6-Figure Gold? Marshall Swing Releases the Most Shockingly Bullish Gold & Silver Forecast Ever!

launch rocket verticalYou are literally going to see gold and silver skyrocket well past the Moon and other planets and could go as high as some nearby galaxies next year in 2015 as the “crash of biblical proportions” comes to pass.  
All the trillions of dollars in fake fiat paper money around the world will rush to buy the physical metal and ALL of it will be GONE in gone single hour, all around the world.
The worldwide physical silver and gold market is very very VERY TINY.   Once the signs of worldwide economic collapse become apparent, just hours before the crash that devastates ALL the economies of the world IN ONE SINGLE HOUR as the derivatives domino game comes crashing to a halt and massive fear instantly spreads around the world, all the fiat paper money will seek hard assets as a safe haven for maintaining their value.
The precious metals dealers will literally shut down their phone lines, and trillions of dollars in paper fiat capital is going to roar into the precious metals paper fiat fiasco better known as the New York Commodities Exchange and other fiat futures casinos around the world.
It will be an explosion or SHOT heard round the world as everybody throws whatever cash they have into this completely imagined safe haven, which is not a safe haven at all but a casino of order of magnitude in the hundreds of paper futures above a tiny amount of real metal in COMEX warehouses.
What levels could gold & silver achieve in a derivatives contagion?  Valuations so shocking Jim Sinclair’s price forecasts are bearish!

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Alasdair Macleod: A Tale of Two Certainties

Alasdair MacleodIt may be just coincidence, but stories about multiple rehypothecations of physical metal in China’s warehouses have emanated from sources involved with trading in these metals.
These traders have had to take significant losses on the chin on a failed strategy, and may now be moving towards a more bullish stance, because China’s warehouse scandal has not played out as they expected.
So two certainties, the collapse of both the yen and of Chinese economic demand don’t seem to be happening, or at least not happening quickly enough.   The pressure is building for a change of investment strategies which is likely to drive markets in new directions in the coming months.

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Alasdair Macleod’s Market Report: Underlying strength

Gold Open Interest 04072014 Gold and silver spent most of last week consolidating recent gains by moving broadly sideways, but their underlying strength was a notable feature.
The increase in open interest tells us that the rise in price was on the back of buying rather than a bear squeeze, which would have seen rising prices on steady-to-declining OI.
This is an important development, because it indicates that speculators are beginning to think the downtrend of the last 30 months might be over. 

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Gold/Silver Shrug Off TA Fears, Hang Tough

gold bull marketThe precious metals are shrugging  off the fears engendered by market analysts – (especially technical analysts) – from which reports are proliferating that the market is going to get slammed hard for the next few weeks starting this week.
Silver was hit hard on Friday after the NYSE closed.  The period between 4:00 p.m. EST on Friday (NYSE close) and the close of the Comex computer Globex system – 6:15 p.m. EST is usually the lowest volume period during the entire trading week.
This is when the manipulation from the big banks kicks into high hear.  
They took silver below $21 in the last 35 minutes of the Globex session.  Nice, eh? [Read more...]

The U.S. Dollar Had To Use The Rest Room Today…

SeptDXWhile gold, silver and mining shares catapulted from overnight and early attempts to manipulate them lower…
The U.S. dollar has lost the psychologically important 80-handle, it lost its 200 day moving average on Friday and its 50 dma today.  [Read more...]

Alasdair Macleod’s Market Report: Precious Metals Building a Base

summerIt is three weeks since the managed money category on Comex placed their biggest bet ever recorded in recent times that silver was going lower, and also bet big-time that gold would sink below $1200.
As is often the case when traders are so commonly committed to a price outcome they end up nursing some painful losses. [Read more...]

Bo Polny: Gold Cycle Top June 27, Next a Summer Low Buy-Of-A-Lifetime Before $2000 Gold in 2014!

Get_Ready_for_SummerOn June 4, 2014 Gold made a Cycle bottom, turned up on June 5, 2014, exploded higher June 19 post-FOMC.  June 27, 2014, Gold completes its Cycle Turn Date Top with a down Cycle into the summer low STARTING on July 1 – 2, 2014! 
This June 2014 rally has been nothing more than a short squeeze & ‘False’ Breakout!
After a 3-Year Bear and a Final Summer corrective Low ahead, none but the Resolute Bulls will be left standing to experience a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end!  …and ‘year end’ may not exactly mean the end of the year.
Cycle work allowed me to called then Silver $49 top, the $1900 Gold top, the June 28, 2013 Gold BOTTOM within 2-hours, the December 31, 2013 retest and higher low.
The coming summer low will be the FINAL ENTRY LOW and the Back-Up-The-Truck  ‘Buy-of-a- Lifetime’ before a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end!

