TRICK OR TREAT: Fed Smashes Gold & Silver While 2,000 Gold Eagles Were Sold

In keeping with the mood of Halloween, the monsters came out early this morning to scare the living Hades out of the gold & silver market.  We had the typical FOMC precious metal smash-down today to balance out the bullish move in gold and silver yesterday instigated by the Fed’s policy of continued QE stimulation.
In a 24 hour period, silver traded more than 5% from highs to lows.  Nothing like a dose of volatility to get investors ready for the cartel’s pagan festivities.
While the traders were focused on the “FED TRICK”, in the precious metal markets, few realized the “GOLD TREAT” as the U.S. Mint updated its Gold Eagle figures showing another 2,000 oz of the coins were sold since their update yesterday. [Read more...]

The Coming Collapse of U.S. & World Conventional Paper Assets

Global Conventional Assets 2012The world is invested in the largest Ponzi scheme in history.  
In 2012, world gold investment was $234 billion and silver was $7.9 billion for grand total of $242 billion.  In contrast, total investment in global conventional assets under management grew to $7.5 trillion the same year (2011 – $79.7 trillion to 2012 $87.2 trillion).  Thus, total gold & silver investment in 2012 was only 3.2% of these global conventional assets.
The real problem for these conventional assets in the future will be the peaking of global oil production.  These assets derive their value from a growing economy which occurs due to a growing energy supply.  Once the energy supply peaks and declines, it will put severe stress on the $trillions of conventional paper assets. [Read more...]

Shanghai Silver Stocks Continue to Decline

freefallIn a little more than half a year, the Shanghai Silver Stocks have declined to new record lowsBefore the huge take-down in the price of silver in April, there were 1,120 tonnes of silver at the Shanghai warehouses.  By the end of May of this year, the silver stocks fell 32% to only 765 tonnes.
This is a snapshot of the Shanghai silver stocks on April 12th 2013:
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Silver To Hit New Highs Despite Bearish Forecasts

silver pricesThe big “V” correction in the precious metals back in 2008-2009 did not persuade investors from buying gold and silver at severe lows.  Matter-a-fact, it actually motivated huge retail buying of physical bullion.
This time around the monetary authorities got smarter.  They engaged a new “SLASH & BURN” tactic by bleeding the gold and silver investors dry by slowly crushing the price of gold and silver over a two-year period.  To complete their masterpiece, they initiated two huge take-downs in April & June to make sure even the most hardcore precious metal investors would question their holdings.
The price of silver will hit new highs as an explosion of investment demand will overwhelm supply in the future.  This once in a lifetime event will occur not because of bullish rhetoric, technical analysis or brokerage recommendations, but because the fundamentals will finally kick in a major way. [Read more...]

The Key Factor To Drive Gold & Silver To Extreme Values

gold keyThe precious metal investors are actually sitting on gold mine, and they don’t even know the real reason why this is trueMany analysts are focusing on the huge amount of debt and fiat money in the system to be invested in gold and silver, but the fundamental root cause continues to go unnoticed.  The U.S. economy and world are heading toward an ENERGY WALL and the majority of the public and investors are not prepared for the ramifications.
The key to success is to be able to spot the next great investment trend before others realize it.  The majority of investors in the world today have their wealth tied-up in assets that will become increasingly worthless in a peak energy environment.  These assets will disintegrate in value due to a falling energy supply.
The world is holding onto trillions of dollars of Energy IOU’s masquerading as assets that will have no future…  and the future is now here.
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BAD ADVICE: Why The Future Won’t Be Like The Past

It’s easy to get bad advice from successful people. Here’s why: Successful people assume that the same circumstances that prevailed while they were achieving their success will generally prevail while you are pursuing yours.
But your circumstances will almost surely be different, probably in major ways. [Read more...]

Silver vs. Fiat Currencies & The Debt Ceiling Delusion

hyperinflationAs the U.S. Government continues to waste time debating over the “Debt Ceiling Delusion”, the death of the fiat monetary system grows closer.  [Read more...]

