Silver Update: Picks & Pans

silver updateBrotherJohnF discusses his own picks and silver purchases in his latest Silver Update:
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Silver Will Be The King Precious Metal Performer

While gold is the king monetary metal, silver will turn out to be the king precious metal performer.  Currently, gold is stealing the show as the East (China) continues to consume more than total world gold production.
However, silver will surprise the markets in the future as overwhelming demand will outstrip supply in a big way.
The key factor that will drive up the price (value) of silver much higher than gold in percentage terms, will be its affordability.  As the price of gold heads back above $1,500 and silver to $30, an individual can buy a heck of a lot more silver than gold.
As the public and market are lulled back to sleep (presently) on the value of silver, there will come a time in the future when it will be impossible to acquire a single ounceonly at much higher prices.
Silver Will Be The King Precious Metal Performer.

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Buy the Physical Insurance- Regardless of Price!

gold & silver sold outBitcoin has dropped from the $1240 level to $455 on government threats, recovering somewhat since.
Bitcoin still serves as an example of what can happen to silver once the central banker constraints lose their grip.  The crypto-currency has no history as does silver and gold, yet it captured the world’s willingness and hunger to use something other than existing fiat as a means of escaping from the elitist-controlled tentacles of Western central bankers.
Buy the physical, buy the physical, buy the physical- regardless of price.
Owning silver is a form of insurance, if you will.  You buy life insurance, health and home insurance, car insurance, etc.  You buy it for the unexpected.  For silver, there
is no unexpected, only the inevitable, and it is among the best forms of insurance you can own for protection from imploding paper currency. [Read more...]

ON-SALE in 2014? Could Silver Drop to $13?

Are such low silver prices ever possible again?  Technically, yes.
Unless one was fortunate to have acquired the bulk of their physical silver allocation circa 2005 at an FRN price of under $6.00 per ounce, silver’s fall from grace since its 2011 peak has been nothing short of a hellish nightmare for most.
The current bear market in precious metals has had no mercy for those too anxious in backing up their trucks to load up on these highly valued and much sought after monetary components.
NEWSFLASH:  Gold & Silver (REAL-MONEY) remains ON-SALE! [Read more...]

Sprott’s Thoughts On The Curious Case for Silver

sprottIt has been a difficult year for silver investors with the metal falling by 36% year-to-date. While the Federal Reserve balance sheet continues to expand, ‘taper’ discussions by the Federal Open Market Committee have weighed heavily on the price performance of all the precious metals this year. By our calculations, over the last five years silver has a beta to the gold price of 1.5. This implies that price changes in gold are magnified in silver. Combine this with an 80% correlation in the price action between gold and silver over the same time frame and it’s easy to see that where the price of gold goes, the price of silver goes faster. As we break down the fundamentals for silver, market developments this year give rise to a curious conundrum – how can the case for silver be stronger while the price continues to languish? We begin with investor sentiment. [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Prices – Been Here Before, But This Time Is Different

The precious metals have seen dramatic sell-offs before, although the primary difference between previous precious metal declines and the recent drop is the current shortage of physical metal. 
Major dealers in North America and the EU seem to be out of physical precious metal stock almost across the board. This physical shortage had been developing for some time, in contrast to the 2008 drop.
In terms of the supply fundamentals, the loss of Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon mine last week, in addition to further postponements for Barrick Gold’s big Pascua Lama Project were as bullish as can be.

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Eric Sprott Addresses Questions On Sale Of PSLV Shares Exclusive
By Eric Dubin

Numerous questions have been raised about Sprott’s recent sales of Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV). has never had any reason to doubt the integrity of Eric Sprott.  We’d like to put the speculation to rest.
On Tuesday, April 16th Eric Sprott held a conference call with institutional investors.  We tuned into the call.  He made a point of commenting about the sales: [Read more...]

Here We Go Again- Gold & Silver Plunge to $1350, $22.50 on Globex

Gold and silver have been greeted to yet another waterfall plunge as the first trading since the CME hiked margins in both metals by 18% after today’s COMEX close.  Silver has plunged nearly another dollar to $22.50, and gold another $25 to $1350.

*Update: Both metals have already retraced nearly all of their latest losses, as silver has quickly spiked back to $23.15, and gold to $1365
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Gold & Silver COT Report 4/12/13: Commercials May Slam Silver to $17!

By SD Contributor Marshall Swing: 17 silver

Gold & Silver COT Report 4/12/13:

Many writers were declaring a bottom for the silver slide after price rose from last Friday’s low of $26.57 and rose to $27.90 at Tuesday’s close.
They were wrong.
Almost all writers have previously declared $26 as the holy grail never to be broken downward again.
They were wrong. 
How low can price go?  I will repeat what Martin Armstrong has said we may see $23 and then if that, then $17 is possible.

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“Price” and “Availability”…Are Inverse of Each Other in the Real World

gold & silver sold out“Price” or “value” ultimately will be decided upon and truly obtained in the cash physical market which we will need to keep a close eye on in the coming weeks.  The paper markets are saying that Gold and Silver are worth “less” Dollars, now we will watch and see if the supply in the physical markets dry up in protest that the paper markets are wrong.  This is already occurring in the Silver market.  For example, the premium over spot in the junk market has gone to the +15% range which means actual “hold in your hand” pre 1965 dimes and quarters ended the week unchanged even though the paper Silver markets showed a 6-7% loss! [Read more...]

EPIC Raid Sends Gold to $1300 Handle, Silver to $22!

JP Morgan*Update: Gold to $1350, silver to $22 handle at $22.94!!

Gold and silver are rallying off overnight epic lows this morning, as gold was smashed another $100 into the $1300′s, and silver was crushed another $3 all the way to $23! In all, silver was smashed nearly $5 (18%) and gold $165 (11%) from Friday morning!
The strength of the rally in early COMEX trading is a good first sign that the worst is past, as the cartel raises to raise metals prices before the London fix. [Read more...]

Here We Go Again…Silver Plunging to $23 Handle, Gold to $1420: Free-fall in Progress!

*Update: Full-fledged margin-call blood-bath in progress, silver nearing $23 handle, gold to $1420!!

After briefly popping back above $26 in early Globex trading tonight, silver has just been treated to another waterfall smash, gapping down another dollar, collapsing another $1.50 to a $24 handle with a last of $24.35!
Gold has plunged another $65 to $1420!
It appears that the cartel is not concerned whatsoever that 16% of annual US silver mine supply evaporated over the weekend
, and will continue to press any remaining weak or leveraged longs. [Read more...]

Price Follows Volume: Investors Flocking to Real Money (G&S) Cash!

silverSubmitted by Bill Holter

“Price” follows volume…or at least it should in any real world where the markets are left unfettered to discover true and real values. 

“Crony capital” is flowing into crony bonds but hard earned capital is flowing into, not out of the precious metals that are otherwise known as “money”.  Investors are flocking to “cash” in other words, not trash cash but real money cash!
THIS is what volume flows should be telling you and as Jim Sinclair says “Gold is coming INTO the system…NOT away from it” [Read more...]

Real Money Flowing East: Gold & Silver Google Trends Searches in China vs USA

ChinagoldsearchIn today’s modern world, there may not be a better gauge for overall public sentiment than Google search engine results.
With gold and silver nearing 2 years of bull market correction, gold and silver search terms and traffic in the US are roughly 40% of the levels seen in 2011.
In China however, google search trends for gold  are a completely different story [Read more...]

Silver Spike. Huh?

A silver spike of a $1 in the overnight trading session?  Image below.  Doc’s take on this coming soon.

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