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The year’s most popular Silver Bullet Silver Shield releases the Warbird & Sic Semper Tyrannis are back in an extremely limited edition copper version- the LAST 2 OFFICIAL SBSS coins as Chris Duane re-brands the series on Dec 31st!


Copper Warbird Copper SST

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SBSS Argyraspides Silver Shield- Available Now At SDBullion!

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Argyraspides- The Silver Shields.  Alexander the Great’s Hand Picked Legion [Read more...]

The SBSS Sic Semper Tyrannis is Available Now at SDBullion!

sic semper tyrannis
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Buying Silver Was The Stupidest Move I Ever Made!

silver bullet silver shield sbssThe Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane responds to claims that buying silver was the stupidist move I ever made by reviewing the fundamentals and what has transpired in the markets in the 5 years since the Lehman collapse.
Will you be worried about a fiat price correction in 2013 if the entire system collapses?
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SBSS Releases Mock of Canadian Maple With Cannabis

Following the release of the Warbird that mocked the US Silver Eagle, SDBullion announces the release of the 7th coin in the SBSS series, Cannabis.

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Chris Duane: Silver Bull is Back, Silver to Double by Spring 2014!

Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane has released an update on silver and his short term and long term view for the metal in the wake of 2013′s mauling.
Duane states that after silver sold off to $18 in early July, the great silver bull market is finally back, and predicts a massive rally in the next 6 months, with silver doubling by Spring of 2014!

Duane’s full update on the Return of the Silver Bull is below: [Read more...]

SBSS AG 47 Available NOW At SDBullion!

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Chris Duane: Why Silver And NOT Gold

silver not’s Chris Duane discusses why he believes silver is the #1 asset to own in the world, and why he has literally sold the house to go all-in on silver, rather than gold. [Read more...]

Chris Duane: Constitutional Silver Will Disappear First

silverDont-Tread-On.Me’s Chris Duane touts the rapidly vanishing constitutional 90% silver as the best physical silver investment, and the physical form of silver that will disappear first (as it already is, as the wholesale market is currently on a 6-10 week delay!) in this excellent interview on silver:

Constitutional Silver Will Disappear First! [Read more...]

The Tale of Three Silver Premium Spikes

Our friend Chris Duane of examines three recent premium spikes seen in physical silver, their causes, and what the spikes mean about the silver market.

Duane examines the late 2008 spike caused by a massive paper silver sell-off during the 2008 financial crisis, the premium spike/shortage seen in March/April 2011 due to massive demand as silver neared $50, and the recent spike in premiums this January as a shortage of Silver Eagles and Maples developed as the Mints stopped production and rationed silver.

The Tale of Three Silver Premium Spikes [Read more...]

Docs Deal of the Day: Silver Bullet Silver Shield Freedom Girl!

Doc’s Deal Of The Day

1oz Silver Bullet Silver Shield Freedom Girl

 Freedom Girl

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Chris Duane: Are You ALL IN On Silver?

The Doc sat down with’s Chris Duane Monday to discuss the recent explosion in gold purchases, his outlook on silver, and the launch of the 2nd coin in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series, the Trivium Medallion.

Duane states that while the big money appears to be finally waking up to the incoming tsunami of fiat devaluation, the smart money is going to silverDuane expects silver to massively outperform gold throughout the duration of the bull market, easily surpass the current in ground ratio 9-1, and potentially reach 1:1 parity with gold prior to the end of the secular bull.

Full MUST LISTEN Silver interview below:

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Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver Part 3

Chris Duane of has released Part 3 of his Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver video series.

Those who missed can click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of Duane’s top 14 reasons to buy silver .

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