world-silver-production-2007-2016This may seem a play on hype, especially for those who are a bit disillusioned by the price smash since the Trump President election.
But there is so little real physical silver out in the market, 3-4 billion oz – that any significant amount of capital moving into it will push its value to SERIOUSLY high levels:

gold-eagle-coinsGold’s true value is not based on its cost of production, but rather it’s high-quality store of value as a basis of money in the global economy.
The reason the value of gold will skyrocket going forward is quite simple:

chile-copper-industry-new-mining-truck-importsThe king of base metals is in big trouble as indicators point to a breakdown of the global copper industry.
This goes well beyond the typical “slowdown” or “downturn” in the copper market.  Instead, we are going to witness what I refer to as “Copper Industry Carnage.”
How will this affect gold and silver production?

JP MorganAs the Financial Circus continues today, pushing down the precious metals prices, millions of Americans are going to get WIPED OUT when the collapse of U.S. net worth begins in earnest. 

Fuel-Consumption-Per-oz-Gold-vs-TOTAL-SilverWhile most precious metals investors are familiar with the Gold-Silver price ratio of 68/1 (presently) as well as the Silver-Gold production ratio of nearly 9/1 (2015), they have no idea about an even more important gold-silver ratio: