Recap of Jim Sinclair’s NYC Meeting: You Have 2 Years to Get Out of IRA’s, Silver to See Orgasmic Rally

jim sinclair*Updated with more in-depth recap from SD reader GL

For those unable to attend the legendary Jim Sinclair’s NYC Q&A meeting yesterday, we have provided SD readers an exclusive full recap summary of the meeting below.

While 5 hours of Jim Sinclair’s wisdom could never be conveyed in a single post, of note- Sinclair urged PM investors that they have 2 years to remove your IRA funds before they are lost to forced Treasury allocation, and to stop contributing now.

Sinclair also confirmed he sees a triple digit future for silver, but that silver’s rise will be orgasmic- a rapid climax rally followed by a dramatic decline. 

Full recap of Jim Sinclair’s NYC meeting is below: [Read more...]

Silver Update: Fiscal Psychopath

BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
Fiscal Psychopath [Read more...]

Gold & Silver Explode Higher on COMEX Open!

beach ballGold and silver launched vertically on Thursday’s COMEX open, as Europe’s bitcoin hysteria in the wake of the Cypriot wealth tax appears to have finally spread to the only true safe haven currencies, gold and silver. 

Silver sliced through $29 and jumped nearly to $29.50 immediately, while gold jumped to nearly $1620. [Read more...]

Silver Update: Bank Runs!

bankrunBrotherJohnF discusses the impending bank run looming when Cyprus’ banks are finally re-opened, and the Pandora’s Box that has been opened as a result of the ECB’s botched Cypriot/ Russian oligarch bank heist in his latest Silver Update:
Bank Runs!

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Gold & Silver Gap Up on COMEX Open

goldAfter being pushed back below $1600 and $29 over night, with silver being treated to a spike low near $28.50, gold and silver have just made another vertical move off $1600 and through $29 on the COMEX open.
Silver jumped .30 just through $29, and gold, appearing much stronger- bounced off of what is now support at $1600 to $1610. [Read more...]

Gold & Silver Gap Up Through Significant Resistance on Globex Open

beach ballThroughout much of the current bull market, the cartel has attacked gold and silver mercilessly on events that should have major bullish implications for the metals, such as the Nov 2011 pegging of the CHF to the Euro. 
The Cypriot bail-in over the weekend appears to be an anomaly however, as along with the dollar, both gold and silver have gapped up through significant resistance levels on tonight’s globex open, with gold bursting through the cartel’s cap at $1600, and silver through resistance at $29.

*Update: Cartel has now smashed both gold and silver back under $1600 and $29 respectively, wiping out entire gains from Globex open.
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Will We See a Silver Breakout in 2013?

rocketSilver has been trading sideways so far in 2013, but what will the rest of the year bring? Will 2013 be the year silver prices break out or crash and burn? What is a sustainable silver price for mining companies and where will the metal come from to supply the next generation of industrial and investment demand? Most important, how can investors make money off this volatile sector? These were the burning questions The Gold Report took to analysts, money managers and heads of silver mining companies.
The answers (from the likes of Eric Sprott, David Morgan, Bob Archer, & Jeffrey Christian) may surprise you.
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Stewart Thomson: Metals Rally Time!

stewart thomsonSubmitted by Stewart Thomson:

Big bull market moves occur with enormous negative sentiment, and it is the liquidity flows of short covering that produce the most violent jumps in price, to the upside

Those factors are in play now, but they would be “outrageously in play”, at $1400-$1450.   Have no fear of a drop to that price area.  I would not sell any holdings now, to avoid such a fall, even if I was 99% sure it would occur.
If the gold price fell to $1432, what would probably follow is a relentless rally, straight to the $2000 area. [Read more...]

Lead Counsel Of Silver Manipulation Suit: Missing Key Ingredient Needed For Case To Survive


Submitted by Tekoa Da Silva

I had the opportunity yesterday to connect with lead counsel of the Silver Class Action Complaint, Christopher Lovell, partner of New York City law firm, Lovell Stewart Halebian Jacobson LLP. It was a fascinating interview, as Chris and his firm have won many of the largest settlements in commodity exchange act & antitrust law history, with their highest recovery being over $1.02 billion dollars.

During the interview Chris provided an update on the silver class action complaint, as well as announcing a key missing ingredient, one which may be needed for the survival of the class action silver manipulation case.

Bottom Line: The silver manipulation case is on the edge of being thrown out for good. After investing many hundreds of thousands of dollars into this case so far, Chris is humbly asking for help from the market. It appears that insider emails or a ‘canary’ may be the missing ingredient needed to keep the case alive.
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Gold & Silver Pop on COMEX Open

beach ballIn the best sign yet that the pattern has changed from the nearly month long hammering of gold and silver on the COMEX open, both metals have made vertical moves to the upside this morning, with silver popping though $29 to $29.47, and with gold jumping $15 to $1598. [Read more...]

Silver Update: Visualizing Silver!

BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
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Silver Update: Drutter Divergence

Good evening everyone, it’s time for another silver update.
BrotherJohnF’s latest Silver Update:
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BrotherJohnf- Is Silver About To Crash?

SilverCrashIn this interview with AltInvestors, BrotherJohnF discusses the coming market crash and whether it will take down gold and silver similarly to the 2008 financial collapse.

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Silver Update: Rolling Over

BrotherJohnF discusses the market and silver in his latest Silver Update:
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Eric Sprott: Central Bankers Are Gaming Gold

Fed gaming goldSome people may look at the stock market and see economic recovery.
Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management and Sprott Money looks at myriad other economic indicators and sees an economy still in decline.
Despite his suspicions that central banks are keeping gold prices artificially low, he tells The Gold Report that he favors gold, platinum, palladium and especially silver, over the near and long term.

Full interview with Eric Sprott is below:
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