imagesIn regards to gold stocks specifically, I called the 2014 – 2015 period the greatest accumulation zone for any asset in the history of markets. That was a bold statement, and the price action in 2016 is already hinting that my view may be the correct one.
Silver is very responsive to inflationary pressures, and if gold stocks are outperforming silver in a massive way, it’s an indication that inflation may be poised to rise in a MUCH bigger way than most analysts believe is possible…

For the first time in history, all US central bank actions are bullish for the entire precious metals sector.
Gold stocks continue to take out key highs, but in the big picture, the upside action has barely started.
Silver now has what appears to be a bull flag pattern in play.  A pullback within the pattern is likely now, but an upside breakout would suggest silver is going to $26 quite quickly…

Silver often acts like a levered version of gold. I don’t think investors who feel the urge to buy silver now are making an error, given the huge amount of institutional enthusiasm for the entire precious metals sector that is occurring now.
Having said that, given the importance of the $21.44 price zone, a decline to about $18 could easily happen.  I don’t think the next price movement can be predicted easily at this point in time, but if they are buyers now, silver-oriented investors should prepare themselves to take more buy-side action at $18.

silver stormThe twenty-year bear market in gold stocks against gold was caused by a “perfect deflationary storm”. That storm itself was caused by a bear market in money velocity and bank loan profit margins.  The storm is ending.  Inflation is beginning to creep higher, and doing so at a time when the US business cycle is peaking. 

rocketWhile gold should now consolidate Friday’s gains over the next couple of days, the consolidation may only last for the next few hours!   
Horrifically, the institutional surge into the yen and gold safe havens in the first five months of 2016 may only be an appetizer of what lies ahead.
Here’s why:

goldThe current gold price correction is exactly what “the golden doctor has ordered, as the gold price meanders calmly down towards key support that begins near $1225.
In about a month, I expect the gold price to begin rising again, as buyers there return to the market with size that is large enough to send shock waves throughout the Western gold community…

goldAfter rallying about $250 towards the 2015 highs of $1307, gold has simply traded sideways in a very orderly fashion.
Gold is likely to grind sideways in a rough $1250 – $1300 range until the next big upside catalyst arrives to push it towards my $1350 target.
What could that catalyst be?

gold volcano eruptionGold and related assets continue to stun most analysts and investors as they surge relentlessly higher against American fiat currency. 
While gold has risen dramatically, the powerful inverse head and shoulders bottom pattern now in play suggests that the upside fun may soon accelerate…

goldGold is clearly sitting in the best win-win position of many years.
Western gold stock investors can’t focus on past gold stocks losses.
  It’s a new era.
It’s a gold bull era, and it’s time for the Western gold community to embrace it with open arms…

gold bullWas the entire gold price rally during the 2000 – 2011 time frame really just a giant bear market rally?  Well, when viewed on the gold versus money base and inflation-adjusted price charts, the answer is probably: Yes.
The good news is that rising inflation is now launching a new major bull market for gold in inflation-adjusted prices, and against the US money base.  That’s why gold stocks are staging such a stunning performance against all fiat currency, and against gold too!
If gold is beginning a fresh inflation-adjusted bull market, gold stocks are likely only beginning what could be a multi-decade period of dramatic outperformance against fiat currencies and gold bullion.

silver moon rocketThe technical action in silver stocks is probably best described as, “awesome”.
Against the background of the dollar’s inflationary alarm bell ringing, silver stocks are likely poised to launch what may be the biggest rally seen in any asset class of the past few years!