Silver-Chart-200MA-Trendline-NEWAt some point, an onslaught of traders moving into silver will totally overwhelm the bullion banks and we will finally see that Commercial Bank Short Squeeze from hell.
This will come as the silver price skyrockets, thus making it even harder for investors to acquire physical metal, triggering REAL silver shortages…

Gold-Silver-Percentage-Of-Global-Assets-2015What the hell happens when global investors try to invest 10% in gold or say just 1-2% in silver?
If investors decided to increase their gold and silver investments to equal the percentage in 1980, we would have the following:

The time when BIG MONEY finally moves into the precious metals sector grows closer each day.
When the system finally cracks, BIG MONEY will move into silver that will totally transform the market.  How high the price of silver goes…will be a sight to see.

World-Physical-Gold-&-Central-Bank-DemandThe gold chart below should have Central Banks extremely worried.  Why? 
Because the change in physical gold and Central Bank demand since the first crash of the U.S. and global markets in 2008 is literally OFF THE CHARTS…