JP MorganAs the Financial Circus continues today, pushing down the precious metals prices, millions of Americans are going to get WIPED OUT when the collapse of U.S. net worth begins in earnest. 

collapseIt’s hard to ignore that the events in the financial and economic system unfolding now are not unlike the events that occurred prior to the 2008 “great financial collapse,” which was a de facto western banking system collapse.
There’s no doubt that the recent take-down of gold and silver is inextricably connected to some sort of financial system disaster brewing.


“We’ve never seen anything like this.   The volume of demand we experienced on Tuesday surpasses anything we’ve ever seen – and that includes Q3 of 2015.” 

Only a fool boasts about their stack to friends.  Yet, we want to encourage friends & family to stack. But if I tell a good friend, and he casually mentions it down at the pub after a few beers, I better be prepared…

docI sat down with Doc to get an inside look at what is happening with one of the fasting growing bullion companies around.
The conversation is short as SD Bullion is experiencing their single biggest day in history.
Lend the Doc an ear and find out what’s happening today with physical silver!

gold-eagle-coinsIn a long-awaited decision, a US Federal Judge today ruled that investors may pursue antitrust and manipulation claims against ScotiaBank and HSBC Holdings, clearing the way for silver manipulation price-fixing litigation and potentially opening up the spigot for countless similar such lawsuits.

dollar collapseThe United States is once again brought to the brink of collapse.
America is only a few shades and another crisis away from an all out return to the Great Depression era.

collapseThis is starting to smell a lot like 2008.
Gold is being taken down just like it was in 2008 ahead of some type of systemic disaster coming at us…

willieThe next crisis will be a full deleveraging event that involves both public and private assets. I call it the “End Game”.
As it unfolds I expect markets to act more like they did in 1929 than 2008, and end with gold revaluation…

silver rocket downKeith Weiner says buying silver at today’s prices is the “textbook definition of a Ponzi scheme”:

hyperinflationThe short-term technical set-ups for gold and silver and the miners have just changed in that after Friday’s month-end bombardment, which originated in the London options market, that formidable uptrend line that began in December 2015 has finally been vanquished.
The ramifications could be nasty…

rocketAfter rocketing higher mid-year, silver has spent most of the third quarter drifting sideways to lower.  This has naturally weighed on sentiment, with investors and speculators alike growing more bearish during recent months.
Yet silver remains way undervalued relative to its primary driver gold, so silver’s young bull market is far from over. 
This metal’s upside from here is still massive as it mean reverts higher with gold…