fight-battle-warUS equity markets are at all time highs – coated in as much Teflon as the political world.
Oddly enough however, precious metals are having a great year despite the pullback in August.
It should appear to both the casual and non-casual observer that there must be a conduit, instigator, call it what you will, mechanism, to help explain how “markets” seemingly either abruptly stop going down or up as if was magic.
The mysterious guardian of markets appears to be the USD:JPY (US Dollar:Japanese Yen)…

gold-silver-investmentsAgainst gold, gold stocks have been in a bear cycle since 1996.  That cycle appears to be ending now, and its end will be confirmed by an upturn in bank loan profits and money velocity.  A rising oil price floor could be the catalyst that creates the upturn. 
For the Western gold community, good times are here, and great times are near!

ride-rocket-upYou saw how China treated Obama at the G20 vs. Putin. The writing is on the wall on the for the dollar and the U.S.
If the big Central Banks resort to more QE to keep everything from collapsing, gold will SOAR.
If they don’t resort to QE, everything will collapse and gold will soar in a flight to safety…

ride-rocket-upThe closer the system comes to unraveling altogether, gold and silver remain attractive as a means of holding onto money with ready, liquid exchange value.

bear-bull-marketWith world debt at least twice 2008 levels, we are witnessing the dawn of a new system.
Central Banks have already printed the money, now it’s just a matter of when will the panic out of money and into real assets happen.
Once the public is afraid of holding currency and moves their currency into ‘stuff’, hyperinflation will begin.

The mining shares will take out the 2011 highs- perhaps by multiples…

fed-dollar-gold-noteOur take on the precious metals charts strongly suggests that gold and silver may work higher, over time, but it will be labored and not without intense effort to overcome the unlimited ability of the Federal Reserve [controlled entirely by the elites] to create an infinite supply of debt that poses as “money.”

silver-mineThe silver miners’ stocks have enjoyed an epic year, skyrocketing higher with silver’s new bull market.
At best since mid-January alone, some of these elite stocks had actually septupled!   
The bottom line is the major silver miners just reported an amazing Q2’16,
with silver’s young new bull fueling radically-higher operating earnings.
The great inherent leverage of silver-mining profits to silver prices was the fundamental justification underlying silver stocks’ epic gains so far this year.
And with silver’s bull only just starting, the best gains in silver-mining profitability and thus stock prices are yet to come…

srsroccoMany investors believe the value of silver will surge much higher in percentage terms compared to gold during the next financial and economic crash.  I happen to belong to that savvy group of silver investors, and for good reason.  If we look at the charts below, the data proves that silver bullion is certainly the more undervalued precious metal asset.
Thus, it will likely make silver one of the best investment strategies of a lifetime…

end-collapseThe cartel hit gold hard again this week, selling $1.5 BILLION in paper gold into the market in ONE MINUTE and as Bill Holter notes, “$1.5 Billion of gold is close to 2% of global production and to see that sold in one minute is laughable.”
Bill asks, “Who has that amount of gold to sell?  And the answer of course is almost no one. 
But as the bond market and rising LIBOR rates are telling us, the system is coming apart at the seams and the coming collapse will cause “our entire world to change…

China goldTake a look at the Shanghai fix.  Their early morning fix (our late at night time zone) saw the fix at $1319.72.  The exact NY price at the time was 1310.94 for a difference of almost 9 dollars!
The spread has been occurring on a regular basis and thus I expect to see arbitrage happening as investors buy the lower priced NY gold and sell to China at the higher price.  This should drain the COMEX…

 gold-and-silver-bullionA big move has begun,” CEO James Gowans notes, “there’s something fundamentally wrong with the economy.”
Jim joins us to discuss central bank money printing, the real risk of hyperinflation of the US Dollar as we’ve seen in Venezuela and the trend of big money moving into metals and mining stocks.
The commodities are rising fast as the decades long bond market bubble begins to deflate.  This is going to translate into much higher prices for the stuff people need.  Inflation- and ultimately hyperinflation, is looking increasingly likely…

Underwater SundownWhat will be most interesting, will be market trading Monday through Thursday.  Precious metals are trying to put in an organic bottom and rally.  The dip buying proves this.  With signs that the physical market might be tightening and Indian buying about to rise, it’s not likely manipulation will succeed in keeping prices lower for much longer…