T. Ferguson: Gold to Break 100 Day Moving Average Next Week, Target $1500 in 2014!


gold bullTurd Ferguson joins the SD Weekly Metals & Markets as a special guest host this week! We discuss:

  • Blythe Masters joins the CFTC for 12 hours to advise on Swaps regulation- TF lets loose on the audacity of the criminal banksters
  • Price trends in precious metals and fundamental underpinnings going forward
  • The Doc’s retail market report- big money is buying physical with both hands
  • Turd Ferguson on the “end game” of the “Great Keynesian Experiment”- TF calls for gold to break its 100 DMA to the upside next week, gold & silver to challenge $1525 and $26 in 2014.

Turd Ferguson discusses market manipulation & his outlook for the metals on the SD Weekly Metals & Markets! [Read more...]

Alasdair Macleod: Silver outperforming

silver rallySilver outperformed gold this week, having risen about 5% from $19.05 to Friday’s close at about $20. Intra-day movements have been the result of market-makers trying to work the price lower, because they are net short, and being squeezed by lack of genuine selling. This is illustrated in the chart below of silver’s price and open interest on Comex. [Read more...]

Silver Update: Toothless Regulators

ChiltonIn his latest Silver Update, BrotherJohnF discusses the incompetent and worthless regulators of the American financial system, as well as the gov’t ramping up their attacks on Bitcoin.
Silver Update: Toothless Regulators is below:

[Read more...]

Silver Update: Global Vampires

global vampiresBrotherJohnF is back with another public silver update, discussing the IMF’s 2014 economic outlook.
Silver Update: Global Vampires is below: [Read more...]

Silver Update: Eagle Rationing

RationingBrotherJohnF returns with a public silver update discussing the US Mint’s authorized dealer rationing of Silver Eagles to begin 2014.
Is the rationing a sign of a silver shortage, or is the US Mint simply incompetent?
BrotherJohnF’s Silver Update: Eagle Rationing is below: [Read more...]

Alasdair Macleod: Something’s Afoot in Gold & Silver…

silver rallyAlmost unnoticed, Open Interest in gold futures has taken off spectacularly, increasing by over 35,000 contracts since the beginning of the month, which is shown in the chart below.
Money Managers have closed some of their silver shorts but are still exposed at three times their average. The squeeze in the market might also have something to do with commercial businesses locking in low prices for physical silver into the fourth quarter of 2013, with no matching increase in hedging by the mines.
So if there is a short-term crisis developing in precious metals, it could well be in silver.
Something is clearly afoot in gold & silver. [Read more...]

Shorts Are Squeezed As Gold & Silver Go Vertical!

Gold & silver have just made a rare vertical (to the upside) move on today’s COMEX open, as the shorts looking for sub $18 silver and $1000 gold appear to be receiving the squeeze treatment. [Read more...]


JP Morgan Dimon MastersBrotherJohn documents and discusses exactly how the price of silver is fixed every day in his latest Silver Update:
Price Fixing
[Read more...]

Silver Update: Silver And Wrath

dollar burningBrotherJohnF’s latest public silver update: Silver & Wrath [Read more...]

Silver Update: Silver Cowards

silver lionBrotherJohnF discusses silver’s technicals, last week’s FOMC smash, and a discussion on hard money advocates who shun silver in his latest public silver update:
Silver Cowards
[Read more...]

Alasdair Macleod’s Gold market report: Gold and silver is little changed

SilverGold and silver are little changed on the week, having survived attempts to push gold lower through the $1300 level and silver through $21.25 on Tuesday. Precious metals are not the only markets to be waiting for a new sense of direction following the Fed’s decision not to taper, though in early trade today gold is showing some improvement.
The general lack of interest is shown in the charts below, where open interest on Comex is now at very low levels. [Read more...]

Shorts in Trouble? Gold & Silver Spiking Again on COMEX Open

beach ballOn this weekend’s Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin informed listeners that silver’s strong trading Friday in breaking through the cartel cap at $20.50 in the access market could result in a big move to the upside in silver this week.
Just as predicted, both silver and gold gapped up on the Monday Asian open tonight, with silver blasting nearly $1 higher to $21.30, and gold moving $20 to the upside through $1330.  After a consolidation back under $21 during London trading, gold & silver are again going vertical on the COMEX open.
Is the long anticipated short covering rally in the metals underway?
[Read more...]

Silver Update: Silver Salvage

In his latest Silver Update, BrotherJohnF discusses Odyssey Marine Expedition’s latest haul- 61 tons of silver recovered from the SS Gairsoppa off the coast of Ireland- recovered in a record 3 miles below the surface.
Silver Update: Silver Salvage is below: [Read more...]

Silver Update: Chinese Century

ChinaBrotherJohnF discusses the rise of the Chinese Empire in his latest Silver Update:
Chinese Century [Read more...]

Silver Update: LME & LBMA

empty COMEX vaultBrotherJohnF discusses Friday’s BLS metals smash, gold & silver’s technicals, and recent reports of 100 day delivery delays at the LME
in his latest Silver Update: LME & LBMA: [Read more...]