fireWhile demand for U.S. Silver Eagles declined a bit during the first quarter of 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint sold the most Silver Maples ever
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The Royal Canadian Mint has unleashed a Growling Cougar
The 2nd of 3 Limited Mintage coins in the Call of the Wild Collection. 

The 2015 Growling Cougar follows the 2014 1 oz Gold Canadian Howling Wolf , and was announced by the RCM at the 2015 World Money Fair in Berlin along with the Silver Red-Tailed Hawk.

The world’s purest gold coin at .99999 (five 9’s) pure gold, the Growling Cougar comes encased in a protective air-tite embedded in a beautiful assay card. 
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In a surprising update, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf sales for the first half of 2014 surpassed sales during the same period last year According to the Royal Canadian Mint’s Q2 2014 Report, just released, sales of Silver Maples hit a new record of 15.4 million ounces in the first half of the year.
In the first half of 2014, combined U.S. Silver Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf sales hit a new record of 39.5 million ounces Even though this is only up slightly higher at an additional 500,000 oz compared to 39 million in 1H 2013, it is still positive growth while Gold Eagle and Gold Maple sales are down a staggering 54%.

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Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Sales Q3 2012Total Silver Maple Leaf sales in the first nine months of 2013 were 19.7 million, surpassing the total 18.1 million for 2012.  In addition, Gold Maple sales are already 12% higher at 867,000 oz compared to 772,000 oz for the total in 2012.
If this strong sales trend continues, we may see another ALL TIME RECORD in Silver Maple sales in 2013.
  In 2011, the Royal Canadian Mint sold 23.1 million Silver Maples which is only 3.4 million more than has been sold in the first three-quarters of 2013.

Submitted by Rob Kirby:

Back in 2009, the Royal Canadian Mint [RCM] claimed that it had lost $15 million worth of gold bullion. What ensued from the time the loss was made “public” can best be described as a ‘fumbling exercise’ where – initially – different accounts were put forward as to the reason for the loss.   Finally, public catcalls regarding this loss at one of the world’s most renowned Mints led to an official investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP]. 

In the end, we were all told that this loss was due to honest miscalculations and blunders, or in other words – LAX CONTROLS.

Lax Internal Controls at the ISO 9001 accredited Royal Canadian Mint?

Here’s where we deduce why the Royal Canadian Mint circulated a “false, incredulous story” about how they lost $15 million worth of gold bullion:

In the face of unprecedented demand for gold maple coins and with physical supplies of gold being tight in 2009 – it makes sense that the RCM would have “borrowed” gold bullion from one of their customers whom they store bullion for I have been told by industry insiders that the RCM does not assay gold bars when they take them in for storage.  When the RCM tried to melt these bars, they were revealed to be tungsten – which melts at a much higher temperature than gold.  This created a very awkward situation for the RCM – having to tell one of their customers that they had stored salted [tungsten] bricks of gold.

The Royal Canadian Mint Silver ETR  is simply absurd. This security is a fractional bullion scam!

The new RCM paper form of silver has several embedded issues which can create the inability of the holder to actually receive the physical silver which they think they are investing in. At the end of the day, when you buy an RCM ETR thinking that you are investing in physical silver and thinking that you can take actual delivery if you want, the RCM has made it extremely burdensome to take actual delivery and can cancel your right to take delivery pretty much at its discretion. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I want to own physical bullion, I would not take the risks embedded in the Royal Canadian Mint ETR. It is nothing more than another version of the fractional ownership paper scam. Wash, rinse, repeat!

The Royal Canadian Mint announced Monday the completion of the purchase of 3.1 million ounces of silver to complete it’s IPO of the silver exchange traded receipts fund launched Oct 12th.

The 3.1 million ounces of phyzz was acquired at the spot price of $31.07.oz.

The Royal Canadian Mint has announced an IPO of an exchange-traded receipts (ETR) fund backed by physical silver bullion.  The initial offering is reportedly a mammoth C $100 million.   Each ETR will reportedly be priced at $20, and can be redeemed for either cash of physical silver.
While we always advocate physical bullion metal held in your own personal possession, the launch of the Canadian Mint’s silver ETR could have drastic implications on the physical silver market.