Precious metals have given back a large portion of their 2016 gains. Nevertheless, 2017 has started with a bang. Perhaps we have finally put in the low many of us have been anticipating.
David Morgan, publisher of The Morgan Report a research newsletter focused on the silver and gold marketscertainly thinks so…

trumpHistory tells us that in the gold market it is quite common to experience sizable corrections (often 50%) following first leg of a new bull market:

gold-bar-vaultWe have long maintained the central thesis for gold is more complicated than a simple hedge against inflation, deflation or economic collapse. 
We view gold as a mandatory portfolio asset in an investment landscape in which paper claims on productive output (stocks and bonds) have wildly exceeded reasonable relation to underlying productive output itself (GDP).
While the Fed may ultimately attempt in December its second rate increase in ten-and-a-half years, it is important for investors to “see the forest through the trees,” and recognize that macro fundamentals supporting the gold thesis only continue to strengthen:

banksThe IMF reported last week that global debt hit a record $152 trillion.  I’m old enough to remember when a million was a lot, and in the past two decades we have blown right through talking of millions and billions and are now throwing around trillions like its nothing…

EmbryFor investors who are both just beginning their foray into gold investment, and for those who have been long time proponents of gold, Sprott Senior Advisor John Embry breaks down the recent history of the U.S., highlighting the pressures that have brought fiat currency to the brink, U.S. debt liabilities to staggering heights, and gold back to the institutional investor’s crosshairs.
It’s a must-hear, dispassionate and highly instructional speech for anyone seeking to fully understand the state of the global economy and its implications for gold and silver, and why gold remains a cornerstone of a well-constructed portfolio today:

gold-bar-vaultBill Gross just called out Janet Yellen as the penultimate market manipulator.
His solution for investors? Avoid stock and bonds, move toward gold bullion and tangible assets.
We’re glad Mr. Gross has finally caught up.
But as this has been an ongoing narrative for gold investors since 2011, we asked Rick Rule what has changed in the gold story…

The things that have moved in this market of course have been precious metal production and near term production stories, but people are coming to understand that high quality discoveries are rare.
There’s beginning to be a desire to get in front of the market and buy the next ‘thing’ to move…

CaptureOnly one year ago, during the depths of an ugly bear market, many investors said repeatedly that they had been so disappointed that they would not enter the gold equity space until they could clearly see in the rear view mirror that the bear market was behind them.
Those investors were comfortable leaving the early money on the table.  They were willing to exchange peace of mind of not buying in only to find it was another false start and quickly riding their stocks lower yet again.
Eight months into this year, it certainly feels and looks like the bear market is behind us…