The Calm Before The Precious Metals Storm

empire revoltThe world is now passing out of the EYE OF THE STORM and back into the FINANCIAL TYPHOON.
Even though the Fed and Central Banks have been able to manipulate, control and divert interest away from the precious metals presently, the rear of the PRECIOUS METAL HURRICANE is still approaching. [Read more...]

TOP GOLD PRODUCERS: Yields Falling, No High Grading Yet

Top 5 Gold Production 1H 2012 - 2013The evidence shows that as the price of gold declined substantially in the second quarter of 2013, the top 5 gold producers did not change their strategy by mining higher grade ore.
One way a mining company can remain profitable while dealing with much lower gold prices is by “High Grading.”  However, this does not seem to be taking place as the top 5 gold producers average yield continued to decline in the first half of 2013 as gold prices fell to new lows. [Read more...]

THE FED QE MACHINE: Inflationary Valuations for Gold & Silver

FED QE & Price of GoldWhile the central banks have been able to prop up the fiat monetary system a bit longer, the fundamental valuations of gold and silver are hidden out of view awaiting for the right time to explode.  Unfortunately, the majority of investors will not be able to take advantage of this great wealth transfer as the revaluation will occur virtually overnight.
The time to exchange fiat currency for real money in gold and silver is running out. [Read more...]


COMEX GOLD new Low 92413It looks like the stagnate two month bottom in the Comex Gold inventories is now over as a huge withdrawal from HSBC has taken the total warehouse stocks to a new low not seen since 2006.
173,358 oz of gold were withdrawn from HSBC’s Eligible category.
This single withdrawal was so massive that it would have totally wiped out Brinks, HSBC, Scotia Mocatta, and most of JP Morgan’s Registered inventories. [Read more...]

THE BANKER TAPER CIRCUS: The Greatest Show on Earth

No longer do you have to get tickets to attend the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Show, while the real Circus, the Great Banker Taper Spectacle is in town.
Today, the “Greatest Show On Earth” does not include a dozen elephants performing amazing stunts, but rather a group of highly educated banker clowns playing trick and pranks on the investing public. [Read more...]

U.S. Economy Stagnates Even With Massive Printing

Industrial & Transportation Energy ConsumptionAfter watching the schizophrenic market reaction to St. Louis Fed Bullard’s remarks Friday, I am amazed that the world doesn’t think we have gone completely insane.  I don’t know how long this sort of Fed induced lunacy can continue, but real signs are pointing to an economy that is still stagnating even with the trillions of dollars of money printing.
Unfortunately, many gold and silver investors are increasingly frustrated and seem to be losing patience.  My response to that is…. the frustration and fear in holding precious metals is exactly the reaction the Fiat Monetary Authorities where shooting for.
If you own the physical and look at your wealth in ounces of gold and silver… it doesn’t really matter what happens along the way.

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SRSrocco: 500 Silver Eagles To Purchase A Home in the Future

silver new houseIn a new video, Mike Maloney explains how a person will be able to purchase a home for 500 ounces of silver or less in the future.
I actually think silver will buy even more
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THE GREAT 2013 GOLD HEIST : Exploding Demand & Falling Supply

World Gold Scrap & Recycling.png 2The only thing keeping the fiat monetary system afloat is Faith, BS and more Faith.
The rhetoric that the Fed might taper, won’t taper or will taper is totally meaningless in the end.  It really doesn’t matter what the Fed does Wednesday, the seeds of the destruction of the fiat monetary system have been sown years ago. 
The world is waking up to the fact that fragile financial system can not be trusted to continue as it has in the past.  There are way too many debts and worthless pieces of paper garbage floating around that have no real backing.  Even though the Paper Gold Cartel has been able to PULL ONE OVER on the public this time, it’s a trick that can not be repeated.
The days of the Paper Gold Cartel are numbered. [Read more...]