down-fall-smashWhile the leveraged longs in the futures markets may be selling, the unleveraged longs are buying – we can see this behavior in the increasing premiums and the rise in GLD tonnage.  At some point, we’ll run out of leveraged players and gold will snap back.
If the buck keeps rallying, there will probably be more long liquidation at the COMEX, the commercials will push prices lower – perhaps we could even get another significant leg down, depending on how badly the managed money panics –  and premiums will likely rise further.

willieJohn Embry fills in for Eric Sprott on today’s Gold and Silver Market Update, and breaks down “the ridiculous market action” in gold and silver. 
Will the paper derivative market always determine the gold and silver price?  Embry explains why he believes gold and silver derivatives pricing may be nearing THE END…

putinI do not know about you, but I think the following is quite alarming;
The Russian government has told Russian students studying abroad to immediately return to Russia:

plane-crashIt’s going to be devastating for most people… I believe there is going to be an enormous wealth transfer…
This crash is going to be deflationary, and it will be true deflation.
This next crash is going to be devastating because it will be stocks, real estate and bonds (all at the same time).
This is going to be the worst crash of allyou are going to see gold and silver take a moon shot…

hyperinflationThe world is undergoing a major economic transition from deflation to inflation.  Sadly, very few retail investors are correctly positioned to benefit from this exciting change.
The early 2016 rally in gold stocks was the canary that sang loudly in the “inflation is coming” coal mine.
What’s coming in 2017 is not a “bull market”.   It’s the start of a wondrous bull era!

ride-rocket-upIs the gold & silver breakout failing, or just consolidating for the next leg of the current secular bull market?
The Silver and Gold September Price Breakout is consolidating at support levels:  What’s next?
David Morgan returns to provide a critical gold and silver market update:

freefallThere’s no reason… there’s not even a propaganda meme of why gold has been smashed… there isn’t even a such thing as negative news for precious metals anymore.
So what happened?  Well known gold and silver analyst Andy Hoffman suggests the answer could be much simpler than we have been led to believe:

cliff-fall-edgeThe Expert Analyst Who Was the First to Sound the Alarm Regarding the Collapse of Deutsche Bank Has Issued a New Warning:
The Economic Collapse Is ACCELERATING…

SprottIs the Bottom In For Gold and Silver Prices After A HORRIFIC Week For the Metals?
Eric Sprott Explains Why We May Have Seen the Worst:


silver-eagle-coins-sd-bullionWith Silver Prices Smashed Nearly 15% This Week, the US Mint Reports Silver Eagle Sales of 1.4 million coins.
Based On Our Conversations With the CEO and Head of Trading at 2 AP’s However, We Find This Number EXTREMELY Hard To Believe…

JP MorganAs the Financial Circus continues today, pushing down the precious metals prices, millions of Americans are going to get WIPED OUT when the collapse of U.S. net worth begins in earnest.