Is NOW The Right Time for Silver? The Doc Weighs In

SDBIs NOW the Right Time for Silver?

In this exclusive interview with Reluctant Preppers, precious metals advocate The Doc from & SDBullion examines the essential points that must be considered when deciding whether NOW is the right time for silver.

The Doc discusses where we are at in the current secular bull market, market psychology, physical demand trends he’s seeing in the market, and what the final blow-off tops in gold & silver are likely to look like. 
The Doc covers how he recommends strong your precious metals (storage MUST be allocated & segregated), discusses what lies ahead in 2014 for Gold and Silver, and explains why we should listen to Eric Sprott & Jim Sinclair’s outlooks for Gold and Silver in 2014.

Is NOW the right time for silver?  SDBullion’s founder breaks down the PM market below: [Read more...]

Silver Price Forecast 2014: Silver Prices Will Rise Dramatically At The End – Are We Close To The End?

launch rocket verticalThe real price of silver bottomed in 1931 and again in 2001, which could be described as a 70-year double- bottom. That is 20 years longer than gold’s bottom, quite a massive divergence. In 1980, for the first time since the first bottom, silver made an attempt to test the previous highs in place since the 1800s, and actually exceeded it for a while, which is typical of how silver can spike. So, silver actually technically did what gold did at least 40 years earlier.
After the second bottom of gold in 1970, gold started a rally that ended much higher than the previous highs of the 1800s. That is what rallies after valid double-bottoms normally do. Now, as I have said above, silver made the second bottom of its double bottom in 2001, and has started a rally since then. If it continues to follow what gold did, as well as what normally happens after a valid double bottom, then this rally will end much higher than the real highs of the 1800s.
Given the fact that silver has a tendency to spike much more than gold does, then we should expect massively high silver prices during this coming rally. [Read more...]

INSTITUTIONAL BUYING: The Coming Silver Game Changer

silver rushThe key to investing in silver is getting in before the big gains are made. The sector that will have the largest impact on future silver investment demand will be institutional buying.  According to Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management, we may be witnessing the beginning stages of what could be a big move of institutional investors in the physical precious metal market.
The writing is on the wall.  The Fed & Western Central Banks are propping up the world financial markets by pumping in huge amounts of liquidity.  This policy has put into question the long-term viability of the Treasury & Bond markets.
Even though the East is participating in the Grand Paper Liquidity Scheme, they are forced to do so because the Dollar is still the global reserve currency.  However, as confidence in the Treasury & Bond markets begin to wane, we are going to see more institutions and retail investors rotate out of paper and into physical assets. [Read more...]

Silver/Oil Ratio Indicates Silver To Explode to New Highs!

Silver vs Oil Price & Ratio 1981-2000You can buy more than three times the amount of silver compared to oil today than you could during the decade of the 1960′s.
The Central Banks and Monetary Authorities have done a fine job bamboozling the public in making sure that gold and silver remain as silly investments only the fringe in society would purchase and hold.
When the price of silver reached $35 an ounce in 2011 it wasn’t a parabolic move higher, rather it was behaving more like a balloon being released from far below the surface of the water.  The coming explosion in the value of silver will be a shock to the world.
If we were to value silver today compared to its oil ratio during the following periods, this would be the result: [Read more...]

Stewart Thomson: Queen Gold Changes Horses In 2014

gold silverAs the year 2013 comes to a close, the Western super-crisis has entered a lull period, and an Asian citizen gold demand era begins. It could be said that your “Queen Gold” jockey is changing horses in 2014. She’s moving from a Western racehorse… to an Asian Clydesdale. In the biggest picture, I think this means that Western precious metals investors are going to have their golden cake, and eat it too!
If gold and silver are transitioning from a Western-centric bull market to an Asian-centric bull era, then super-sized chart patterns should appear in these markets, and this appears to be the case with silver.
The ratio chart shows a gigantic head and shoulders bottom pattern in play, and it suggests that in 2014 silver should begin to outperform the T-bond for many years, and potentially for decades. [Read more...]

ON-SALE in 2014? Could Silver Drop to $13?

Are such low silver prices ever possible again?  Technically, yes.
Unless one was fortunate to have acquired the bulk of their physical silver allocation circa 2005 at an FRN price of under $6.00 per ounce, silver’s fall from grace since its 2011 peak has been nothing short of a hellish nightmare for most.
The current bear market in precious metals has had no mercy for those too anxious in backing up their trucks to load up on these highly valued and much sought after monetary components.
NEWSFLASH:  Gold & Silver (REAL-MONEY) remains ON-SALE! [Read more...]

Eric Sprott on Why He’s More Bullish on Silver Now Than Ever!

In this interview with Peter Spina, Eric Sprott discusses the unprecedented silver consumption by India for investment purposes as the Indian gov’t cracks down on gold imports, and how India’s 4,000 ton increase in silver demand this year alone is likely to affect the silver market going forward.
Eric views the current price action in silver as extremely counter-intuitive considering the physical supply and demand fundamentals, and states that to see the price of silver go down in this environment (as India consumes an ADDITIONAL 30% of global investment silver supply) just blows me away!
Sprott concludes:  These trends simply can’t continue. You can’t have India suddenly consuming 15% of the global market, people in the US buying an all-time record amount of silver, and put the same amount of money into silver as gold, those things cannot continue to happen and the price of silver stay down.

Eric Sprott’s full MUST LISTEN interview on silver is below: [Read more...]

