On this MUST WATCH interview of Sprott’s Ask the Expert, The Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick discusses Japan’s plans to double the Yen’s money supply in the next two years- a plan Berwick describes as “textbook hyperinflation“,  and how the Fed will OUTPRINT the Japanese, meaning nothing but inflation and hyperinflation is on the horizon for the US.
With half of the US population dependent on the US gov’t, Berwick states the coming collapse of the dollar will be unlike anything the world has ever seen as the US gov’t hyperinflates the dollar to unimaginable levels. 

Full interview is below: 

Would printing the cash to fund pensions for low-income retirees trigger inflation? It’s more of an open question than we might imagine at first glance.
There is an alternative to the current system of taxing workers and employers for Social Security, letting the Fed print trillions of new dollars for its banker buddies and borrowing money to fund Social Security deficits that future generations have to pay interest on forever:

Eliminate the Fed (or at least its right to create money) and Social Security, its bogus Trust Funds, its 12.4% (highly regressive) tax altogether and pay retirees with cash printed by the Treasury, not the Fed.

Ponzi schemeForcing young workers to pay into a Ponzi Scheme is generational injustice on a vast scale.
Why should young workers pay into a retirement system that will give them nothing, a system that will dissolve in insolvency long before they’re old enough to retire?

The core issue here is the generational injustice of pay as you go social programs, which boil down to unsustainable Ponzi schemes.