waterfall raidThe decision was unanimous: another raid They tried to get gold below the 1255 level but failed as it quickly recovered and it closed at 1260.00.  However in the access market once it was revealed that there truly was no liquidation,  gold comex longs seemed to be invigorated and elevated gold into the $1267 area and silver to $17.14.
Our banker friends are regrouping tonight and burning the midnight oil planning their next criminal move!

fall plungeThe “commercials” have been aggressively issuing naked shorts to counter the new TSUNAMI of demand for gold.
For the time being, the powers that be have finally been able to put a stop to precious metals buying momentum.
With momentum stalled, How Far Will the Cartel Be Able to Smash Gold Down?

rocketWith silver looking like it may have finally shaken off the shackles of a brutal 5 year beat down by the cartel, Bix Weir joins ‘V’ The Gorilla Economist for an EXPLOSIVE interview:
Once the last ounce is sold that’s when the price goes from $15 to $5,000 because as the price rises – and the market riggers know this, the Fed knows this, the US Treasury knows this – that’s when people start getting interested in silver...”

return kingVictory is nigh, friends. Here I STAND! As silver prepares to cross the 18 dollar mark, I declare that the days of metal crushing/stomach churning/call option-destroying are over!
And 5 years after May 1st 2011, I say without hesitancy: SILVER STACKERS on the 5TH YEAR LOOK TO THE EAST (SGE)…. IT IS ON!!!!

willieThose who [unwisely] choose to own paper assets of any kind, especially in the stock market and digital currency held in banks, are being given a clarion alarm call by gold and silver that your time has reached its expiration date:

rocketThe narrative promoted by the various false prophets of the precious metals market will have you believe that the net short position of the Comex bullion banks and the net long position of the hedge funds is at a record high,and thus we can expect a massive price decline because of this.
But the presentation format is highly misleading….


up2With Gold, Silver, & the Miners Continuing to Break Out to the Upside, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined the Show, Discussing:

  • Last Ditch Effort” – The Blatant Act of Manipulation That Marked The Bottom
  • Where’s The Pullback?  Will Gold & Silver Give Investors An Opportunity to BTFD, Or Will PMs Simply Continue to Scream Higher?
  • Everyone Waiting On the Sidelines For a Pull Back to Join the New Gold & Silver Bull Rally
  • 2-3 Baggers Since JanuaryJust Getting Started?
  • “This Thing Could Get OUT OF CONTROL to the Upside Quickly!” Doc, Dubin, & Kranzler Break Down All the Action & Discuss What’s Next For Gold & Silver Below:

5 years ago today, the white metal was on a 5 month tear, which saw silver skyrocket from $18/oz to $49.73.  
Moments after Globex trading opened that Sunday evening however, the banksters unleashed a paper MASSACRE in silver of unprecedented proportions…

So what’s the vibe going into next week?
Gold looks to be weakening; I really didn’t like seeing gold drop when the USD fell 1% on Thursday.  Silver on the other hand looks set to break higher, and possibly the miners also.