Submitted by Bill H.

The time has finally arrived that your parents probably warned you of.  “We can’t go on spending more than we produce forever”…forever has arrived.  Believe me, if there was another way out, sequester wouldn’t even be a word.  It would even be banned from dictionaries but back in 2011 Congress needed to “buy some time”.  They in fact did.  That time however has run out.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that some sort of sleight of hand “deal” will be reached in an effort to buy even more time but one must wonder whether “this time” is THE time.  THE time being when credibility, ALL credibility is lost.

Russia and China are only holding us up (carrying us a few extra rounds) to see how much more metal (money) they can bleed.  People ask me all the time “when do you think the roof will come down?”.  This is very very easy to answer…as soon as Gold or Silver don’t get delivered in return for Dollars