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Betting on Silver: “Keys to the Game”

betBetting on investments is not that different than betting on football games.   You identify one or two “keys to the game.”
Long bets vs. short bets …
For three years now I’ve been betting on silver as a smart investment.
My “key to the game” – and the reason I’ve made these bets – is simple enough: America, I’m betting, is effectively broke and must print money to stay in business. This assessment tells me that, at some point, the purchasing power of the dollar will decline precipitously and that demand for gold and silver will become much greater.
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Yes, I and many others expect a rally…a significant rally…in the 2nd half of this year.
So this post is one to bookmark as we’ll discuss the various points on the chart where we can expect resistance to emerge.  The 2nd half of this year and then 2015 are going to be very interesting times to be alive.   Prepare accordingly.

Where might we find chart to resistance to the rally that is, most assuredly coming? (And, again, NOT just because the painted chart says so.   The London gold is “Gone…For Good” and the eventual realization of this will spur the rally to eventual new highs and beyond.)
Let’s start with gold.   For a plethora reasons, gold will NOT be breaking  down through The Double Bottom low of $1180.   It will instead, reverse course by later this month and then begin a slow-momentum build through the 2nd half of 2014.   First and foremost, gold must cross these two overhead resistance lines:

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Decline of U.S. Shale Energy & The End Of Precious Metal Manipulation

The EndThe biggest flaw in Trader Dan Norcini as well as many other analysts who believe that the markets ARE NOT RIGGED, is that they fail to understand the global energy situation.    The value of most STOCKS, BONDS and PAPER ASSETS are derived from a growing economy, which is based on a growing energy supply.
As the global oil supply peaks and declines, the value of most paper assets will decline.
The only way to protect wealth at this time will be in physical assets such as GOLD & SILVERIt was the SIPHONING of investor funds into paper assets such as derivatives, options, stocks  and bonds that caused the REAL MANIPULATION of the precious metals market.

Peak Oil will destroy gold and silver manipulation by DEFAULT. [Read more...]

Silver Head Fake?

letter jun 22 silverThe blue line in the silver chart below shows support around $19, going back 7 months. In the last few days of May, the silver price broke below that line. But by June 10, the price broke out through the line sharply. The breakdown at the end of May was a false breakdown.
Thursday’s price move also drove above the 100-day and 200-day moving averages (not shown). In March, silver had dropped below both averages, which have been falling for a long time.
No matter how you look at the price chart, the sharp spike in the silver price appears very bullish.
This is a good opportunity to reiterate our long-standing advice.   Never naked-short a monetary metal.

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Jim Sinclair: 30 Reasons The Bear Phase In Gold Ends This Summer!

launch rocket verticalLegendary gold expert Jim Sinclair sent an email update to subscribers this weekend, detailing 30 reasons why the nearly 3 year bear phase in gold & silver ends this summer.  
Sinclair, who called the end of the last secular bull market in gold the day before the top was placed (and worked overnight selling his entire position) and also predicted the current secular bull at the bottom nearly 15 years ago, believes the next leg in the bull market in gold which will ultimately take gold to new all-time nominal highs (Sinclair believes possibly as high as $50,000/oz) begins THIS SUMMER. 
Sinclair’s full MUST READ alert is below:  [Read more...]

Market Report: Firmer Tone in Precious Metals

 macleodFollowing on from last week when Iraq hit the headlines and the price of oil firmed up, gold was steady for the first three trading days.   It seemed the shorts just held their breath and hoped Iraq would go away. But with oil prices up yet again Thursday a vicious bear squeeze followed after someone bought over 3,500 gold contracts, driving the price up to just under $1300. Once this level broke at 13.40 New York time, gold jumped a further $15 as stops were triggered.
Silver also responded dramatically, rising through the $20 level to $20.90 for a gain Thursday of 5%.
The price action and open interest this so far month is shown in the following charts and illustrates how record bear positions are being squeezed in both metals.
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THE GOLD & SILVER ‘WASHOUT’ BEGINS! A Moon Shot to $2000 before Year END!

Polny2The Gold & Silver ‘Washout’ began with a Short Squeeze.  
Continue to expect a higher price target this month as the short squeeze is not over just yet!
After the coming Summer Low, the ‘Washout’ ends with a Moon Shot to $2000 before Year End! [Read more...]

Is The Silver And Gold Bull Market Over, Or is the Real Move Just Beginning?

Is the precious metals bull market over?” This may be the single most important investing question that we can ask ourselves. Why?
If the bull market in silver and gold is not over, then the current setup would likely be an extremely big buying opportunity.  [Read more...]