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Gold straddled the 1206 dollar mark at midnight as the bankers were adamant to suppress the price having sent the signal to the boys earlier via  silver yesterday.
By 3 am (London first fix) gold traded at $1203.00. Gold hovered at these lower values and hit its nadir at $1202 at 5 am.  By 9 am (news from the ECB of non action) saw gold shoot up to $1213.  However the suppression scheme was still on and gold was knocked down to close at $1207.50 at the comex closing time and $1205.50 at the access closing time.
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The Wealth Watchman took time to stop by the SGTReport and compare thoughts on the ongoing lunacy of the globalist elites.
While sadly, the Swiss people’s original inclinations(to bring their gold home) were overwhelmed by a tsunami of bankster-gold hate, 
it’s a great victory that such a vote was held at all.
This has, no doubt, planted the seeds in millions of minds(in Switzerland and beyond), as to how precious gold is, and how important it is for a nation to possess it themselves.

It’s a no-holds-barred discussion, ranging from Dutch gold repatriation theories, to the relative size of the “plankton” silver market to the “Blue Whale”, known as Apple Computer, to the vampire living within Swiss borders.
The Wealth Watchman’s full interview with the SGTReport is below: 



Gold was hit immediately in yesterday’s access market due to the fact that the banking cartel never allow gold to rise for two consecutive daysThe other goal was to keep gold below $1200.00.  It is my belief that above that level it is very toxic to the bankers due to the huge derivatives placed on gold to keep it suppressed.
Gold hit it’s zenith at  2 am (first London fix) with a price of $1209.00  From there it was downhill.
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PM fund manager Dave Kranzer joins us this week for a power packed show discussing: 

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler is below: 

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Despite the ridiculous 80/20 rule and the import taxes heaped on by the authorities (read the Central banksters in India and elsewhere), which continue to unfairly burden the hundreds of millions of citizens there who want to stack precious metalsthe heroic Indian stackers continue to line their temples, their safes, their brides’ necks, the wheels of their cars, and perhaps even the bathroom walls with the metals of kings and gentlemen: gold and silver!
In fact, the unbelievably strong demand in India, for both gold and silver, is at surreal levels.  
It is so huge at this point, that it’s terrifying their central bankers, and bullion bankers the world over!


Gold had a volatile week, but rose from $1147 last Friday afternoon to a high of $1205 on Tuesday.
On Wednesday the price moved between down $25 on the latest opinion poll on the Swiss referendum, then recovered to $23 before falling again on the release of the Fed’s FOMC minutes.
However, despite these unsettling swings gold rose on the week by about $30 overall, making it two weeks in a row as shown in our first chart.

Massive shorts

It looks like we have a few nervous shorts in silver racing against the clock to cover some of their shortfall!!
The total silver OI  remains extremely high with today’s reading  at 173,075 contracts. The big December silver OI contract marginally lowered to 71,638 contracts. The high December OI is huge news as those longs remain firmly planted ready to take on the bankers.
The potential for a MASSIVE short-squeeze is brewing.


John Manfreda of Wall Street for Main Street Interviewed Bo Polny of
Polny discusses the current state of the gold market, what the future holds for Gold, the Gold Silver ratio, the equity market, and predicts that a massive rally awaits in silver, no matter what The Fed says
Bo Polny’s full interview with Wall Street for Main Street is below: 

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Silver OI rose sharply by 892  contracts from 172,725 up to 173,617  as silver was down 26 cents yesterday.
It seems that judging from silver’s OI, our banker friends are still very nervous as they try to cover their massive shortfall in silver.
In ounces, this represents a total of 868 million oz or 124.0% of annual global supply!
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Gold and silver did not have  a great day price wise.
I reminded everyone on Friday that:
The bankers will regroup and will try and forcefully send gold and silver back down on Monday.  Of course the problem that the bankers have is this:  every time they orchestrate a huge raid, some strong entities (a sovereign??) are in there gobbling up much of the naked offering of our bankers. The bankers risk that many of the longs purchased will end up on the delivery table.” 

And sure enough, the bankers started their raids once the COMEX session got under way.