Are We Looking At A Once In A DECADE Opportunity? 


“This Trading Pattern is EXTREMELY Bullish for Gold & Silver.”
President and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Rick Rule Explains Gold, Silver, and the US Dollar RARELY Trade How They Are RIGHT Now:

hyperinflation“How on earth are we going to resolve $120 trillion on balance sheet and off balance sheet liabilities before we consider state and local debt and underfunded pensions?  My suspicion is we get out of this in one of two kinds of defaults.
I think we will have a series of unofficial defaults where we devalue the net present value of the obligations, which is a different way of saying we devalue the currency, gradually like we did in the 1970’s. I think that will have the same impact on gold and silver prices…

gold-bar-vaultBill Gross just called out Janet Yellen as the penultimate market manipulator.
His solution for investors? Avoid stock and bonds, move toward gold bullion and tangible assets.
We’re glad Mr. Gross has finally caught up.
But as this has been an ongoing narrative for gold investors since 2011, we asked Rick Rule what has changed in the gold story…

The things that have moved in this market of course have been precious metal production and near term production stories, but people are coming to understand that high quality discoveries are rare.
There’s beginning to be a desire to get in front of the market and buy the next ‘thing’ to move…

Rick RuleUranium is an entirely different commodity cycle, particularly as compared to gold.  The uranium price is currently at a 10 year low.  There is exceptional investor fatigue in the space, even loathing.  According to Amir Adnani, “That means it’s the ultimate contrarian play, because anything I look at in terms of the long term fundamentals is absolutely positive.”

Rick RuleShort of attending a conference or scheduling a sit down meeting with Rick Rule, the interview below is the best way to tap into his insights. In fact, this is one of the few opportunities Rick has had to tell the story of his colorful early career.  He also shares his views on where the market is heading today, and explains in detail several opportunities for investors searching for value in this environment. He illustrates what to expect in the oil and gas industry over the next year, argues for uranium, and ends with a candid chat on precious metals.