Something BIG, UGLY, and NASTY this way comes…


monster-boxes silverBill Holter joins the SGTReport for this late October precious metals and global economic implosion update:
The money worldwide is FAKE.  Gold is, has been and always will be REAL money.  Gold is God’s money.  That’s what this is about.  This is about forcing the population of the world to us FAKE money and the REAL money is being accumulated
The reality is the world is broke.  The world is bankrupt… Silver is a no brainer.  Silver is the cheapest ASSET on the planet.

We hosted Steve St. Angelo for a fascinating, if not startling, look at the big developments that look to have the west – and possibly the entire world – headed for an unexpected collapse.
When the system finally starts to unravel, the speed at which it will unravel and how it takes down the fiscal economy will be breathtaking.

silver currency

The Spaniards of centuries past controlled the world’s elite maritime fleet.  And this fleet’s colonization of the Americas is well-documented.  The Spanish Crown would have told you their primary mission was to convert the indigenous people to Catholicism.  But in reality it was trade and a craving for all things exotic that ultimately supported this campaign.
And perhaps the one thing that the Spaniards couldn’t get enough of was silver.  In Mexico and Peru in particular they found hoards of this shiny-white metal.  And via both conquest and discovery they quickly gained control of the world’s silver trade.
Though Spain no longer controls the trade today, Mexico and Peru are still atop the silver rankings, collectively responsible for about one-third of the world’s mine production.  And this allows for fortunes to be made by the mining companies on the ground in these two countries.  In Spanish the word fortune is translated as fortuna And Fortuna Silver Mines is poised to live up to its name as one of Latin America’s premier primary silver producers.

  • NFP + 126,000 on expectations of +245k
  • Official Unemployment rate unchanged at 5.5%
  • Jan & Feb revised 69k jobs lower
  • Labor Force Participation rate falls to 62.7%, record 93 million Americans not in the labor force (how the BLS can fabricate the 5.5% unemployment rate)Whelp…now we know why the BLS released the April NFP on a day the markets were closed…gold & silver are poised to EXPLODE on Sunday’s Globex open…

     *11:45am EST Update:


2015 Best & Worst Peforming Commodities IndexesWith the new year now in full swing, Silver is one of the top performing commodities in 2015.  After falling over 71% from its high of $49.82 in April 2011, to a low of $14.16 in December 2014, silver is up 16.3% in 2015.
Not only is silver up higher than gold in percentage terms, it’s nearly double gold’s performance of 9.3% in January.


The intensity of the banks’ attacks on gold and silver prices have been long, drawn out, and merciless.
Since 2011, the banks have been hitting completely “below the belt”.   They are are now All-in on their efforts to cap gold & silver, because this time they understand: it’s for all the marbles.
Why have the precious metals been massacred since 2011?
The fate of the US dollar as global reserve currency hangs in the balance. 


Silver has just broken below the June 2013 low of $18, continuing its post FOMC “taper” sell-off Friday, plunging to a new bear market low of $17.77. 
Gold is also continuing its sell-off, but has held above $1215, still $35 off the June 2013 lows of $1179. 

solar silver

Time is running out for the banksters, not in spite of silver prices continuing to crater, but because of it!
There are just too many signs flashing from all directions, that the supply needed to run this massive con are not enough.  There’s simply not enough silver available at sub-$20, to keep delivering to everyone in the world who wants it.
And who wants it?  Everyone and their grandmother, that’s who!
This is particularly true in the realm of industrial usage, like the world’s newest crush: solar energy.


With volatile trading around key support/resistance in gold & silver and geo-political tensions rapidly escalating with Russia, T. Ferguson of TFMetalsReport joins the show this week to discuss: 

  • Tuesday’s cartel raid which saw gold & silver smashed below key support at $1300 and $20, the reasoning behind it, and why gold is setting up beautifully for a run to $1500
  • Ebola pandemic?  Is the Ebola crisis dominating the news merely an MSM agenda, or are we looking at an imminent global pandemic the likes of which have not been seen in 100 years? 
  • Trade wars escalate as Russia bans food imports from Europe, Ukraine threatens to block Russian natural gas pipeline, meanwhile crude plunges 10%?  Why The Fed may likely be manipulating oil to the downside to harm Russia/Putin
  • Outside of new releases such as the 50 Year Anniversary JFK Gold Proof & RCM Bald Eagle , physical silver demand declines in the US as US Mint sales down substantially, yet physical demand is screaming in Asia as Shanghai silver inventories have been depleted by 90%nearly 1,000 metric tons over the past year! 

You won’t want to miss this week’s Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & T. Ferguson: 

silver barsThe banksters have understood and implemented their evil genius for well over 150 years.
They knew during the opium wars in the 1700 and 1800′s and they know today.   I believe the banksters are losing control of the current narrative, the same way they did during the opium wars, thus having to create real war to distract and steal unabated.
The narrative today is that Russia is the problem, Iran is the problem, the President of Syria is the problem, etc.. This is to distract from the real problem which is the USDollar, not only losing it’s world reserve currency status, but losing all it’s value due to the transfer of wealth through money printing by the Federal Reserve.

GLDDavid Quintieri author of The Money GPS joins the SGTReport to discuss the collapse of the international banking and monetary systems. We also cover the great Wall Street SILVER FRAUD in detail.
According to Bloomberg the “silver market” is a “$5 TRILLION DOLLAR market”.   However, given that we know that only 700-800 million ounces of PHYSICAL silver are mined from the ground every year, the ACTUAL gross silver market is at best worth $15-20 Billion a year!
Bloomberg is admitting that the great Wall Street silver paper PONZI market is at least 250 times larger that the actual PHYSICAL market… ANNUALLY. 

bitcoin silverGuest Post by SD reader SilverorPropertyTaxes: and Max Keiser have both done extensive documentation and exposing of how the silver market is manipulated.
Traditionally, silver has been seen as a hedge against inflation, but how can this work if it’s a manipulated market through phony ETF’s and re-hypothecated lending of bullion? The silver supply is running out, and you can see just a few of the figures for its rapid consumptions here and here.

When silver is manipulated – for instance the banks drop 2.5 years of U.S. silver production onto the market in ten minutes time in the form of short contracts, it makes it hard to see how anyone can use silver as a hedge against inflation in the short term. However, when you look at the rapid rise of bitcoin, you see that what could be a useful tool to hedge your silver investment against manipulation in the markets.  It is more difficult for the banks to manipulate bitcoin than silver. For one, there is no one who can claim to have bitcoin and then be granted the ability to short it like silver. People have not been accumulating bitcoin for ages like silver (supposedly), and there is little or no bitcoin derivative market.

Precious metals have all run up with the recent loose money policies enacted by various governments.  Clearly the market darling of late is silver which is now gaining favour in Asia for its value appeal.  Spot silver traded in New York has risen by 27% since the end of June, while the price of spot gold has increased by a meek 12%. Analysts say future Indian demand is key for silver’s price to climb. Futures contracts for silver at India’s largest commodity exchange, the Multi Commodity Exchange, rocketed 30% in September compared with July, while volumes fell by 10% for gold futures contracts over the same period. Indian rupee weakness sent gold prices in rupees to an all time high this year, while silver never exceeded the record it hit last April. Rupee-denominated silver is currently being quoted around 20% below the record. Indian investors have ceased purchasing because the 2 weeks ending Oct. 15th is regarded as inauspicious.  The buying will commence and peak during the week ahead of the Hindu festival of Diwali on November 13th. In China, on the Shanghai Futures Exchange silver futures were up 29% at the end of September verses the end of June, while gold climbed 13%, according to data from the exchange’s website.

In this must watch market update, Greg Mannarino discusses the recent pull-back in crude, stating that the long term trend for crude is up, up, UP. He states that the current pull-back is creating a MASSIVE FLOOR and is extremely bullish, and that ‘after this current pull-back I am more bullish on crude than I have ever been!  There is NO WHERE FOR COMMODITIES TO GO BUT UP!

Mannarino states that the Fed is in absolute complete panic mode by announcing an open-ended, unlimited, QE to ABSOLUTE INFINITY.  He states that the Fed is currently setting up the biggest crash in the stock and currency markets that the world has ever seen in the history of the world, but that people who are holding commodities like crude oil will make out like bandits.

Mannarino emphasizes that the best way to do this is to hold physical assets in your hand like gold, and more specifically, silver.  He concludes by stating that ‘SILVER IS THE MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!! That is a fact my friends!!


As expected with it’s strong action through Friday’s close, silver has exploded in today’s London and electronic market trading, blasting .45 higher to $32.28, and slicing through $32 like a hot knife through butter. 

We expect some resistance near $32.50-$33.  If silver is able to clear this level as volume returns to the markets come Tuesday, silver will likely target $35 in a disorderly move to the upside.

Submitted by SD Contributor Marshall Swing

Silver COT Report 8/24/12


Commercials sold off a huge -4,651 longs on the week and added a whopping 4,424 shorts to end the week with 46.48% of all open interest, a minor change of +0.35% in their share since last week, and now stand as a group at 162,385,000 ounces net short, an increase of over 45,000,000 net short ounces, or an astonishing 38% increase in their net short position in a single week!

After almost 9 weeks of trying to break over $28, silver closed over over $28 on Thurs/Friday and, after a concerted and blatant attempt by the silver manipulating banks to take silver below $28 this morning, it inexplicably shot up like a roman candle at 11:12 a.m. EST time.

We know that at some point in the future that JPM’s paper short position in silver is potentially the equivalent of a small nuclear device embedded deeply the bank’s bowels.

The trigger will be the point at which counter-parties to JPM’s short position demand physical delivery of the silver JPM is derivatively short on the Comex, LBMA and OTC derivatives market.