Expect a vicious repeat of the “stagflation” of the 1970s, but with prices rising FAR more rapidly than incomes, except for the top 1%.
Expect silver, gold, mining stocks and the silver to gold ratio to rise rapidly in 2017 and 2018:

weather girl forecastSubmitted by Deepcaster:

I don’t know when it’s going to end. But my guess is it’s going to end very badly. And it’s going to end very badly because, again, when you get the biggest price in the world, interest rates being manipulated, you get a mis-allocation of resources and this is going to end in one of two ways: with a mal-investment bust which we got in 07-08 […] Or it could end with just monetizing the debt and ‘off we go’ inflation. So that’s a very binary outcome. They’re both bad.”

The Fed’s and other Central Banks’ Money Printing is surely facilitating Serious Malinvestment, which almost inevitably leads to a Bust i.e., to Economic Stagnation or even Depression.
But that Money Printing is also already leading to Inflation.   Result: Stagflation is impending, or, more likely, Hyperstagflation.

Ben Davies Hinde CapitalGoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod has released an interview with Ben Davies of Hinde Capital. They discuss the idea of nominal GDP targeting as a monetary policy strategy for central banks.

Nominal GDP growth is the sum of real GDP growth plus the inflation rate. Davies says that proponents of a nominal GDP targeting — so-called market monetarists — are gaining momentum in central banks and the media. They discuss how depressions are not caused by tight monetary conditions but rather by the preceding excessive expansion of credit. Davies points out that credit and debt are two sides of the same coin, which makes it impossible to clear one without the other.

Davies says that by driving down long term interest rates, central banks are trying to draw investors into equities in order to create a so-called wealth effect. However, he explains that debt levels are simply too high for this method to translate into sustained long-term growth. He foresees stagflation with low growth and excess liquidity.
Davies’ full interview is below:

dollar hyperinflationSubmitted by Deepcaster:

For several years, Notable Independent Commentators, including Deepcaster, have warned that the Elite Central Banks’ Orgy of Fiat Currency Printing, a la QE etc, would result in Price Inflation, so it is no surprise to us that The Bond King, Bill Gross of PIMCO, with about $2 Trillion under Management, would finally warn in his January 2013 letter to Investors of Impending Price Inflation in Key CommoditiesOf course, General Price Inflation is already here, if one looks at the Real Numbers (e.g., U.S. CPI at 9.8% per shadowstats.com) as opposed to the Bogus Official Ones.

Going forward, this Mega Bank-generated Price Inflation provides considerable Profit Opportunities, but only in certain kinds of Commodities, and especially in one Sector Bill Gross does not specifically mention.  In sum, Policies actually being Implemented by the Power-Banker Elite virtually ensure a continuation of Fiat-Currency Depreciating Policies, and thus Price Inflation in Certain Commodities Sectors, as well as Increasing Risk of Systemic Destabilizing à la 2008-2009.