The largest number in ancient Egypt was 1 million. As historian Will Durant wrote,
“The sign for 1,000,000 was a picture of a man striking his hands above his head, as if to express amazement that such a number should exist.”
Today the national debt in the Land of the Free is just shy of $20 trillion.

According to public data filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, insider buying is at its LOWEST level in THREE DECADES.
In other words, the people at the top of the corporate food chain who have privileged information about their businesses are NOT buying.
What do these CEOs know that we don’t?

What follows is Ben’s story– the story of an incredibly optimistic, forgiving person who always gives people the benefit of the doubt.
But after this experience, even Ben is losing faith in the institutions that are supposed to keep society safe.

No one ever thinks about counterparty risk until it becomes a problem… and by then it’s too late.
But counterparty risk becomes a BIG deal, and QUICKLY, when the system stops functioning normally…

After the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, Ray Dalio immediately recognized that the Federal Reserve would have to print trillions of dollars to bail out the system… so he positioned his firm for big profits, buying assets like gold and foreign currencies.   Dalio was right.
Now Dalio has a NEW Warning for anyone who’s willing to listen: