to the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) to launch a global gold trading platform.
Jiang Shu’s words that China’s strong gold demand is currently “only a number, not a power” make it clear that the new platform will be designed to put upwards pressure on the gold price.
Gold is entering a new era, centred on gold jewelry demand in China and India. [Read more...]

The Return of Indian Gold Demand!

Indian goldThe landslide win of Narendra Modi just days ago is viewed by Indian economists as the catalyst that will raise Indian GDP growth to 8%. The bottom line is that India’s gargantuan population is young, vibrant, and hungry for gold!
The only way for Indians to get the enormous amount of gold they will demand as their economy grows, is to buy it from mines owned by Western gold community investors. [Read more...]

Chinese & Indian Gold Demand Trumps GLD Supply

Indian goldMainstream economists appear to be almost obsessed with the idea that strength in the Dow will produce waterfall-sized selling in the GLD SPDR fund.
In contrast, my view is that most weak hands in that fund sold out in 2013. The total amount of gold held by the remaining SPDR investors is now only about 780 tonnes.
In the big picture of gold demand versus mine supply, the relatively small size of SPDR holdings are making them less relevant to overall gold price discovery. The liquidity being moved into SPDR and out of it, is slowly being swamped by liquidity flows in China and India.  [Read more...]

Gold Love Trade Brings Stability

Indian goldIn 2013, the gold market moved on the selling action of investors focused on the “fear trade” (Western investors who originally bought gold because of fears that QE would crush the dollar).
In 2014, the gold price discovery mechanism is based more on the “love trade” (Eastern weddings and cultural/religious events).
That’s a trend that I believe is only in its infancy.
The East is poised to import immense gold tonnage, in the years to come.
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Gold Shorts B-B-Q!

my-shorts-on-fireA week ago, I suggested that sentiment had become overly bearish, and a “barbeque of the gold shorts” was possible.
That event occurred on Friday. More than 50,000 contracts changed hands,in just one hour of trading.
Gold now seems to be forming an inverse head and shoulders bottom pattern, and that’s good news for bullish investors.
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The Gold Bull Market is Dead! Long Live the Gold Bull ERA!

gold standardFundamentals create charts, and when those fundamentals change, the picture on the charts changes quickly.
The precious metals world changed in 2013.
A gold bull market in gold ended, and a gold bull era began. [Read more...]

Gold Crash Anniversary Day

silver crashGold is holding up reasonably well, considering that Indian buyers are so focused on the election.
Generally speaking, this is the weak season for gold. Also, the April 12 – 15 period is when the gold market crashed in 2013. As we saw Tuesday, Nervous participants tend to be sellers around the anniversary of such events. [Read more...]

Stewart Thomson: Indian National Election is the Most Bullish Event for Gold in Past 100 Years!

indian goldThe Indian nation election is arguably the most bullish event for gold of the past 100 years.
That election began yesterday. It’s the world’s largest national election, so it’s a long process. The results should be released around May 16.
Other than a bullet or vote counting fraud, I don’t think anything can stop Narendra Modi from winning this election. He is strongly endorsed by all of India’s major bullion and jewellery associations.
These “titans of ton” are ready to move massive amounts of gold from the Western gold community’s mines, to eager Indian citizen buyers.
The latest polls suggest major gold proponent Narendra Modi is just five weeks away from becoming the prime minister of the world’s most powerful gold buying community.
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