Silver To Hit New Highs Despite Bearish Forecasts

silver pricesThe big “V” correction in the precious metals back in 2008-2009 did not persuade investors from buying gold and silver at severe lows.  Matter-a-fact, it actually motivated huge retail buying of physical bullion.
This time around the monetary authorities got smarter.  They engaged a new “SLASH & BURN” tactic by bleeding the gold and silver investors dry by slowly crushing the price of gold and silver over a two-year period.  To complete their masterpiece, they initiated two huge take-downs in April & June to make sure even the most hardcore precious metal investors would question their holdings.
The price of silver will hit new highs as an explosion of investment demand will overwhelm supply in the future.  This once in a lifetime event will occur not because of bullish rhetoric, technical analysis or brokerage recommendations, but because the fundamentals will finally kick in a major way. [Read more...]

SILVER: 4 Cycles in 12 Years

silver waveSince 2001 the silver and gold markets have gone up substantially as a reaction to the 20 year precious metals bear market from 1980 – 2000, massive increases in military spending, weakening global economies that REQUIRE Quantitative Easing to avoid deflation, the rise of competing currencies that weaken the dollar’s trading status, excessive debts in Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and so much more.
We don’t foresee declining gold and silver prices unless we fall into a deflationary collapse. The Fed has made it clear – no deflation! The US congress and the President have made it clear; they want to spend, spend, spend! Accidents do happen, but “Don’t Fight The Fed.” Expect money printing, inflation, increased debt, and higher prices in gold and silver.
From the past 12 years of silver cycles, expect a high, crash low, launch low, and breakout, to repeat until the global monetary system fundamentally changes from un-backed debt based paper money and returns to some form of a gold backed currency.
[Read more...]

Rick Rule: Eric Sprott Believes His Portfolio Will See 15 to 20 Baggers in the Next 12 Months

Rick Rule:  Eric Sprottis as aggressive as I have seen him since the year 2000…he is as is his style, the style that has made him a billionaire, very aggressively going into the marginal junior producers…companies that barely make money at $1400, but would be making $800 or $900 an ounce if the gold price went higher….
Eric believes that gold within 12 months will certainly be above $2000…[and] that this is the year where his portfolio will see ten to fifteen–10 to 20 baggers.[Read more...]

Chris Duane: Silver Bull is Back, Silver to Double by Spring 2014!

Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane has released an update on silver and his short term and long term view for the metal in the wake of 2013′s mauling.
Duane states that after silver sold off to $18 in early July, the great silver bull market is finally back, and predicts a massive rally in the next 6 months, with silver doubling by Spring of 2014!

Duane’s full update on the Return of the Silver Bull is below: [Read more...]

Are Gold & Silver At a Turning Point?

The past two years have not been kind to holders of the precious metals. The price of gold is down over $500/oz since the record high (nominal) price it hit in August of 2011. That’s a decline of 28%.   Silver has seen a decline of 56% over the same period.
There’s no way to sugarcoat the dismal performance of the precious metals in recent months. But a revisitation of the reasons for owning them reveals no cracks in the underlying thesis for doing so.
In fact, there are a number of new compelling developments arguing that the long heartbreak for gold and silver holders will soon be over.
Trying times like these are designed to wear you down and force weaker hands to capitulate before reversing.
We remain steadfast in our conviction that the precious metals investment thesis remains healthily intact, and that the real price action in the gold and silver story has yet to be seen.  We see increasing evidence indicating that the next big upward reversal is near at hand.
[Read more...]

David Morgan: Silver BULL Market is NOT over-the BEST move is AHEAD!

silver dollarIn his latest interview,’s David Morgan discusses his outlook on silver going forward, and why he believes the bull market is NOT over for the precious metals, and why the best move is ahead! [Read more...]

Q&A With The Doc: Will I Ever Get Back to Even on My 40% Underwater Gold & Silver Position?

SD reader Dave writes:

I Purchased $20,000 in gold and $60,000 in silver two years ago. I was lead to believe they were going way up due to money printing and zero interest rates. So far I am down 30-40%. All the fundamentals are right for higher prices but both metals have gone way down. Can these prices go up without a complete collapse of the dollar? I figure I only have about 10 years left to live. Will I ever get even? The only people touting the metals now are the people that make money on sales.
Thanks,  Dave.

Doc: All major secular bull markets have major corrections.  As to your bad timing of purchasing $80,000 in gold and silver 2 years ago, I believe the bull market will forgive bad timing- provided you have the intestinal fortitude to be right and sit tight. [Read more...]

Silver – Keep It Simple!


If silver and gold prices correlate, on average, with the national debt and debt will increase until a crash/implosion/hyperinflation event restructures our economy, then you can bet on much higher silver and gold prices in the future.
Volatility will increase. Gold accelerated into a new high in 2011, and silver almost exceeded its 1980 high that same year. Both markets have been ugly, from a bull’s perspective, since then. Expect future parabolic rallies and vertical drops to become more intense in the next four years.

Expect more frightening and silly statements from Goldman Sachs et al about gold going down to $1,200, while they prepare to book fantastic profits from the rally they will encourage, when the time is right for them. The names differ, the game is the same. It hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.

If you want stress, play the futures market in silver. If you want a long-term investment, buy silver at these low prices and wait for the powers-that-be to devalue the various Dollars, Euros, and Yen that we use. [Read more...]