EagleThe current price of silver is a Buck in 1980 Dollars.  I sat down with Sean and discussed my new realization about the coming collapse of the Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme in history.  The biggest problem is the massive amount of debt needed to keep this system going is unsustainable.

silver stocks srsroccoThe United States is being propped up by several Ponzi Schemes.  Steve St. Angelo of the SRSRocco Report down with Jason Burack at WallStforMainSt and discussed why the U.S. Financial Ponzi Scheme cannot continue for much longer, and how the coming collapse of the U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme and Peak Silver will impact the value of silver going forward:

Pan-American-Silver-Estimated-BreakevenThe silver market has experienced serious changes which precious metal investors need to be aware.  Unfortunately, there is a shortage of information and data to provide investors with important key factors going forward.
To understand the silver cost-price dynamics, investors need to see the following three charts below:

Gold-vs-Oil-Annual-price-1940-2015Don’t be confused.  Gold and silver prices will skyrocket in the future based on the fundamentals, NOT technical analysis.  Not only will fundamentals be the important factor in the future, they have also been the leading indicators over the past 50 years.
I realize I will get a great deal of flak for stating this, but the facts presented below paint a pretty clear picture:

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U.S-Canaidan-Silver-Production-Minus-Ealge-Maple-SalesRising physical silver investment demand will put a record squeeze on North American supply this year. 
The charts below show just how much the surge of Silver Eagle and Maple Leaf sales have totally overwhelmed domestic silver mine supply from the US and Canada.
  While silver is still relatively cheap and abundant, there will come a time where silver producing countries such as Mexico and Peru will hold onto more of their mine supply for their own citizens.
Precious metal investors and especially the ignorant public have no clue just how little silver there is to go around when its true STORE OF WEALTH properties are realized: