panic crashEconomist John Williams says if Russia sells its U.S. dollar holdings it could trigger hyperinflation.  Could it collapse the financial system?  Williams contends, “Yes, it certainly has a potential to do that.  Looking outside the United States, there is something over $16 trillion dollars in cash or near cash.  That’s about the same size as our GDP.  If the rest of the world believes this is what’s going to happen, people who have been wanting to get out of the dollar for some time very easily could front-run the Russians.  The scare is onPeople will try to get out of it as rapidly as they can.  We have not seen an economic recovery.  We have not seen a return of health to the banking systemSo the system is very vulnerable and if the Russians carry through with their threat, you have indeed the risk of it collapsing the system.”
On the overall economy Williams says, “It is rolling over and the numbers are starting to show we are starting into a new recession.  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Williams of

john williamsThere is no economic recovery, and there are no signs that a recovery is coming, says author John Williams. In this Gold Report interview, Williams blames mal-adjusted inflation statistics for creating an alternate reality that overestimates economic activity in a way that is unsustainable. Williams warns that eventually the painful truth will be so difficult that even government manipulation won’t be able to deny it and that is when hyperinflation will take its toll on those who have not taken his advice for preserving purchasing power and securing wealth.

Shadowstats’ John Williams’ full interview on how to survive the illusion or recovery is below:

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There is no paper money in 2014 or 2015 that will be worth much of anything. – Jim Rogers

Investors are increasingly concerned, understandably, about the Reliability of Official or Quasi-Official (e.g., those emanating from Too-Big-To-Fail Banks and Ratings Agencies) Statistics and other Financial and Economic News.

Understandably so, given that the actions of Participant Mega-Financial Institutions in the LIBOR Scandal cost Borrowers Billions.
Understandably so, if the allegations in the Ratings Agency litigation are proven true, Investors in deceptively “Rated” Mortgage-Backed Securities, and other commercial Paper have taken a Financial Bath there also.
Understandingly so, given the continuing Flood of Bogus Official Economic Statsitics.

But the Mismatch between Bogus “Statistics” and “News” on one hand and the Real Numbers and Real News on the other provides Opportunities to Profit and Protect. This is because Bogus Statistics and Disinformation give rise to inherently Unsustainable Trends and misallocation of Capital.