The sound money advocate has a stern warning about the racial divide and political chaos in America right now. According to Dr. Paul, there is something that must be done to assure peace and prosperity for all.


war battle manipulationThe Former Congressman Joins Silver Doctors to Sound the Alarm: There’s An Assault On Our First Amendment rights.
If this ongoing assault on free speech succeeds, then all of our liberties are endangered…

There are powers bigger than the president. “We look at the president, what he might do, but there is an outside source, a deep state or a shadow government…

ron-paulFor Ron Paul, it doesn’t matter what the outcome is in November, as he doesn’t see much of a difference between the two parties.
Nothing ever really changes regardless of which party wins. Governments keep growing, the deficits keep growing and the Fed keeps borrowing and printing more money,” he said. “I don’t expect a lot to change.”
But there is one area of the market that the former Libertarian and Republican presidential candidate sees flourishing in the long-term – Gold:

The failure of the Federal Reserve’s eight-year spree of money creation via quantitative easing and historically low interest rates to reflate the bubble economy suggests that the fiat currency system may soon be coming to an end. Yellen’s outside the box proposals will only hasten that collapse.

Ron-PaulIt’s not The Fed or even Fiat Currency. 
In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Eric Dubin, Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul reveals what has been America’s GREATEST mistake…